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Trip thru hell...but I can't let go
Lee Groinman, 28 December 2016

Mountains out of mole hills, it took me four days to decide whether or not to go to the Pac-12 Championship football game which pitted the University of Washington Huskies against the Southern Division champs, the University of Colorado Buffaloes. Decisions, decisions, decisions...
Purple Hair, Purple Haze, Purple Daze
Officer Lee Groinman

The date was September 30th 2016. Seattle Washington, a warm Friday evening at UW’s Husky Stadium. The UW Huskies would be facing the Stanford Cardinal in a few hours. This game had been circled ever since the UW’s spring game. Now Stanford had been the ‘reigning bully of the Pac-12 North’ for what seemed to be far too long. On this date, September 30th, we would be seeing a changing of the guard.
Officer Lee Groinman

Imagine if you will, a warm September Friday afternoon, Seattle Washington. The University of Washington football team is on a roll. You step inside a quiet little neighborhood bar…but not just any bar, and not just any neighborhood. The ‘Pub Mountlake’ bar in the quaint Mountlake neighborhood…

Dawgs "P" on Tree, Pummel Cardinal

usky Stadium, Seattle, Washington, Friday, Sep 30, 2016.. The following grades the University of Washington's effort position by position for its fifth game of the 2016 season, this against the Stanford Cardinal. UW (5-0, 2-0 Pac-12) won the game 44-6.

Mashing Spuds & Catching Crabs

Husky Stadium, Seattle, Washington. The following grades the University of Washington's effort position by position for its second game of the 2016 season, this against the Idaho Vandals. UW (2-0) won the game 59-14.

Montlake Boys Trounce "Jersey Boys"

Husky Stadium, Seattle, Washington. The following grades the University of Washington's effort, position by position, for its opening game of the 2016 season, this against the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights. UW won the game 48-13.

Rich Linde

No one called. Did anyone answer his call?

Rich Linde

You didn’t go to a bowl, Coach? Not making seven digits? Can’t afford to buy that new Lamborghini? Your wife and kids won’t talk to you? Feel like that slob out of American Beauty? Having a midlife crisis? Women aren’t giving you the double take anymore? Never been soaked with Gatorade?

Gaskin fuels Dawgs; D defuels Eagles
Rich Linde, 27 December 2015

Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl, Dallas, Texas. The following grades the Huskies' positional effort for the bowl game against the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles. UW won the game 44-31.

Washington's sorest cop
Lee Groinman, December 26, 2015

This is Officer Lee Groinman. That’s Right, Probably Washington’s Sorest Cop…Now Ice and snow can do that to ya’…Merry Christmas…
Dawgs Dapple White Clad Cougs
Rich Linde, 2 December 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the Washington State Cougars, which the Huskies won 45-10.

Dawgs Cleave Beaves
Rich Linde, 25 November 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the Oregon State Beavers, which the Huskies won 52-7.

Solar-Sixers throw Dawgs into the Abyss
Rich Linde, 18 November 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the Arizona State Sun Devils, which the Huskies lost 27-17.

On a Milestone BIRTHDAY!!
Corrections Officer Lee Groinman, 14 November 2015

That’s Right, Happy Birthday to me…

Got me an early birthday present last Saturday against the clueless Utah Utes, a revelation that’s been for the most part, self effident for the better part of this century. I suppose it takes some folks a little longer to ‘get it’, but oh boy, did I finally “get it”.

Utes bully Dawgs' Yutes
Rich Linde, 11 November 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the Utah Utes, which the Huskies lost 34-23.

Demons Exorcised
ee Groinman, 7 November 2015

Some of you may remember, perhaps you were even in attendance, as I was when Arizona pulled off the ‘flip by the lake’, or the ‘flop’ depending on your preference…Then last year, in Tucson Arizona, that last minute fumble, and then a 47 yard field goal by Arizona to win the game….
Dawgs thrash Wildbrats
Rich Linde, 6 November 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the Arizona Wildcats, which the Huskies won 49-3.

The shortest Groinman story ever
Lee Groinman, 31 October 2015

I figured what the hell, ‘bewildered’ wouldn’t be too offensive to the Seattle crowd…

And it’s Halloween, I’m going dressed in purple, a trend setter…cutting edge, that’s me…

So if we lose this game against the freakin’ Wildcats, the season is over, just some ‘moral’ victories left over for the feel good crowd…

Tall Tree Cards topple Dawgs
Rich Linde, 28 October 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the Stanford Cardinal. The Huskies lost, 31-14.

I can't get no, no satisfaction
Lee Groinman, 24 October 2015

The oregun ‘refuse to win game’.  Now understand this, now let me make this perfectly clear. I left Husky Stadium in a bigger funk than you. Understand that…but you never let anybody know the funk you’re in...nobody, give no satisfaction. Put it in storage….

Ducks post twelfth straight win against Dawgs
ich Linde, 19 October 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the Oregon Ducks. The Huskies lost, 26-20.

Ten days in October
Officer Lee Groinman, 17 October 2015

Last time I wrote you fella’s, just about seven days ago, I quoted Thomas Payne’s quote; “A week that tries men souls…” My reverse psychology worked…The Dawgs upended SC, then coach Sark upended himself...

Dawgs' D trumps Troy's
Rich Linde, 10 October 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the Southern California Trojans. The Huskies won, 17-12.

Horseshoes and hand grenades ... no cigar
Officer Lee Groinman, 8 October 2015

Walking out of Husky Stadium after that Cal give-away program, er game if you will, was one of the lowlights of my Husky experiences. No it wasn’t as bad as Chuck Nelson’s missed field-goal which cost us a Rose Bowl birth. Back then, after that game, why I couldn’t even get out of bed till noon the next day, and then nearly had to call in sick that coming Monday morning, no this Cal game was not that bad, but close…
Dawgs out-muscled, outplayed
Rich Linde 30 September 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the California Golden Bears. The Huskies lost, 30-24.

Lee Groinman, September 25, 2015

Now much has changed in the past two weeks, I got myself all thawed out and the Harley all cleaned up after that Boise State trip, Boise State, it was a could-have-been, might-have-been weekend in Boise…But it had to be done…

Rich Linde, 23 September 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the Utah State Aggies, which the Huskies won 31-17.

Hornets "sting" up the joint in 49-0 loss to Dawgs
Rich Linde, 13 september 2015

Here are my grades, position-by-position, for the game with the Sacramento State Hornets, which the Huskies won 49-0.
Lee Groinman, 11 September 2015

It’s been said that things happen for a reason, that destiny can’t be fooled, that a sucker is born every minute. I could go on and on, but how much self-abuse is needed? It’s been over four days now, and counting...

Lack of a running game could spell trouble down the road
Rich Linde, 7 September 2015

Here are my grades, position by position, for the BSU game, which the Huskies lost, 16-13.
An Evening at the DeAtley's
Lee Groinman, 2 September 2015

A few years ago I was invited to attend a reception for the then new President of the University of Washington, Michael K. Young, at the DeAtley mansion over in Yakima. I had never been to the DeAtley mansion before, nor had I ever met a University of Washington President, yes, a couple of American Presidents, but never a University of Washington one...and besides, President Young rode a Harley. How cool is that?

How my ancestors came to America
ich Linde, 19 August 2015

Was a meeting with missionaries and a promise made by my paternal grandfather pivotal factors in my grandparents' immigration to the United States?

All tapped out
Rich Linde, 17 August 2015

Whatever happened to the technological utopia that was to have been achieved through the development of nuclear fusion and desalinization, this technology symbolized by the Space Needle -- which was built in 1962 for the Seattle World's Fair -- and championed by John F. Kennedy in 1963?

Honoring Perry McPhail Bevens
Rich Linde, 23 May 2015

A foster child, a grade school friend, a Marine, a war hero.

Soup Spoons, get-well letters, persiflage
Rich Linde, 2 April 2015

n December of last year we moved to San Jose, California (Merrill Gardens, Willow Glen (Assisted Living)) to live closer to one of our daughters and son-in-laws.
Rich Linde, 21 March 2014

The 25th Annual event, Chow Down to Washington, was held on 19 March 2014 at the Jim Houston Estate in Palm Springs, California. Over 300 alums attended the event, which is part of Dawg Days in the Desert. (Full Story).

Rich Linde, 22 January 2014

This year's offensive line was much more stable than last year's; of the 65 possible starts in 2013, UW's five regular offensive linemen combined for 62 starts. All five linemen return next season. In this regard, I have thrown the challenge flag out on the recruiting field for Coach Chris Peterson. (Full Story)

Rich Linde , 28 December 2013

San Francisco. Capitalizing on special teams play and a bend-but-don't-break defense, the Washington Huskies beat BYU 31-16 in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.  (Full Story)

Sankey, OL, Apple Cup, Coach Pete
Rich Linde, 12 December 2013

Husky Stadium. Behind the running of Bishop Sankey and a stout defense, the Washington Huskies were victorious in the 106th Apple Cup, beating the Washington State Cougars 27-17. (Full Story)

A Season to Remember
CO Lee Groinman, 29 November 2013

CO Groinman on the OSU blowout win with a look back on the surreal season of 2013.
(Full Story

A Morning to Remember, an Afternoon to Forget…
CO Lee Groinman, 17 October 2013

Groinman takes in a Hall of Fame induction! Gil Dobie. The Jim Houston BOARDROOM no less...Bull in a china shop? (Full Story)

The Gil Dobie Recognition Ceremony
Rich Linde, 14 October 2013

In 2002, I wrote an article, "A Plaque for Gil Dobie." It was inspired by the notion that a part of our Husky nation -- those of us who were aware of Dobie's accomplishments on the gridiron -- felt the university should venerate Dobie's legacy at Washington with a bronze plaque, one placed on the remaining portion of Denny Field located on the Washington campus (Full Story).

Rich Linde, 11 May 2011

Amateurs, the off-tackle play, simplicity, and some myths put to rest. A former Dartmouth QB and his interview with Dobie. (Full Story).

Rich Linde, 15 April 2011

In 1940, Gil Dobie (1908-1916, 59-0-3) met with a group of his former Washington players at the Olympic Hotel in Seattle, making the long trip by train from Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.  (Full Story)

Rich Linde, 31 March 2010

Why did University of Washington president Henry Suzzallo (1915-1926) fire a football coach who was unbeaten in 62 games -- a coach who had a record of 59-0-3 in the period from 1908 through 1916 -- that coach being the legendary Gilmour Dobie? (Full Story).


This is the place holder for Monte Manka's poetry. Click on the links above and below to access the index to his poems (Full Story

Malamute, 26 March 2006

Outplaying the number-one seed Memphis, UCLA deserves its trip to the final four. Winning the Pac-10 title, along with the tournament at Staples Arena, were crucial to the Bruins’ success; their last seven games were played in Los Angeles, San Diego and Oakland, all of them close to home cooking. (Full Story).

Richard Linde, 4 March 2006

In some cases, not knowing one’s ancestral tree is better left alone. What good service to your psyche is rendered by finding out that a person from your lineage was beheaded about the time that Ann Boleyn was disloyal to her husband Henry VIII? (Full Story).

Those polite, disbelieving smiles
By Richard Linde, Updated 23 March 2005

I've seen a lot of Husky basketball greats: Sammy White and his leaping, underhanded lay-up shot; there was Joe Cipriano, who could go coast-to-coast with anybody. How about Bob Houbregs (left) and his graceful hook shot? Captain Hook led the Dawgs to the final four in 1953, their only appearance. (Full Story).

Lily McDonald and Lindzy Bury perform at Husky Stadium
By: Rich Linde, 17 September 2002

From time to time, Washington cheerleader Lindzy Bury (left) will send us photos of the aerial stunts/acrobatics that our cheerleaders perform at Husky Stadium and on the road. These stunts are amazing. Our cheerleaders at Washington are every bit as dedicated to Husky sports as any of the members of our athletic teams. (Full Story).

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