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Comments on ASU/UW (October 1999, ASU 28 UW 7)

Having Fun Like Freddie
By Malamute

The only part of my golf game that resembles Fred Couples’ game is that I don’t seem to be taking it too seriously. I’m as self-effacing as Freddie, too. I hate hearing the phone ring because somebody is always on the other end. I believe he said that at one time or another.

Last Saturday the Huskies played as nonchalantly as Couples seems to play golf, and paid the price. But is that all bad? I mean Freddie has fun on the tour, and he makes a lot of money at it.

Now that you know where I’m coming from, let me give you my point of view concerning last week’s game.

First of all, it was an upset in the making, with Washington coming off three straight wins coupled with Arizona State’s devastating loss at Notre Dame. Second of all, the last Washington win was a laugher at Oregon State, the worst kind of win a team can have--other than claiming a moral victory. Add variables such as parity, luck and intensity and you have the ingredients for the game played last Saturday. Statistically the two teams were dead even; that’s parity. Who takes possession of the ball after a fumble depends on its bounce; that’s luck. Intensity relates to concentration; fumbling a punt you typically catch can be due to a lack of concentration.

The Washington defense played a remarkable game, considering it was on the field a good portion of the second half. I was impressed with its stand just after the offense stalled on the one-yard line. The defense forced the Sun Devils to punt the ball away, giving the offense a short field. But then the Sun Devils’ defense played just as well, forcing Washington into a long field goal attempt, which was blocked. The game went into Lake Washington after that, along with the Huskies’ momentum. Momentum in football can be as fickle as most of my left-to-right putts.

I for one am not going to criticize any of the players for not having as much intensity as the Sun Devils. I seldom put three good games of golf together, seldom stay on a diet for three straight days, and seldom eat five helpings of fruits and vegetables each day. I guess that’s human nature. Unlike Fred Couples, these student-athletes don’t get paid for their effort. Playing football for fun can result in sustaining an injury, such as a stinger, concussion, sprained knee and collapsed lung. That happened to four of our players last Saturday. The others suffered the usual bumps and bruises that go along with playing football, not to mention the humiliation that comes with playing a retched game in front of their loyal fans and those omniscient TV announcers.

Will the Huskies regain their focus, intensity and concentration against the Bears? Will I regain my timing, tempo and rhythm when I play in a golf tournament next week? Who the heck knows. I just want to have some fun like Freddie does, and I hope most of the Huskies do too. I want to see that big smile on Tui’s face, and watch John Anderson jump for joy after kicking a long field goal. That’s having fun.

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