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The Name Game, 2002
By Malamute, posted 15 March 2002

Although guys like Lenny Haines (he might lend you some underwear) have graduated from the Husky Hall of Names, there are plenty of new dawgs ready to take their places.

For example, who’s the fastest guy on crutches? You know! Great, then play the name game and see if you can guess some others.

You’ll find a variety of names in this list, including posters, web site administrators, Husky players, coaches, and beat writers.

If your up to snuff on Husky handles, cover the answers as you scroll down and see if you can guess the name. Warning: my doctor told me to get more exercise, so I did some stretching. (Players' stats were obtained from dawgman.com)


  • On crutches, he runs the fastest forty yard dash.

    DASHiel CRUTCHley (Athlete, 6-6, 220, Committed); his 3.6 GPA and 1190 SAT score speak volumes about this young man. Way to go, Coach Rick.

  • A dapper Dan who wears a tie when he goes courting:

    DAN McCOURTIE (FB, 6-2, 230, FR)

  • The coach most likely to ask a question at a team meeting:

    Steve AXman (Assistant head coach; quarterbacks)

  • He's a sly dawg:

    Jordan SLYE (Athlete, 6-5, Committed)

  • Although he is noble, he is definitely not an amazon.

    Khalif BARNES (OT, 6-5, 285, FR*)

  • The youngest coffin-corner kicker:

    JUNIOR COFFIN (NT, 6-3,270 FR*)

  • The best pair of hands:

    RayShon DUKES (SE, 6-0, 185 FR*)

  • This guy might have tried out for a role in "Castaway.":

    Mathias WILSON (FB, 5-11, 215 JR*)

  • Same name as a park in LA:

    Matt GRIFFITH (QB, 6-2, 200 FR+)

  • If you cram, you could be on the brink of failure:

    Tyler KRAMBRINK (ILB, 6-1, 210 SO)

  • If his last name started with "S," you might say he was related to Pat, but not Vanna. 

    Elliot ZAJAC (OG, 6-4, 315 JR*)

  • A guy who never forgets his wife on Valentine’s day:

    Randy HART (Defensive line coach)

  • A Trojan fan who takes everything he reads on the Husky boards to heart:

    Chris HART (weight, height unavailable)

  • The most likely to attend church:

    Chris MASSey (CB, 5-11, 170 SO*)

  • He might book you a reservation when he gets in:

    JUSTIN BOOKER (OT, 6-2, 300 SO*)

  • He's a card and one of a suit:

    Chris SINGLETON (TB, 6-0, 190 FR)

  • He's a relative of Johnny O:

    Zach Tuiasosopo (OLB, 6-2, 235 FR*) (John Olszewski)

  • A bird in the grass:

    ROBIN MEADOW (OL, 6-5, 305 FR)

  • Same names as a city in Washington State:

    Jeff SHELTON (OLB, 6-4, 240 JR*)
    SHELTON Sampson (RB, 5-11, 176, Committed)

  • Same name as a popular computer game:

    James SIMS, Jr. (S, 6-1, 185 FR)

  • Same name as a Rowan and Martin TV show:

    Derek McLAUGHLIN (P, 6-2, 190 FR) (Laugh-In)

  • The kid most likely to help out in the kitchen:

    Aaron BUTLER (OG, 6-4, 325 FR*)

  • An alliteration that begins with the letter "B":

    Ben Bandel (TE, 6-7, 250 Committed)

  • Used for fake punt situations if he's not in knots:

    HOUDINI Jackson (OLB, 6-1, 245 JR*)

  • An alliteration that begins with the letter "S":

    Shelton Sampson (RB, 5-11, 176, Committed)

  • A guy with the same name as a Husky took the bam out of "bamma" on September 12, 1970, and left 'em crying "ma!"

    Sam "BAM" Cunningham, USC (Sam Cunningham, the Husky, is 6-0, 180, a FR and is a Corner Back)

  • The toughest name to pronounce:

    Tui Alailefaleula (Tu-ee A-la-EE-lay-fa-lay-OO-la) (DL, 6-5, 285 FR) There has never been an eight-syllable name in a century of college football. Tui is short for Tuiaualuma, a seven-syllable name (Tu-ee-ah-oo-ah-lou-ma); his middle name is Nelson.

  • The guy most likely to call a timeout, just in case:

    CASEy PAUS (QB, 6-5, 210 FR)

  • The guy most likely to lead a boycott:

    Cody PICKETT (QB, 6-4, 205 SO)

  • The dawgs' best pooch punter:

    Graham LASEE (if he ever comes home, TE, 6-5, 245 FR). His name is pronounced, Luh-Zay.

  • He's a tower on defense:

    DERRICK Johnson (CB, 6-0, 175 SO)

  • He can measure any diameter with precision:

    Scott KALOPER (QB, 6-1, 190 FR+)

  • The warmest coach:

    Chuck HEATER (Cornerbacks coach)

  • Like a bird of prey, he's always on the lookout:

    Bobby HAUCK (Safeties, special teams coach)

  • If his feet were made of clay, he'd need a walker:

    CLAYton WALKER (OL, 6-4, 270 Committed)

  • The Huskies will prophet from his services:

    ISAIAH Stanback (QB, 6-3, 190, Committed)

  • He can shine it on when he needs to:

    Eric SHYNE (CB, 6-0, 180 FR)

  • A guy who plays with fire and abandon:

    Adam SEERy (SS, 6-2, 205 SO*)

  • He's a good "Joe" who's been seen lobbin' passes until dawn:

    Joe LOBENDAHN (LB, 6-0, 200 FR)

  • Same name as a Bruin coach:

    Joe TOLEDO (TE, 6-5, 300 FR) (Bob Toledo)

  • If you don't watch out, this guy will con you as well as anyone:

    WILL CONWELL (LB, 6-5, 220 FR) (Just kidding. With his size, he doesn't need to con anyone.)

  • Two guys with four first names:

    Paul Arnold (SE, 6-1 200 JR), Charles Frederick (WR, 6-0 180 FR)

  • Same name as a Bruin coach:

    KEZIRIAN, Robin (OL, 6-4, 270 Committed) (Ed Kezirian)

  • He’s hardly a bud withering on the vine:

    BUD WITHERS (Seattle Times)

  • Hams it up in Blaine at noon:

    BLAINE NEWNHAM, (Seattle Times)

  • He’ll never con you otta any bob:

    CONDOTTA, BOB (Tacoma News Tribune)

  • Mills around at Husky practices:

    Ted MILLer (Seattle P-I)

  • Jokes with Ted Miller at Husky practices:

    JOSH MILLER (NT, 6-3, 280 FR*)

  • He's just put on a ton of weight in a nick of time:

    NICK NEWTON (OT, 6-4, 315 SO*)

  • He's savvy at handling a mike.

    SAVIcky, MIKE (OL, 6-3, 280 FR)

  • He's always relaxed, free from anxiety and has a mission in mind:

    William KAVA (OL 6-3, 275 FR)

  • Can tell you a lot about playing SAM:

    David SAMek (Publisher, dawgman.com)

  • Think Black and White SCOTch:

    SCOTT WHITE (LB, 6-2, 233, Committed)

  • Apt to moan when Jessie and/or Gunnar fat-finger the keyboard:

    MONI Samek (Web Site Administrator, dawgman.com)

  • Most likely to change her/his mind:

    Barbara HEDGES (Athletic Director)

  • This coach keeps a stack of hay and cordwood at his new home:

    RICK NEUHEISEL (Head Coach)

  • A dawgged man who writes from the gut:

    Lee “TGIF” GROINman (Who is this guy?)

  • Tailor-made for a job with the Red Cross Society:

    TAYLOR BARTON (QB, 6-2, 205 JR*) (Clarissa Harlowe Barton founded the Red Cross Society in 1881)

  • Chained to the Dawgs for life:

    Chris FETTERs (Editor for dawgman.com)

  • Rumored to be a refugee from a foreign country, who chose a name short for “flee-no-more”:

    Bill Fleenor (A walking football encyclopedia)

  • Rumor has it that he works for an S&L with a lot of bob to loan:

    SLBOB (Still trying to teach DAVID the Notre Dame fight song)

  • Rumor has it that he's a story teller from Florida:

    tailgater, i.e., talegator (told you we'd do some stretching).

  • A guy who gets the biggest kick out of dawgman.com and who never punts when it comes to giving a straight answer:

    Old "Hang time" Dowg (Wants the roof raised on Dempsey so he can test his hang time)

  • This guy is smooth:

    ROCKY (Sorry, that's a curve ball, but it can't all be smooth sailing)

  • He has the same name as an American Sculpture and our 27th president. Their names rhyme with "daft."

    Hardly daft, his name is TAFT.

  • A guy who is never mute when it comes to rooting for the Dawgs:

    MalaMUTE (Egad, that's me) (Anywhere, 6-2, 200, 4 years left)

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