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 Articles written for the 2009 season

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Meet the real Gilmour Dobie
Preview of biography--Full Story | 28 Oct 09

Holding Sark's feet to the fire, Part II
Some benchmarks for Sark--Full Story | 26 Oct 09

Dawgs go to the Ducks, not vice versa
Recap and Statistics--Full Story | 25 Oct 09

Cowboy Up
Groinman's latest adventure--Full Story | 24 Oct 09

"Stun" Devils Taser Dawgs
Recap and statistics--Full Story | 18 Oct 09

How they match up: UW versus ASU
Stats, preview of ASU game--Full Story | 14 Oct 09

Foster's "pick-Nick" by the lake
Recap/stats Arizona game--Full Story | 11 Oct 09

How they match up: 'Cats versus Dawgs
Preview of Arizona game--Full Story | 6 Oct 09

Overruling aids Irish Victory
Stats, recap Notre Dame game--Full Story | 4 Oct 09

How they match up: Dawgs versus Irish
Preview Notre Dame game--Full Story | 30 Sep 09

Har-BOUGH'S Tree LEAVES Dawgs PINING over loss
Stats, recap Stanford game--Full Story | 26 Sep 2009

Champagne Jam
The ongoing saga of Lee Groinman--Full Story | 25 Sep 09

How the match up: Washington versus Stanford
Statistical analysis of matchup--Full Story | 22 Sep 09

A signature drive by Jake; a signature win for Sark
Recap, stats from USC game--Full Story | 20 Sep 09

Fred and Barney: Groinman's new friend
The ongoing saga of Lee Groinman--Full Story | 18 Sep 09

How well will Locker throw against USC?
It all is a function of PED--Full Story | 16 Sep 09

Dawgs Vandalize Spuds: cupboard no longer bare
Stats, recap Idaho game--Full Story | 12 Sep 09

The Locker watch: big, bad John
Comparison with Elway at Stanford--Full Story | 11 Sep 09

Tigers spoil Sark's debut
Recap of LSU game--Full Story | 6 Sep 09

Groinman's vacation
The adventures of Lee Groinman--Full Story | 4 Sep 09

What I expect to see on Saturday
Observations/expectations for LSU--Full Story |1 Sep 09

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