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Dancing with Destiny
By: Malamute, 5 May 2003

Since Mike Price's dalliances and buffooneries are well known by now, every hack on the web will be composing verses in his honor, to enshrine that priceless conquest of Tuscaloosa's babes in the hall of 'Bama history. This site takes a backseat to no one, endeavoring to be the first on the web to offer a priceless verse for 'Bama historians. 

Dancing with Destiny

A meeting with the ‘Prez,
That being Robert Witt;
He meets with Price,
And tells him to quit.

"You came to 'Bama.
As a hick from the sticks;
During your stay,
You played with the chicks."

"You broke all the rules,
You weren't compliant;
In the venerable house,
Of Paul 'Bear' Bryant."

“Loose in the Palouse,
You were always a God,
Here in Tuscaloosa,
You’re just a clod.”

“At Artey’s Angels,
Your dances with Stahl;
In a back room,
You danced with gall.”

You danced with an Angel,
And she told you the rules;
‘Be a good man,
Without any drools.'”

“She says, 'No touching,
I’m one of your fans;
Like you're telling mama,
Look, ma, no hands’”

“You whilst away the night,
With a hussy so voracious;
Whilst you’re playing golf,
Her food bills audacious.”

“Turn in your Crimson,
For Mike, you blew it.
Your dance with Destiny,
Just plain Couged it.”

“I gave you another chance,
And told you to hide;
I’m afraid your new job,
Went out with the ‘Tide.”

“Your next job to be?
Fiddling would be nice;
Master of the “G” string,
Thrice more for a Price.”

“You can take to the road,
And play Las Vegas,
Fiddling for the girls,
You’ll earn some wages.”

“I bid thee farewell,
With luck as I can,
For I have a feeling,
You’re still a good man.”

“Hit the road, Jack,
Buy a new rug;
And by all means,
Give Destiny a hug.”

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