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NAME No. POS WT HOMETOWN  W = Won Letter   S = Substitute, No Letter COMMENTS
06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Abel, (Don) Donald 24 RE 165 Hoquiem, WA                 W S W   WORLD WAR I NO GAMES PLAYED Promoted Captain WWI for gallantry in action. Attorney, headed WPA.
Abel, George LH   Hoquiem, WA                 W   S   Don & George brothers.
Abel, (Bob) Robert LH 155 Aberdeen, WA                   S S   Lettered in '19, '20.
Anderson, (Andie) Arthur LT 183 Portland, OR                     S W Broken ankle left him 5 min. short of letter '16.
Anderson, (Andy) Herman RT 201 La Conner, WA           W W W W       Captain '13. Flaherty Medal '14. All NW '14. Football Coach Edison HS, Skagit County
Babcock, (Bull Moose) Frank RG 210 Everett, WA     W                   Also '04, '05. All NW '08.
Baker, Tracy  22 FB 178 Pendleton, OR     S W                 Eligibility issue '10 over credits/military
Bantz, (Admiral) Burwell LT 195 Juan de Fuca, WA W W W                   Also '05. Track team captain '07. Every min. 3 yrs.
Beck, (Bruce) Broussais  C 166 Seattle, WA   W S S                 Captain '11 crew.
Bliss, J. (Jack) Bernard RT 174 Seattle, WA       S S W W           Replaced graduating star Polly Grimm
Bronson, (Dick) Deming QB 5'7" Fairbault, MN, Lived Seattle             S S S W     Medal of Honor recipient WWI. Wounded in battle. Awarded Honorary W '15, 4-yrs service w/o W.
Bruce, James RT 180 Seattle, WA             W            
Cahill, William FB 165 Wenatchee, WA         W S             Player end Morgan College, Ill. '08
Calkins, (Spaghetti) Julius 14 T 180 Seattle, WA                   S W    
Chapman, (Mike) Myers RH 201 Kirkland, WA             S   W        
Clark, Arthur RE 150 Centralia, WA W   S                    
Clark, (Click) Earle F. LE   Everett, WA             W W          
Cook, (Deacon) William LH 162 Seattle, WA     S S W                
Coyle, (Wee) William 16 QB 151 Seattle, WA     W W W W               Captain '11. Grt Frosh '08 , Gnzga FB Coach, Lieut Gov '21-'25. UW Hall/Fame, FB, BB, Trck. Army officer WWI, wound in knee. All NW '08, '11
Cushman, (Tom) Thomas C   Seattle, WA                   W        
Devine, Richard RG 205 Pendleton, OR           W S              
Diether, Louis FB 176 Lewistown, ID     S W                    
Dorman, Harry LH 161 Everett, WA             W W            
Eakins, (Eak) (Max) Maxwell 14 RT 181 Gary, SD     W W W                 Played for Dobie ND Agricultural College. Outstanding punter. Top 5 student in class. All NW '10 & Captain. Lockmaster, Ballard locks, 33 yrs.
Faulk, (Ted) Theodore 11 LE 168 Hoquiem, WA                   S W     Also '19, '20. Captain '20.
Flaherty, Guy LG 165 Sedro-Wooley, WA W W S                     Boils, played 1st & last games '08, team manager '08. First Inspirational (Flaherty) Award '08.
Gardner, (Ray) Raymond 14 RH 6'0" Spokane                   S S W   Fell short of W by few min./injury '15 & '16.   
Gellatly, (Shoes) Lester C 170 Wenatchee, WA                 W         Nickname inspired by his size 14 shoes.
Griffiths, Burke LG 180 Seattle, WA           S S W S         Griffiths are brothers, (red hair)
Griffiths, (Tom) Thomas 12 RG 186 Seattle, WA       W W W W             Captain, 12. Mayor Cosmopolis, Grays Harbor '15. Played every min 4-seasons.
NAME   POS WT HOMETOWN  W = Won Letter   S = Substitute, No Letter COMMENTS
          06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18  
Grimm, (Polly) Huber                       (All Grimms are brothers) 15 E/LT 210 Centralia, WA   W   W W               WORLD WAR I NO GAMES PLAYED Captain '10.  '08 toured Japan with UW bball team. All American WCF 3rd team '10, Also lettered '05. Worked as attorney partner/Warren.
Grimm, (Wedge) Warren 21 LE 189 Centralia, WA     W W W W             Great Frosh'08, Served WWI, Lawyer, Killed in labor riot '19. Flaherty Medal '09. ALL NW '08, '09 
Grimm, (Bill) William 22 T/LG 170 Centralia, WA                   W W   Also '19, '22. Cheated on history exam '16. Dobie after leaving UW said Grimm best tackle in US, Pros Attny for Lewis Conty. WCF 2nd team '19
Hainsworth, (Bill) William  25 FB 170 Seattle, WA                 S S W    
Hardy, (Mike) Warren M. RG 175 Seattle, WA         S S S W          
Hazelet, Calvin LH 164 Cordova, AL           S   W         Eye disease, out for '12
Hosely, Rex LH 160 Nielsville, WI         W               Very fast, dodging & peculiar running style
Hunt, (Mike) (Mother) Raymond 1 LE 181 North Yakima, WA             W W W W     Captain '15. Asst coach Cornell. All NW '14, '15. Favorite player of Dobie. Pallbearer Dobie funeral.
Husby, (Pete) Peter RE 180 Stanwood, WA         W W             Outstanding pass receiver. Graduated '12 law degree.
Jaquot, (Jake) Frank RH 178 Tacoma, WA             W W          
Jarvis, Paul LG 190 Seattle, WA W S W                   Also '05. All NW '08
Johnson, (Ching) Clark 29 QB 154 Tacoma, WA                   S W    
Leader, (Ed) Edward RE 165 Portland, OR             W W S S     One of greatest Crew coaches at Yale. Won gold in '25 Olympics. First coaching job in crew at UW.
Leader, Elmer 2 LT 174 Portland, OR             W W W W     Flaherty Medal '15. Ed's twin brother
Logg, (Dave) David 23 C 175 Rolling Bay, WA                 S W S    
MacKechnie, (Mac) Ross 11 C/RH 175 Port Angeles, WA                 S W     Could not arrange classes for fall semester '16
Markham, (Mark) John 20 RT 5'11" Centralia, WA               S   W     In '15 he was 23 years old when he played.
Mattson, (Bill) William 19 RE 164 Tacoma, WA   W W W                   As MD son kidnapped & murdered, '35 national story. Roosevelt and J. Edgar Hoover involved.
Mayfield, (Ben) Benjamin RT 175 Chehalis, WA                 S S W      
May, Charles "Charlie" 18 LG/C 187 Ithaca, NY     S W                   Played at Cornell '07, Played in Whitworth game '08 but ineligible for league because of transfer.
McPherson, (Andy) Andrew LG/T 171 Bellingham, WA                 W         Transferred to Univ. Chicago '16.
Miller, (Hap) Cedric 19 LH 198 Vancouver, WA             W W W W       All Northwest HB '13, '14, '15, best passer in league.
Moran, (Mal) Malcolm FB   Rosario, WA                     S W    
Morrison, (Vic) Clarence 6 RG 182 Seattle, WA                 S S W     Did excellent punting duty '16.
Mucklestone, (Muck) Melville 20 RH 176 Gary, SD     W W   W               Captain '09. Played for Dobie ND. '10 studied law, Air Corp WWI. All NW '08, '09, '11.
Murphy, (Tramp) (Dutch) Ernest 26 T/LH 186 Wallace, ID                 S W W W   Captain '17. Instigated team mutiny '16, admitted to it in '49. Flaherty Medal '17.
NAME POS WT HOMETOWN  W = Won Letter   S = Substitute, No Letter COMMENTS
        06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18  
Noble, (Cy) Elmer  27 RH 177 Centralia, WA               W W W W   WORLD WAR I NO GAMES PLAYED 1st Lieut. killed in action '18 on the Argonne-Meuse frnt WWI. 364th inftry, Flaherty Med '16.
Patten, (Jack) John RT 181 Seattle, WA           W W           Replaced graduating star Max Eakins. All NW'12. In Japan '13. All NW '12.
Pike, Roscoe RH 177 Ballard, WA       S W                
Presley, BeVan C 176 Born Alaska,                   HS Seattle, WA         W W W W         Center on UO Bunk play, 11-18-11. Played every minute 4-seasons, never missed pratice.
Pullen, (Pink) Royal RG/T 182 Skagway, AL       S W W             Won 5 varsity letters. Captain '11 Crew.
Savage, (Tony) (Slim) Anthony RE 172 Roslyn, WA             S S W        '13 player/coach/captain bskball team, '14 Coach Champs. All NW cntr '12,'13.
Seagrave, (Louie) Louis 24 RG 187 Spokane, WA               W W W W   Captain '16. Instigated team mutiny '16. All NW '15. '16 third team WCF All American. Daily editor & Times reporter '15. PI reporter '16  
Schively, (Pitt) Hugh E 130 Olympia, WA         S S S W         Awarded Honorary W '13 for 4 yrs serv. w/o W. Lightest player, big heart. Asst coach 3rd team '13.
Shiel, (Walter) Walt 10 FB 190 Spokane, WA             W W W W     Captain '14. Student body Pres '16. GD: greatest FB.
Smith, (Charley) Charles QB 165 Auburn, WA           S S W W       Later one term Seattle Mayor '34, (Bow-legged). (Chunky). Smiths not brothers.
Smith, (Snake) George,  32 RE 165 Seattle, WA                 W W SS   Captain elect '17, didn't play. Won "W" '19. Inj '16.
Sparger, Fred FB 173 Seattle, WA       W W W             Captain-elect '12. Didn't return to school senior year.
Sutton, (Sut) (Pete) Wayne RE 176 Seattle, WA         W W W W         End on UO Bunk play, All NW '12,   Flaherty Medal '13. 3 years all NW end. 
Swarva, (Guy) (Pete) George RG 180 Seattle, WA     S S W                
Taylor, (Scrappy) Leonard 17 LH 148 Massachusetts     W W                  '08 Freshman Dobie 1st year.
Tegtmeier, (Pete) Fred 11 C 190 Everett, WA W W W W                 Captain '08. Flaherty Medal '09. Unanimous all NW Center, 3 yrs.
Tidball, (Ben) Benjamin 34 LT   Bellingham, WA                   S W   Also '19.
Wand, (Tom) Thomas QB 147 Seattle, WA       S S S W             Flaherty Medal in '11 & '12. Awarded Honorary W. 4 yrs serv w/o W. FB official after college.
Wand, Walter LH 168 Seattle, WA     S W W W               Wands are brothers
Westover, (Penny) Ralph FB 175 Seattle, WA     W                     In Dobie '1st year Frosh, not one of the "Big 4".
Wick, (Sandy) Sanford 4 C 178 Arlington, WA                   S W S   Flaherty Medal '19.
Willis, Hart FB 175 Seattle, WA W W S                     Ankle injuries prevented getting "W" '08.
Winn, Grover C. RT 175 Seattle, WA       S S W               Played '08 Northwestern.
Wirt, Harry 3 LG 186 Yakima, WA               S S W W      
Young, (Bud) Allan 8 QB   162 Seattle, WA             W W   W       "W" baseball '15. Inj '14. Unan. all NW as Fresh. Left UW '16 to coach & teach Bellingham HS.

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