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Dawgs Vandalize Spuds: cupboard no longer bare
Locker gives Vandals his Elway impression
Malamute, 12 September 2009

Washington beat Idaho 42-23 to end its 15-game losing streak, which had been the longest in the nation. The Huskies' previous win, also at Husky Stadium, was in November 2007 when they beat California, 37-23.

"These kids were as low as low could get when I took this job," Coach Steve Sarkisian said. "It's been a long time and it's nice to feel victory, to relish victory, to smile after a game."

QB Jake Locker completed 17 of 25 passes for 253 yards and 3 touchdowns; he ran for another to give Washington  a 7-0 lead in the first quarter. This came in John-Elway-esque fashion, on a third-and-14, when Locker eluded three would-be sackers and fired a 35-yard completion to D'Andre Goodwin who took the ball to the Vandals' 3-yard line, from where Jake ran it in.

Nathan Enderle completed 22 of 33 passes for 279 yards, with no touchdowns and one interception. He seemingly passed at will and, combining with his fourth quarter replacement,  Brian Reader, torched  a porous UW secondary for 349 yards passing. Idaho outgained the Huskies 412 to 374 yards. But its total is somewhat misleading.

With a fourth-quarter lead of 42-16, the Huskies seemed content to run the clock out with 8 minutes left and the ball on their own 23. With Shaw packing the leather, the Huskies netted just one first down and 19 yards on 5-straight running plays; Having to punt the ball away, the Huskies' punter, Will Mahan, netted a 50 yarder. From its 8-yard line, Idaho drove 92 yards in 9 plays to make the final score 42-23 and add to its total yards.

Enderle's inopportune pick came in the third quarter after Curtis Shaw fumbled away the kickoff return to the Vandals, who trailed 21-9 at that point and looked to narrow the score from the Huskies' 31. On a third-and-five play on the Huskies' 24, Mason Foster intercepted the Enderle pass and returned it 56 yards to the Idaho 21. From there, Locker hit D'Andre Goodwin with a 20-yard completion, and one play later, Chris Polk scored from the one. The 14-point switch made the score 28-9.

Locker's passing efficiency on the game, a career high, was 192.61. With this game he passed the 50% mark in career completions, which now stands at 50.03%; his career PE is 111.09. In his two games, he's reached the 60% pass-completion mark this season, a goal Sark had set for him.

Locker leads the Pac-10 in total offense, averaging 321.5 yards per game. Among the quarterbacks who have thrown at least 25 passes, he ranks third in pass efficiency, posting a rating of 149.6.

The Locker watch: big, bad John

Reporter Bob Condotta off the Seattle Times quotes Sarkisian as saying, "I think Jake I'm going to keep saying it has all the tools to be as special a player as a quarterback as there is in the country, if not the best. So he keeps showing it. He shows it to us every day, and I think as we keep moving forward here he is going to keep showing it to the rest of the conference and the rest of the country."

In his blog, Condotta quotes USC coach Pete Carroll as having this to say about Locker, "I've said this before, I think Jake is one of the best players I've ever seen in this conference, in all the years we've been here,'' Carroll said. "He's the most extraordinary athlete at the position we've seen, and I saw that as a freshman."

As I've been saying on this site, with his physical makeup and athletic skills, Locker reminds me of the young John Elway when he played for Stanford (1979-1982). See "Locker watch: big, bad John," which is also linked above. He's the closest fit to Elway I've seen, closer than anybody else I've seen come out of this conference in the last 30 years.

So are the three of us (Sark, Pete and myself) going to have to eat our words about Locker's abilities after Saturday's game against USC? (I put myself in good company, didn't I?) Answer: absolutely not.

Here's why.

Against USC on Saturday, Locker will face a team with a pass efficiency defense of 87.8, fifteenth best in the country. In the past, Locker's passing efficiency in a game has more or less correlated with the PED of the team he is playing.

Two years ago, when the two teams met in Seattle, Locker took a physical beating. He took a helmet to the kidneys on one play and on another was hurled backwards by the inside back of his shoulder pads (a horse collaring, which was legal then). He landed on his back, with his helmet bouncing off the field turf.

His PE on the game was a wretched 66.29 (13 of 28 for 90 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 1 interception). The ball was slippery and wet, which had an affect on both quarterbacks' performance, John David Booty's, as well. USC came out victorious, 27-24.

Ronnie Fouch played in last year's game with USC, UW taking a 56-0 drubbing. He was 14 of 33 for 113 yards and no touchdowns, against 3 picks. His PE was 56.04 on the game.

Last week, Terrell Pryor of Ohio State posted a PE of 95.47 against USC, in an 18-15 loss. He was 11 of 25 for 177 yards and no touchdowns, against 1 pick.

In its first game, the Trojans held San Jose State's quarterbacks to a PE of 81.36, based on 15 completions out of 30 attempts for 112 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions. The Trojans beat the Spartans 56-3 at the Coliseum in Los Angeles.

Statistically speaking, for Locker to post a PE above 100 on Saturday against USC's pass defense would be a remarkable achievement.

Like any other quarterback, Locker's performance will depend on his team's ability to run the ball and to give him adequate pass protection.

Interestingly, USC's quarterback Matt Barkley was likened to a young John Elway by the announcers for the last-ditch drive he engineered against the Buckeyes to win the game.

Team 1 2 3 4 Total
Idaho 3 6 7 7 23
UW 7 14 14 7 42

Time Team How Player (s) Score
1st qtr        
6.24 UW TD Jake Locker 3-yard run; Erik Folk kick. UW, 7-0
0.13 UI FG Trey Farquhar 44-yard field goal. UW, 7-3
2nd qtr
10:47 UW TD Locker 24-yard pass to Johri Fogerson; Folk kick. UW, 14-3
6:16 UI FG Farquhar 28-yard field goal. UW, 14-6
1:31 UW TD Locker 31-yard pass to James Johnson; Folk kick. UW, 21-6
0:00 UI FG Farquhar 31-yard field goal. UW, 21-9
3rd Qtr
12:11 UW TD Chris Polk 1-yard run; Folk kick. UW, 28-9
10:17 UW TD Locker 2-yard pass to Chris Izbicki; Folk kick. UW, 35-9
3:58 UI TD DeMaundray Woolridge 4-yard run; Farquhar kick. UW, 35-16
4th Qtr
9:15 UW TD Fogerson 2-yard run; Folk kick. UW, 42-16
0:13 UI TD Woolridge 6-yard run; Farquhar kick. UW, 42-23


Statistic Idaho UW
Total First Downs 20 20
  Rushing 4 9
  Passing 15 10
  Penalty 1 1
Total Net Yards 412 374
Net Yards Passing 349 253
Net Yards Rushing 63 121
Completions-att-int 26-40-1 17-25-0
Punts, yards, average 3-118, 39.3 2-97, 48.5
Sacks by (number, yards) 0-0 3-12
Kickoff Returns: number, yds, tds 7-130-0 5-111-0
Punt returns: number, yds, tds 0-0-0 1-14-0
Kickoff Yards 5-316 7-418
Touchbacks (kickoffs) 0 0
Interception returns: no., yds, tds 0-0-0 1-56-0
Penalties, no., Yards 8-72 4-45
Fumbles: number/lost 0-0 2-1
Time of Possession  32:29 27:31

Passing cmp att yds tds int
Nathan Enderle (131.62) 22 33 279 0 1
Brian Reader (141.14) 4 7 70 0 0
PE: 133.29          
Jake Locker (192.61) 17 25 253 3 0
Vandals' Rushing No. Yds TDs Long  
DaMaundray Woolridge 7 41 2 15  
Deonte Jackson 6 18 0 7  
Princeton McCarty 5 14 0 5  
Max Komar 2 2 0 2  
Brian Reader 1 -2 0 0  
Nathan Enderle 2 -10 0 0  
Washington Rushing No. yds tds long
Chris Polk 19 80 1 19  
Jake Locker 6 18 1 10  
Johri Fogerson 2 6 1 4  
Curtis Shaw 5 19 0 7  
Idaho Pass Receiving No. yds tds long
Daniel Hardy 6 103 0 29
Max Komar 5 111 0 33  
Erick Greenwood 5 57 0 18  
Preston Davis 4 34 0 16  
Deonte Jackson 2 16 0 9  
Peter Bjorvik 1 13 0 13  
Princeton McCarty 1 6 0 6  
Kevin Small 1 6 0 6  
DeMaundray Woolridge 1 3 0 3  
Washington Pass Rec. No. yds tds long
James Johnson 3 48 1 31  
Kavario Middleton 2 13 0 13  
Devin Aguilar 1 14 0 14  
Johri Fogerson 2 35 1 24  
Chris Polk 1 4 0 4  
D'Andre Goodwin 3 83 0 35  
Jermaine Kearse 3 46 0 34  
Jordan Polk 1 8 0 8  
Chris Izbicki 1 2 1 2  
Punting punts yds long Avg
Bobby Cowan 3 118 48 39.3
Will Mahan 2 97 50 48.8  
Attendance: 58,980          

Richard Linde, aka Malamute can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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