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Food For Comfort; Maybe Some Southern Comfort…

This is Officer Lee Groinman, that’s right, Washington’s Most Unsurprised Cop…

To be point-butt honest, I had the Dawg’s doing some decent damage to those Arizona Cats down there in the border-zone of Mexico. But once again, a victim of my own thinkin’, and a victim of yet another back-up quarterback…

Funny how our Dawg defense makes an opponent’s back-up Quarterback look like the next “Player of the Year Award Winner”.

Should really know better by now, but ya’ get to thinkin’ that when the opponents startin’ quarterback goes down with an injury, and you get the advantage of screwin’ with a back-up’s brain, visions of grandeur tend to pop up to even a struggling under-employed state worker, maybe even an over-paid Athletic Director of a prestigious Northwest University starts to get pompous. But a newbie league commish had it all figured out months ago: These Northwest Dawgs would give it up.

Irony can be a cruel bed bug. Back when the ‘Fruit-Basket Scandle’ sanctions were announced, the Dawgs played these same Arizona Wildcats the very next Saturday, in the very same Stadium. Those 90’s Dawgs, as well as these Dawgs were equally impressive in their ineptness at both games, but the ‘Fruit Basket’ boys were still playin’ at an entire different level. When the sanctions were announced, those fellas folded like a cheap tent against the ‘Desert Swarm’ defense of Arizona. The 2010 Huskies played like they were just given the ‘Death Penalty’ as well, but in reality, they were just sentenced to the Northern Division of the Pac 12, and they played about as inspired. The North/South division just seems like probation to me.

Oh sure, being stuck in the Northern Division could be worse than probation, as probation eventually ends. Divisions, like herpes, can last forever.  It will be worse than probation, but only for the fans, the players, and the coaches. Everybody else will be just fine…The AD’s, Presidents, League Commisioners, and TV networks…

Now that I’ve a week to ‘stomach’ this smelly dish, I’ve come to realize that this might not be so bad after all. Keep in mind that it will be bad, just not ‘so bad’. You’ve got to rationalize this garbage or just give it up. As fans, that is our choice.  Realize that we got the shaft, rationalize that it won’t be ‘so bad’. The product we see on the field will not be as good, while the prices will inevitably be higher. Recruiting is the name of the game.  Recruiting just got a bit tougher for fellers like us.  But if in fact our staff can double down on their recruiting efforts, this may in fact not be ‘so bad’ after all. What say you, Sark?

How’s that for some serious rationalizationing Dawg fans? Think I could sell ice to Eskimos?

The thing that just primes my noodle is the job that Woodward and Company did in this entire ‘negotiation’ process. Holy Crapes, any one of us could have brokered this deal. Woodward was like Huey Lewis singin’ his song:

Takin’ What They’er Givin’

Cause I’m Workin’ For A Livin’”.

Yup, Woody and Co. just walked in and took what they were givin’. Anyone of us could have done as much…

So it all comes down to this. If Sark and Co. can suck it up and keep bringin’ in the type of classes we expect and need to win, this just might not be ‘so bad’ after all. I suppose the next few weeks will be crucial…

The ‘next few weeks’ will also determine Husky Football for the next few years. Don’t cha just love it?

The next few weeks brings us Stanford, at Oregon, Ucla, at WSU, at Cal. With the Huskies ‘win one, lose one’ mind set, we beat Stanford, UCLA, and Cal, making the UW Bowl eligible. However, those last two games against the cougs and bears are on the road. So it’s up to the travelin’ Dawg show to get us to Bowl eligible, yikes, a scary thought. The cougs will be livid in Pullman to play us, and are an improving but winless Pac team.  Pullman will be dangerous. Ah yes, the next few weeks…

I was going over my options the other day. To re-purchase Husky Season Tickets, or not repurchase Husky Season Tickets? To get out now, or suck it up. To spend another thousand bucks on Husky tickets, or take a vacation in Hawaii?

Options, options, options…

One thing I’ve already noticed, thanks to the new league alignment, is that my expectations are already lowered, and heck my recovery time after a loss is down to nearly nothing! Like last week’s blow out loss to Arizona? Heck, for the first time in my life, I didn’t even finish watching the GAME! That’s right! I got up and turned that ugly basturd off, took a pill and went to bed.  I had to get up at 3:30 in the morning and that pig was just too ugly, not enough lipstick in Nordstrom’s to fix that sucker.

Got in the rig at 4:15 am, just in time to listen to ‘Coast to Coast’, got to listen and learn more about witches and Ghosts,  life after death, UFO’s and things that go bump in the night, all that in the pre dawn darkness. Cool. Beats a 30 point Dawg loss any day…

But my hat does go off for many of these dawg players of ours. Players such as Cort Dennison. Cort might not have the most talent in the world, I mean he was after all a Tyrone recruit. But he has stuck with it and just might make the best of it. I saw where the Associated Press called Washington’s defense the ‘noodle strainer’ defense. Come on guys, these are college kids, ain’t that a bit harsh? In respect to guys like Cort, couldn’t you just call it:

‘Cort and Crew’s Crusty Colander defense’?

Have some respect. The defense shouldn’t get all the raspberries. I mean look at the offense.

That sucker runs about as well and powerful as an out-of-tune three cylinder Yugo on bad gas…

Did they make a three cylinder Yugo? Seems like they did…

So what about Locker and his goof-ball season? Is he hurt? How bad? One thing is certain, either Keith Price has no Pac talent, or Sark promised Jake he’d get every available snap this year. That and Sark wants to red shirt Nick Montana at all costs. Probably a combination off all three.  It just pains me to see Jake struggle with his passes, then have good ones dropped. But it is this team, allergic to any kind of momentum like they are…

But hey, this is a new game Dawg fans, a home game against Stanford, and just by looking at the schedule, it falls on a ‘Win’ week. How cool is that?

Yup, Stanford. I had the chance to listen to the Stanford/Coug game on the radio while I was doing some quality road time last week. Stanford is not that good, or the Coug is not that bad or getting better. Ah yes, the next few weeks will tell…

Stanford?  I wouldn’t give a rat’s knuckles for anything Stanford. It’s about 64 degrees in Palo Alto, an overcast sky, no rain. It’s 2 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. It’s Homecoming. Stanford’s a top twenty team with a Bowl game nearly assured and a Championship within reach.

Stanford packs the house with just under 20,000 butts in the seats. And probably around 217 of those were cougars. Pathetic…

Yup Stanford, they gonna be one of our new Northern Division rivals, ‘cept of course they get to play the LA schools every year. Stanford and Cal, their like our Northern division rivals, the rivals with benefits…

Yup, we’ve got to make the best out of this one Dawg fans. This is my last mini ‘Football Vacation’ of the year. That last home game against Ucla falls on the Thursday night game, my regular day off. But I think that game falls on a ‘loss’ night according to the schedule, no wait, you’re right, it falls on a ‘win’ night. The next game against the cougs falls on a ‘loss’ night. That would suck…

So anyway, we can’t afford to lose any of these games that fall on a ‘win’ night. But just in case we do, as there is no guarantee with this Washington Boys Football team, I’m going for it all this time with some ‘comfort’ food as they call it.

That’s right Dawg fans, it’s time for my “Washington Dawg Breath Chili”.

No smokin’ within 50 feet…

We beat the Tree, and live to eat another day. At this point, it’s all we’ve got and we got nowhere else to go.


GRUMBLINGS: I’ve quit placing any bets on this team. Ya’ just never know who’s gonna show up, the team that beat SC on the road, or the team that got off the bus at BYU and Arizona. One week they show up with their hair on fire, the next week it looks like their dog just died. Kids these days…It’s like the old coach I had from West Texas and what he always said when the season was on the line. The timing is right and our boys should be told now…

“Fellas, It’s nut cuttin’ TIME.”

See if a Bowl game means anything to these jack-wagons!

Need a tissue with that?

Groinman’s featured dog of the week:  Indy. Needs a second chance, spent too much time at the end of a 12-foot chain. Ready for adoption. A real good guy. See him at www.wamal.com Is he a relative of a certain Husky mascot? Indy has already had ‘nut-cuttin’ time, it comes with the donation…







Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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