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Lindzy can bring it on
Lily McDonald and Lindzy Bury perform at Husky Stadium
Rich Linde, Posted 17 September 2002, updated 13 Mar 09

From time to time, Washington cheerleader Lindzy Bury (left) will send us photos of the aerial stunts/acrobatics that our cheerleaders perform at Husky Stadium and on the road. These stunts are amazing. Our cheerleaders at Washington are every bit as dedicated to Husky sports as any of the members of our athletic teams.

Lindzy writes, “This is a picture of me from last season. I'm the one that is all contorted on the right and Lily McDonald is doing a ‘pike x-out basket-toss.’ It is my favorite basket to perform.”

Click on the photos below to enlarge. Lindzy writes, "This is a picture (leftmost) from our cheerleading camp this year. The camp was held at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. The university housed all the winter Olympians from this last Winter Olympics. I am on the left, followed by Andy Gault (my stunt partner), Megan Hemphill, and Jeremy Santy." Megan Hemphill is pictured in the photo in the middle. That photo and the one to the right were taken at Picture Day, 2002.

The photo (left, bottom of page) was taken by Kim Grinolds of dawgman,com at the Stanford game, 12 March 2009, Staples Arena, Los Angeles. Also, see link to photo.


megan.jpg (37285 bytes)

Photo by Kim Grinolds, dawgman.com

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