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My Daily Walk

I walked down to the lodge
At nine this morning
Hot already
Should have been my warning.

The cloudless sky
Let the ultraviolet ray
Penetrate my skin
As I went on my way.

I shuffled slowly, the half-Mile
Down to the bistro
Got a drink of ice water
And a cup of Joe.

Walkin' home I noticed
The Doves and Killdeer had it made
They were sitting together
On a rock, in the shade.

The Rabbits and ground squirrels
Were laying side by side
In the cool shady grass
By the roadside.

As I approached
They paid me no heed
As they cooled their little bellies, on the grass
In the shade of a Sunflower weed.

A Crane and Mud hen
Were in the little pond
Sharing the cool water
As I shuffled on.

A lonely Humming bird
Was feeding on a poesy
Didn't bother him
When I got close and nosey.

The Heat in Hemet
Seems to bring a special friendship
Between all birds and animals
As I make my heated trip.

Made it home
All alone
Another day
Another Walk.

Monte Manka 06-21-2008

Heat in Hemet

Yesterday it was hot in the Inland Empire
One hundred and eight to be exact
Hemet Town was turning brown
From the Suns rays, and that's a fact.

So hot in the rocks behind our home
The lizards were walking on tippy-toes
Trying hard not to burn their soles
Using sunscreen to protect their nose.

The Rattlesnakes were not rattling
Their rattles were in repose
Too hot to shake rattle and roll
They were in state of comatose.

The ground squirrels were high up in the trees
Trying anything to catch a little breeze
It was so hot that the fleas
Were praying for an early freeze.

Even the field mice that invade our plants
Were so hot that they never made one advance
To feed on the tender roots and shoots
They just walked around in those tiny boots.

The Gophers had it made in the shade
While in their underground caves
It was so hot that they just laid
And snoozed away, they had it made.

The Senior Citizenry used their heads
Outside our home the streets were bare
Not a soul was out and about
WE were all sitting by the AC cool air.

Praying that Arnie, our Governor
Got the electricity thing straightened out
So the dog ,Tuffy, and us
Wouldn't have to do without.

Monte L. Manka July 16, 2006

Monte Manka can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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