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The Name Game 2005
Need a break from the bored, then test your IQ
Malamute, 12 June 2005

It has been three years since we've played the “Name Game,” and this time it won’t be so easy. Just the same, see how many clues you can decipher. But for a few, most of the answers consist of first and last names of people -- past and present -- associated in some way or another with Husky football. For example, “a bad guy who is laconic” might be me: Malamute. The answers can be found below.

Look for puns on names, some stretching, and just plain answers to clues. The name of the guy in the photo is the answer to clue number 4.

The Name Game 2005

1. An agreeable, showy performer, who has the given name of potent actor of yore.

2. The fastest Dawg on props.

3. A former Husky who might have lent out a brand of underwear.

4. A current Joe who has been seen lobbing passes in the light of the rising sun.

5. A current Joe who has the same surname as a former UCLA coach.

6. A guy who will call a time out, just in case.

7. A former Husky who used to joke with a former beat writer who has the same surname.

8. A semi-retired journalist who hams it up in Blaine at noon.

9. This dweeb, had he searched for sheep in the Palouse, would have used a lodestone compass to get back to the barn. Hint: a Pullmaniacal journalist.   

10. This dork is infamous for his ART-work that smears Purple with a dark greenish blue.

11. A shriveling reporter still in the early stage of development.

12. This former Husky would have been the youngest punter, had he been a punter, to find an edge of a dead man’s chest.

13. After digging his own grave, he dug for gold, having once panned the Golden State.

14. He used to hoist punts with an apparatus and has the same last name (almost) as a former Rowan and Martin TV show.

15. This cheerful Husky, had he been in the senate, might have fettered the agenda of a former president of the United States.

16. This walk-on with a cartoonist’s “cat” for a given name is kindly.

17. His full name combines a word for hydrous aluminum silicates with a locomotory framework.

18. If this former Dawg had had the desire, he could have swindled anyone as good (sic) as anyone else.

19. When he cut his dreadlocks, as prophesized, he used the shotgun -- get out of the way -- to hit a split end on a curl.

20. This former lineman put on a huge amount of weight in a nick of time.

21. Has the given name of a Hall of Fame catcher and the sound-alike surname of a Hall of Fame manager.

22. Famous for his cheerful disposition, he took out a half-dozen foes at a time.

23. Famous for his magic, he might have announced the '53 Gold Cup had he lived in Seattle. 

24. Three coaches contiguous in time share this name.

25. This coach’s full name combines being a nuisance with reneging on a debt. Hint: sobriquet involved.

26. The Gaels called him “Whisky Jim.”

27. Henry Suzzallo called him the “Dour Dane.”

28. This reporter won’t swindle you out of any money, although part of his name slangily means “ought to.”

29. Having worked 68 years for the P-I, this journalist once drove a kingly, horse-drawn carriage.

30. This former zealot’s full name combines a twist of burning tow with a city in Southern California. Hint: sobriquet involved.

31. This NCAA Honcho will walk 5,280 feet and more to stigmatize a coach.

32. If he were a standup comic with a voice amplifier in hand, his act might be considered off-color considering his surname. Hint: a former AD.

33. Former Lieutenant Governor.

34. These two guys each coached one year for the Dawgs, circa the ‘50’s.

35. This former assistant coach shares the same nickname with a former U. S. President but unlike him laid it all out.

36. This defensive end’s alliterative name is cool.

37. His full name combines the surname of one of Liz Taylor's former husbands with a noun for a flapjack cook in motion.

38. See 24 above, then pluralize the given name of a late-night comedian.

39. Think daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis for this OLB's full name.

40. The coach DELILAHted in telling him not to cut his hair, lest he be a shell of a measure of weight.


1. Tyrone Willingham

2. Dash Crutchley

3. Lenny Haynes.

4. Joe Lobendahn.

5. Joe Toledo

6. Casey Paus

7. Josh Miller

8. Blaine Newnham.

9. Jim Moore

10. Art Thiel

11. Bud Withers

12. Junior Coffin

13. Rick Neuheisel

14. Derek McLAUGHLIN

15. Sonny Shackelford

16. Felix Sweetman

17. Clay Walker

18. Will Conwell

19. Isaiah Stanback

20. Nick Newton

21. Johnny DuRocher

22. Sonny Sixkiller

23. Houdini Jackson

24. James Owens, Don James, James Lambright. 

25. “Pest” Welch.

26. Jim Phelan

27. Gil Dobie

28. Bob Condotta

29. Royal Brougham

30. “Torchy” Torrance

31. Myles Brand

32. Mike Lude

33. John Cherberg

34. Reggie Root and Darrell Royal.

35. Dick Baird

36. Walter Winter

37. Todd Turner

38. Jim Daves

39. Jamie Lee

40. Shelton Sampson

Your Husky IQ (number correct):

30-40 - Dawgerrefic
20-29 - Dawggone good
10-19 - You get a bone;
0-9   - You Couged it.

Richard Linde (a.k.a., Malamute) can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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