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Oh brothers, Rodgers wilco!
James and Jacquizz leave the Huskies roger and out.
Rich Linde, 29 October 2008

The Rodgers brothers, James and Jacquizz, combined for 335 all-purpose yards to lead the Oregon State Beavers to a 34-13 victory over the Washington Huskies at Husky Stadium, Seattle, Washington, before a homecoming crowd of 63,996.

For Washington (0-6, 0-4) it was its eighth straight loss dating back to last season.

For Oregon State (4-3, 3-1) it was its first win on the road this season and its fifth straight over Washington.

Coach Tyrone Willingham (11-31) needs to win his last 6 games of the season to go to a bowl and save his job.

Although that seems as improbable as a drought in Seattle this winter, the Husky team offered up a ray of hope for next season in the form of playmakers.

-- WR D'Andre Goodwin caught 5 passes for 136 yards, including a 48 yarder.

-- RB Terrance Dailey rushed for 102 yards, which included a 59-yard touchdown run in which he outran the Beaver secondary.

-- WR Devin Aguilar caught 5 passes for 73 yards, including one that went for 32 yards.

-- QB Ronnie Fouch completed 17 of 32 passes for 276 yards, with one for 48 yards, the completion to Goodwin. His pass efficiency of 106.83 was marred by three interceptions (with no touchdowns) that cost his rating 18.75 points. Two of his three interceptions were hurried throws, and although Fouch was only sacked one time, he was under heavy pressure most of the evening. This was partly due to the lack of a running game that only accounted for 101 yards, with 59 of them coming on Dailey's run.

Although the defense gave up 421 yards, it was one of its best performances this season. For the most part, it held OSU in check for most of the first half, keeping the Huskies in range and down 17-6 at the midpoint.

"Our front seven made a step," defensive coordinator Ed Donatell was quoted as saying, "even though it didn't produce the result we want -- a win -- we made a step."

Although the defense won some minor skirmishes, it lost the war, the game, and gave up some big plays to James Rodgers that went for 3 scores, involving 52 and 55 yard runs and a 33 yard pass from QB Lyle Moevao.

There were some low points for the offense:

Three interceptions and a lost fumble.

Near the end of the game, the offense had a first and goal on the Beavers' one-yard line. Four straight rushing plays failed to score, in the downer of the evening.

"It's fricking ridiculous you can't punch it in from the 1-yard line," offensive coordinator Tim Lappano was quoted as saying. "It's not acceptable."

Fouch ran the ball twice in that "frickin" series, and Lappano is lucky he wasn't injured. Walkon redshirt freshman Taylor Bean, who is behind Fouch, has no collegiate experience.

After the opening kickoff, the offense started the game with a delay of game penalty. On that series of plays, a holding call cost Fouch and Goodwin a spectacular 61-yard pass play.

The special teams missed two field goals, one by Jared Ballman and one by Ryan Perkins.

Next week, the Huskies host Notre Dame in the first of the Revenge Bowls. The Dawgs play UCLA in the second Revenge Bowl on November 15, with Willingham and Rick Neuheisel seeking vengeance for their firings from their former institutitutions, respectively.

After chewing gum wildly at its start, Willingham maintained a stoic pose throughout the remainder of the game. His demeanor radiated pride and self-assuredness, as if to say, "Hey, none of this is my fault, and I am here to stay, like Nisqually Glacier on Mount Rainier."

Not many Husky fans are shedding glacier-sized tears for him. They want him gone.

One of the broadcasters on Versus HD thought Willingham should stay on for another year because of the bad start he had gotten off to in recruiting, especially with the mediocre crossover class in 2005. He said he'd had dinner with AD Scott Woodward the evening before the game. Should we read something into that? 

My corny headline, "Oh brothers, Rodgers wilco," comes from my days of reading Royal Brougham. Sorry about that. ;-)

As if you didn't know, it's a pun on the expression, "oh, brother," and the sign off command, "roger wilco," both phrases being puns on the Rodgers brothers, who left the Huskies roger and out.

Team 1 2 3 4 Total
OSU 7 10 7 10 34
UW 3 3 0 7 13

Time Team How Player (s) Score
1st qtr        
4:54 UW FG Jared Ballman 45-yard kick. UW, 3-0
2:23 OSU TD James Rogers 52-yard run; Justin Kahut kick. OSU, 7-3
2nd qtr
14:09 OSU FG Kahut 37-yard kick. OSU, 10-3
8:43 OSU TD Lyle Moevao 33-yard pass to James Rogers; Kahut kick. OSU, 17-3
:25 UW FG Ballman 44-yard kick. OSU, 17-6
3rd qtr
8:29 OSU TD Jacquizz Rogers 1-yard run; Kahut kick. OSU, 24-6
4th qtr
12:52 OSU TD James Rogers 55-yard run; Kahut kick. OSU, 31-6
11:59 UW TD Terrance Dailey 59-yard run; Ryan Perkins kick. OSU, 31-13
5:20 OSU FG Kahut 23-yard kick. OSU 34-13


Statistic OSU UW
Total First Downs 19 16
  Rushing 11 4
  Passing 7 10
  Penalty 2 2
Total Net Yards 421 377
Net Yards Passing 191 276
Net Yards Rushing 230 101
Completions-att-int 18-22-0 17-32-3
Punts, yards, average 4-151; 37.8 1-35; 35-0
Sacks by (number, yards) 1-7 0-0
Kickoff Returns: number, yds, tds 3-56-0 7-140-0
Punt returns: number, yds, tds 0-0-0 2-23-0
Kickoff Yards 7-422 4-235
Touchbacks (kickoffs) 0 1
Interception returns: no., yds, tds 3-1-0 0-0-0
Penalties Yards 9-80 7-42
Fumbles: number/lost 1-0 1-1
Time of Possession  31:11 28:49

Passing cmp att yds tds int
Oregon State          
Lyle Moevao 18 22 191 1 0
Ronnie Fouch 17 32 276 0 3
Beavers Rushing No. Yds TDs Long  
James Rogers 3 110 2 55  
Jacquizz Rogers 20 94 1 18  
Ryan McCants 6 29 0 9  
Jeremy Francis 1 2 0 2  
Lyle Moevao 2 0 0 3  
TEAM 3 -5 0 0  
Washington Rushing No. yds tds long
Terrance. Dailey 16 102 1 59  
Ronnie Fouch 5 -4 0 2  
Luke Kravitz 2 0 0 0  
D'Andre Goodwin 2 4 0 4  
Jordan Polk 1 5 0 5  
Brandon Johnson 2 -6 0 0  
OSU Pass Receiving No. yds tds long
Sammie Stroughter 5 51 0 17
Shame Morales 4 61 0 22  
Jacquizz Rogers 4 25 0 12  
James Rogers 3 53 1 33  
Brady Camp 1 1 0 1  
Washington Pass Rec. No. yds tds long
Charles Hawkins 1 -2 0 0  
Michael Gotlieb 1 15 0 15  
Jermaine Kearse 2 14 0 9  
Tony Chidiac 1 4 0 4  
Devin Aguilar 5 73 0 32  
D'Andre Goodwin 5 136 0 48  
Jordan Polk 1 28 0 28  
Alvin Logan 1 8 0 8  
Punting punts yds long Avg
Oregon State
Johnny Hecker 4 151 47 37.8
Jared Ballman 1 35 35 35.0  
Attendance: 63,996          

Richard Linde, aka Malamute can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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