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Click on the thumbnails to see some pictures of my Husky friends and some players pictures. Pictures of Todd Elstrom, Derek McLaughlin, Roc Alexander, Kim Grinolds, Dick Baird, Reggie Williams courtesy of dawgman.com.
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Joe Kaiser, Moni, Dave

Moni & Jessica

Gary & Deborah Elstrom

Husky fans in Miami

Spencer, Lee, Sandy Marona, Braxton Cleman

Todd Elstrom

Derek McLaughlin

Kim Grinolds

Raymond Puckett

alexander2.JPG (37482 bytes) dave.JPG (94619 bytes) baird2.JPG (44098 bytes) williams3.JPG (55979 bytes)

Roc Alexander

Dave & Jessica

 Dick Baird 

Reggie Williams

   Casey Anderson

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