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Record setters from the recent non-winning seasons
Malamute, 8 July 2009

Husky fans all know that Napolean Kaufman is Washington’s most prolific running back of all time. The same can be said for Cody Pickett when passing the ball and Reggie Williams when receiving the ball. But there are some statistical record holders among Washington’s elite that might surprise you, considering the era in which they played.

How about those statistical leaders who set records during Washington’s recent non-winning era, in a period from 2003-2008 when the Huskies posted a 17-53 record. Certainly, they deserve a mention of their place in Husky History. It's not easy being a member of a non-winning team, yet these players excelled in certain statistics that place them among the set of the record holders at Washington, who, for the most part, played on winning teams.



Jake Locker

Freshman rushing record; passing yards per class; longest pass completion; most freshman td passes; best rushing season of any UW quarterback.

Isaiah Stanback

Least interceptions per passing attempt over a season and over a career; tied for most 50+ pass plays over a season (5).

Marcel Reece

Longest TD and/or pass reception play in history (98 yards).

Louis Rankin

Most all-purpose yards in one season (2,396 yards)

Brandon Johnson

Along with Rankin, they are one of 16 rushing pairs, who each posted over 100 yards rushing in one game.

Charles Frederick 

Most all-purpose yards in one game.

Sean Douglas

Season and career punting average.

Manase Hopoi

Tied for tackles for loss in one game

Jake Locker (2007 - present)

Rich Alexis posted 816 yards on the ground in his freshman season at UW. But that feat is only good for second place among the Husky ball carriers. The freshmen record for accumulating running yards in one season is held by a quarterback, namely Jake Locker. Locker posted 986 yards (172 attempts, 13 touchdowns) during his freshman season in 2007. The 986 yards rushing is also a seasonal record for a quarterback regardless of the quarterback’s year in school. His 172 rushing attempts is a single-season record.

Locker also holds the freshman record for passing yards per class at 2,067, this in 2007. Cody Pickett holds the three other (sophomore, junior, senior) class records at 2,696, 4,458, and 3,043 yards, respectively. Locker leads all Husky freshmen throwers with the 14 touchdowns he completed in 2007, this in the category of “Touchdown passes by Class.”

Young Locker, a junior this year, holds the Husky record for the longest pass play to a receiver, which was set when he threw a 98-yard touchdown to WR Marcel Reece in a game against Arizona in 2007.

Isaiah Stanback (2003 - 2006)

Cody Pickett (1999-2003) holds most of Washington’s records for passing. However, the quarterback who has the best interception percentage over a season might surprise you. In 2006 (a 5-7 season), Isaiah Stanback threw 189 passes against three picks for a stingy average of .0159 interceptions per pass attempt.

Stanback (2003-2006) is also Washington’s least picked quarterback over a career, passing 523 times against 12 interceptions for a percentage of .0229 picks per pass attempt. Another running quarterback, Mark Brunnell (1989-1992), is in second place with a .302 percentage posted over his career. Pickett’s in third place with .308.

Locker, Stanback, and Pickett are tied in the category, “Most 50-yard plus passes over a season.” Locker threw 5 in 2007; Stanback 5 in 2006; and Pickett 5 in 2001 and 2002.

Ironically, Stanback threw a pick 6 to James Sanders that knotted the score at 7 a piece in Washington's loss to Fresno State that started the 2004 season. "It was like a birthday present," Sanders said.

Stanback's season-ending, Liz Franc foot injury suffered in the sixth game of the 2006 season against Oregon State cost then-coach Tyrone Willingham a trip to a bowl. The Dawgs were 4-2 going into the game and, after that game, Willingham's career at UW nosedived.

Marcel Reece (2006 - 2007)

In the receiver category, Marcel Reece (2007) caught the longest 50-plus-yard pass (98 yards against Arizona in 2007). As mentioned previously, Jake Locker threw the pass.

Louis Rankin (2004 - 2007)

In 2007, during a season that went 4-9, Louis Rankin set a Washington single-season all-purpose-yards record at 2,396 yards. He also holds the Husky record for a season’s return yards (976 yards); this was posted in 2007. He averaged 184.3 all-purpose yards per game in 2007, which includes rushing, receiving, punt return and kick return yards.

Brandon Johnson (2007 - present)

Louis Rankin and Brandon Johnson (224 yards and 121 yards, respectively) are among 16 running back pairs at UW who each have posted together more than 100 yards rushing in one game. They accumulated their combined 100-plus-yards each, in a game against Cal in 2007. Apparently Johnson has been lost to the upcoming season because of academics.

Charles Frederick (2001 - 2004)

The indomitable Frederick set a Husky record for all-purpose yards (371) against Oregon State in 2003.

Sean Douglas (2003 - 2006)

Douglas holds the Husky season record of average yards per punt (43.2 yards) which he set in 2006. He also holds Washington’s career record for average-yards-per punt (42.8 yards).

Manase Hopoi (2002 - 2005)

In 2004, Hopoi tied Jerry Jensen at 6 tackles in the category “tackles-for-loss-per game,” in a game against USC. Jensen set his mark against Arizona State in 1997. Hopoi registered 3 sacks in the 38-0 loss to the Trojans.


Reference the Washington record book.

That's Marcel Reece above who graciously posed for me at Picture Day 2007.

Richard Linde can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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