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Purple beats White, 33-0, as Jake impresses
Statistics, Summary, play-by-play
Malamute, 26 April 2009

Made up of both the first team offense and defense, the Huskies' Purple team defeated the White team, 33-0, in front of an estimated 10,000 fans at Husky Stadium in Washington's annual spring game.

About 200 former Husky players attended the game, including former Husky quarterbacks and Rose Bowl heroes Marques Tuiasosopo and Warren Moon.

Quarterbacking the Purples, Jake Locker completed 88.9% of his passes, connecting on 16 out of 18 passes for 200 yards and two touchdowns with no picks. His passing efficiency rating was a most impressive 218.89 on the game. He ran in from 10 yards out for another touchdown.

For most of the game, Locker engineered a smooth running, unstoppable freight train. Although the weather was chilly, Jake's performance was a hot tamale, to coin the old play on Spanish food.

And a hot tamale (future) it could be for Jake, with my apologies to the Los Vaqueros restaurant in Hemet, my favorite location for Spanish food.

It was Locker's best passing performance of his career at UW, in either a scrimmage or a regular season's game. Quarterbacks coach Doug Nussmeier, along with head coach Steve Sarkisian, a former quarterback at BYU, has been fine tuning Locker's mechanics over the spring practices.

Locker has completed 61.1% of his passes over his last 8 games, which includes four scrimmages. See Table 1 below.

A solid running game, which accounted for 165 yards on 26 rushes, helped with Locker's passing rhythm, as he threw mostly short to intermediate passes. Jermaine Kearse caught five passes for 70 yards and one touchdown, and Chris Polk, looking like the playmaker he is touted to be, ran 12 times for 95 yards and scored a touchdown.

The Purple defense held the White's ground game to just 11 net yards on 16 carries. Playing for the White team, Ronnie Fouch completed 7 of 16 passes for 52 yards, with an efficiency rating of 71.05. He was sacked twice for 8 yards by Mason Foster, who registered 4 tackles and, of whom, after the game, was cited by linebackers coach Mike Cox for his outstanding performance this spring. 

Cox thinks his starting linebackers are as good as any other linebacker unit in the Pac-10. He lamented his thinness at this position, however, and hopes to add some depth to it from the incoming class in the fall.

Although the first-team purples scored a touchdown on all 4 of its possessions in the first half, the White defense came alive in the third quarter and was able to stop the Purple team at its own 10-yard line after it took possession of  the ball on the 1. On the next Purple possession, the White team held the Purple to just one first down.

Locker hit Kearse with an 8-yard touchdown pass on the last play of the game, culminating a 64-yard, 8-play drive. 

Although the first-team offense played against the second-team defense, it was paramount for the Dawgs to show they could put points on the board this spring. Last season, the Huskies averaged just 13.2 points per game. The Dawgs have averaged 33 points per scrimmage over the course of their 3 outings this spring.

Jake apparently has completely recovered from the broken thumb he suffered in the fourth game of last season, and he demonstrated on Saturday that he can meet Sark's bogey of being a 60% passer -- the one caveat being that he gets the right kind of support from his offense, as he did captaining the Purple to its win.

Two missed try for points added a sour note to the kicking game.

There were no kickoffs or punts and, wearing yellow jerseys, the quarterbacks were off-limits to tackling.

I watched the video feed on gohuskies.com and charted the game (see Table 3 for the play-by-play and lineups). The lineups were taken from Bob Condotta's blog.

Nick Daschel of Buster Sports has this to say about the scrimmage.

The photo of the Huskies' canine mascot, Dubs, was purchased from Replay Photos and then scanned and edited with Adobe Photo Shop.

See the following link for all the statistics. (LINK).


Table 1. Jake Locker's passing efficiency rating over his last 8 games, which includes four scrimmages. He has completed 61.1% of his passes. When Locker's offensive line and receivers are the equal or the better of the pass defense he is facing, he is as good a passer as any other quarterback in the Pac-10, if not better. The Oklahoma stats buttress this notion. The Sooners ranked 99th in the country in pass defense last season.

Game C A Y T I PE C A Y T I PE
Spring '08 13 17 159 1 1 161.69 13 17 159 1 1 161.69
Oregon 12 28 103 0 0 73.76 25 45 262 1 1 107.35
BYU 17 32 204 1 0 116.19 42 77 466 2 1 111.36
Oklahoma 16 24 154 0 0 120.57 58 101 620 2 1 113.54
Stanford 5 9 51 0 0 103.16 63 110 671 2 1 112.69
04/11/09 10 18 142 1 0 140.16 73 128 813 3 1 116.56
04/18/09 10 16 133 1 1 140.45 83 144 946 4 2 119.21
04/25/09 16 18 200 2 0 218.89 99 162 1146 6 2 130.29

Table 2. Statistics from last four scrimmages. The data from the 4/18/09 and 4/25/09 scrimmages were provided by the UW Sports information department. The data from the 4/11 scrimmage was taken from Bob Condotta's blog, with some unsettling qualifications from Bob notwithstanding. (w) means he played for White.

  Spring game 04/25/09 Scrimmage 04/18 Scrimmage, 04/011/09 Spring game 2008
Total Points 33 29 37 17
Jake Locker 10-18, 200, 2, 0 (218.89) 10-16, 133, 1,1 (140.45) 10-18, 142, 1,0 (140.16) 13-17, 159, 1, 1 (161.69)
Ronnie Fouch 7-16, 52, 0, 0, (71.05) (w) 7-18, 85, 1, 1, (85.78) 11-21, 146, 0, 1 (101.26) 16-33, 154, 1, 0, (97.68)
Willie Griffin 4-39 4-35 11-39 20-71
Curtis Shaw 4-10 (w) 3-18 2 (-1)  
D. Bronson 4-39, 1 TD 5-25, 1 TD 13-28, 2 TDs  
D. Freeman 3-1 (w) 2-14 7-32  
Chris Polk 12-95, 1 TD 8-43, 1 TD   5-20
R. Fouch 3 (-15) (w)      
B. Johnson 5-11 (w) 6-13   6-18
B. Yakaboski       5-18
J. Polk 1-4 (w) 1-21    
J. Locker 6 (-1)      
Anthony Boyles 3-14 (w) 3-23, 1 TD 4-73 2-14
Cody Bruns   1-25 3-32  
J. Kearse 5-70, 1 TD 2-22 2-43  
D. Aguilar 2-29 2-48, 1 TD 3-73 2-37
Chris Izbicki 3-15   1-8 2-23
Jordan Polk 1-10 (w) 1-8 3-36  
D. Goodwin     (out) 7-109
W. Griffin 1-29, 1 TD      
Chris Polk       4-25
C. Hawkins       5-34
K. Middleton 2-12 3-23    
D. Bronson   2-20    
T. Chidiac   1-20    
Ben Hayes 3-7 (w) 1-17    
Paul Homer 3-9 1-8    
D. Freeman   1-8    

Table 3. Play-by-play

LINEUPS ---Purple; the Ones: Jake Locker, Chris Polk, Willie Griffin, Demetrius Bronson, Paul Homer, Chris Izbicki, Kavario Middleton, Devin Aguilar, Jordan Polk, Jermaine Kearse, Cody Bruns, Cody Habben, Ben Ossai, Ryan Tolar, Senio Kelemete, Drew Schaefer, Mykenna Ikehara, De’Shon Matthews, Alameda Ta'amu, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Darrion Jones, Cameron Elisara, Donald Butler, Mason Foster, Trenton Tuiasosopo, Brandon Huppert, Johri Fogerson, Greg Walker, Nate Williams, Justin Glenn, Quinton Richardson, Matt Mosley.

White; the Twos: Ronnie Fouch, Taylor Bean, Curtis Shaw, Freeman, Austin Sylvester, Togi, Hayes, Savant, Cody Bruns, Leonard, Anthony Boyles, tony Chidiac, Ikehara, Armelin, Christine, Shugert, Morgan Rosborough, Kanczugowksi, Scott, Galbraith, Remington, Wood, Tyrone Duncan, Criag Noble, Wiggs, Roussel, Mangum, Poe, Houston, Amosa, Aiyewa, Logan, Johnson, Lappano, Goberm, Long, Persley.

1st Quarter
Purple starts from its own 30
P30—Willie Griffin runs to 37
P37—Jake Locker completes pass to Devin Aguilar on purple 43
P43—Griffin runs to 47
P47—Locker completes pass to Paul Homer who takes it to White 44
W44—Griffin runs to 29
W29—Locker’s pass is dropped by Jermaine Kearse
W29—Griffin runs to 22
W22—Chris Polk to 10
W10—Locker runs in for TD
Erik Folk misses try for point; Purple 6, White 0
White starts from its own 25
W25—Curtis Shaw runs to 27
W27—Ronnie Fouch completes a pass to Anthony Boyles on the 27
W32—Fouch’s pass falls incomplete
Purple’s Ball
P27—Polk runs to 32
P32—Locker completes a pass to Kearse who takes it to the 50
P50—Locker runs to the White 45
W45—Polk runs to 41
W41—Polk runs to 37
W37—Locker sacked back on 41
W41—Locker completes a pass to Chris Izbicki on the 41
W41—Locker completes pass to Izbicki (Face mask penalty)
W24—Polk runs to the 10
First Quarter ends
2nd Quarter; Purple has the ball
W10—Polk runs 10 yards for touchdown
Pat by Erik Folk; Purple 13, White 0
White’s ball is placed on the White 25
W25—Fouch completes a pass to the 29
W29—Fouch completes a pass to Anthony Boyles on the 34
W34—David Freeman runs the ball to the 35
W35—Fouch’s pass falls incomplete
W35—Freeman runs to the 36
W36—A Fouch pass is incomplete
Purple gets the ball on its own 25
P25—Bronson runs to 26
P26—Locker completes pass to Kearse on 46
P46—Locker completes pass to Homer on 50
P50—Locker hits Aguilar with a pass on the 21
W21—Locker completes pass to Homer on 12
W12—Bronson runs the ball in for a TD
Folk makes PAT; Purple 20, White 0
White takes possession of the ball on its own 25
W25—Penalty, in motion
W20—Brandon Johnson is stopped on the 18
W18—Mason Foster sacks Fouch for 4 yards
W14—A Fouch pass falls incomplete to Boyles
Purple takes possession of ball on its own 45
P45—Locker completes a pass to Izbicki which goes to the White 41
W41—Locker hits Kearse on the 29
W29—Locker hits Griffin on touchdown pass
Folk misses the PAT; Purple 26, White 0
Half time
3rd Quarter
White takes possession of the ball on its own 25
W25—Fouch connects with Boyles on the 29
W29—Fouch’s pass is incomplete, intended for Boyles
W29—Fouch completes a pass to Jordan Polk on the 39
W39—Brandon Johnson carries the ball to the 47
W47—Johnson is stopped by Butler on the 46
W46—Fouch completes a pass to Romeo Savant on the Purple 48
P48—Fouch is sacked 4-yards by Foster
W48—Johnson bolts to the 50
W50—Fouch misses Tony Chidiac who is wide open
Purple takes possession of the ball on its own 1 yard line
P1—A running play is stopped for an apparent safety; however, the referee doesn’t agree
P1—White is offsides
P6—Locker fires incomplete to Polk
P6—Locker completes a pass to Kavario Middleton on the 10
White is given possession of the ball on the Purple 45
P45—Shaw runs the ball to the 36
P36—Shaw loses to the 37
P37—Shaw is stopped for no gain on the 37
P37—Fouch hits Ben Hayes for 7
P30—Fouch’s pass is dropped
P30—Freeman loses to the 31
P31—Fouch completes a pass to Boyles on the 17
P17—A Fouch handoff is fumbled and recovered by Nate Williams
Purple takes over on its 24
P24—A 5-yard penalty is assessed on Purple
P19—Bronson runs to the 38
P38—Locker is touched for a 3-yard loss
P35—Locker hits Middleton on the 47
P47—Bronson is just short of a first down
White takes possession of the ball on its own 25
W25—Johnson runs to the 29
W29—False start, White
W24—A Fouch pass falls incomplete
W24--A Fouch pass falls incomplete
Purple takes over the ball
P36—Polk runs to the 43
P43—Polk carries the ball to the 48
P48—illegal motion
P43—Another motion penalty is incurred
P38—Polk runs to the 39
P39—Polk runs to the White 37
W37—Locker is touched trying to pass
W40—Locker hits a pass that carries to the 27
W27—Polk scampers to the 8
W8—Locker completes a touchdown pass to Kearse
Pat is good by walk-on Eric Guttorp; game ends; Purple 33, White 0


Richard Linde can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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