Parkinson's Disease References

     Parkinsonís Jokes [Parkinsons]

     My tips and tools [Parkinsons2]

     Modifying Your Activities and Your Home When You Have Parkinson's Disease [webmd]

     Tai Chi vs. Weight Training [webmd2]

     The Basics of Eating Well [webmd3]

     Tips for Maintaining Balance With Parkinson's Disease [webmd4]

     My Medication [Parkinsons2]

     The Basal ganglia and Movement; Mike Ravenek, PHD Candidate; [Youtube link]

     Fetal Brain Cell Transplants Benefits Some Parkinsonís Patients [Link]

     Alpha-synuclein [Michael J. Fox]

     Statin Use May Reduce Parkinson's Risk, Study Says [consumerhealthday]

     Deep Brain Stimulation [ohsu]

     DBS Target sites [peoplevirginia]

     More Links []

     What is Apomorphine? [dopadoc]

     Surgery for Parkinson's Disease [webmd4]

     Ultra sound and Dyskinesia [michaeljfox]

     Rytary [Hauser]

     Exercising [kent]

     Gene Research [movementdisorders]

     Andenosine Antagonists [ncbi]

     Anti-diabetic Agents [sciencedaily]

     Viral Vectors [genetherapy] [rats; primates]

     New Drug ProSavin Offers Parkinson's Symptoms Relief In Phase I Trial [medicaldaily]

     Stem Cells [michaeljfox]

     Dyskinesia and Blue Lens [youtube]

     The Don Berns Video [youtube]

     Dr. Iacona criticized [Boston Globe]

     Caregivers Guide [webmd]

     Dopamine Synthesis [dopadoc]

     The Case of the Frozen Addicts, Langston, [youtube]


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