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Okay, tough guy

This is Officer Lee Groinman, that’s right, Washington’s most bemused cop…

Ya’ know I’ve been readin’ on the Dawgman message boards for years now about how the Washington football team needs to get back to the ‘bad-assed’ days of old and toughen up. Olin Kruetz’s name gets tossed about like one of Romar’s basketballs, the obligatory Emtman gets referred to, Benji Olson, Hoffmann and Clifford, the list goes on, but I don’t think anybody over there on those message boards ever mentions my personal all-time tough guy…

Pound for pound, nobody was tougher than Jimmy Rodgers from Oregon. He once played the entire second half with a broken arm because he felt his back up wasn’t up to the job, so he kept his damned pie-hole shut and kept breakin’ up passes and makin’ tackles ‘cause he wasn’t gonna let no gosh-derned ducks beat his Huskies, no sir, not in OUR House!

Here’s to Jimmy Rodgers, the tough guy. Has he been honored yet?

So many tough guys of old. The ‘King’ Hugh McElhenny, Rick Redmen, Tim Peoples, Lincoln Kennedy. The list is long.  Chuck Nelson, wait, could a kicker be on this list?

I’ve also read over on those boards about how we need to get some of those type guys back in our program, you know guys with some ‘tude, ya’ know attitude like some of those boys that Riley signs up down in Corvallis, those kinda’ fellers that play right to the limit. Maybe take a page out of Dennis Erickson’s recruitin’ playbook. Dennis Erickson? Isn’t he about due for a new job sometime soon? Seems to me that ol’ Dennis has been coachin’ as long as Paterno, just in about ten additional locales…

Now good ol’ Dennis. Ya’ know when that ol’ boy retires, or as in this case, he gets the boot again, I’d like to buy him a little drink, but with Dennis, it’d probably be about nine little drinks , probably doubles, then ol’ Mike ‘roll tide roll’ Price would probably ramble in. Then Mike Levenseller, the wsu receivers coach would show up, start smack talkin’. “Hey Lee, I hear you’re buying! Couldn’t miss this, Just like old times huh Lee!”

And all I wanted was a Coors light…

On second thought, I better let Rich Linde aka Malamute buy Dennis his going away drink…

But how I do digress…

Now getting’ back to tough guys, Jimmy Rodgers, Tommie Smith. How ‘bout Ben Davidson?      “I say they’re the best, and who’s to argue with me!” Wasn’t that his line for his Ball Park weenie ad? They always played that ad on the radio during the Varsity-Alumni game, oh those were the days. Ben would ride his Harley up from California, suit up and then wreck havoc on the Varsity. I think he gave up the Harley ride after he turned around 44 or so…Tough guy, you gotta love a tough guy who does weenie ads…

So now we have one of our perceived tough guys in a bit of a trouble. Andru Pulu. Okay he’s got hisself in a big mess. A big contingent over there on those Dawgman’s message boards seem to want Andru sentenced to hard labor with no redemption whatsoever. His life is over, he screwed up, he blew it, it’s over. Good luck, yeah good luck somewhere else, see ya’!  These are all sentiments that have been written over there. I doubt any of the posters actually knows Pulu.

May I make a slight political observation here? Ya’ know, just between me and you, it do seem to me that the liberal variety over there on those message boards has a little tougher time when it comes to forgivin’ and forgettin’. They seem to be stuck on ‘good luck, and good riddance.’ But that could just be me doin’ my own thinkin’…

Ya’ see, as a Corrections Officer, I do see something called rehabilitation. Oh sure, you don’t see it much, but it does come and go. I could probably have a good clue about Pulu’s chances of being rehabbed before the second count or maybe even before chow. All you gotta do is watch his ‘tude. Is he sorry? Does he show remorse? Does he appear to be near sick because he’s in jail? Is he quiet? Does he do what he is told? Does he show respect? Does he follow the rules?

If young Mr. Pulu is showing the above traits, he is a good candidate for becomin’ a good citizen. In Jail and Prisons some inmates have what is called a “Coming to Jesus Moment.” And it is a good thing. It’s when your actions, as ZZ Topp would sing, “Hit you like a ton a’ lead”. It’s then that you realize just how bad you messed up and By God you came to Jesus and said “Dear Lord! I ain’t never gonna be bad no more! Just get me the HELL out of here! Please JESUS!!”

Guys like this just might make it.

Now on the other hand, if young Mr. Pulu is struttin’ around the facility with his pants, or his jump suit halfway down on his arse like some rowdy rooster on ‘roids, talkin’ smack, kickin’ it with his cellies, smirkin’ at the CO’s, you know, trying to be the ‘tough guy’,  the guy that didn’t have the “Come to Jesus Moment”, what then? What if he’s angry and dissin’ the system?

Or horror, of horrors, gets in another fight inside the joint? What then?

Houston, we may have a problem...

The deal is, I don’t know how this has affected Mr. Pulu’s life and how he is reacting to it.

And neither do any of us.

Pulu did say this at his sentencing.  “I brought shame upon myself and my family.”

That’s a good start, a good sign if you will.

Heck, Pulu’s 18 years old, he got stupid. Real stupid. I must be all of 29 or even 39 years old by now, and I can still do stupid stuff, sometimes daily…

I do hope Mr. Pulu has had his “Jesus” moment and gets his life back on track. I hope he is allowed back in school and is able to play out his career with Sark at the UW.

Opinions are great for debate, but Mr. Pulu’s future IS really up to him, the UW, and Coach Sark.

Not a bunch of guys on the message boards.

As is often heard over on those message boards, “we’ll just have to let it play out.”

In fact, I hope Pulu does get it all together. I hope he gets a second chance.  I suppose I can believe in second chances. This must be my bleedin’ heart shining thru, or maybe it’s just Groinman here getting’ in touch with his feminine side…

Now ain’t that a purty picture, maybe too much information here…

Well I do hope Pulu graduates, plays in a Rose Bowl, wins the damn thing then runs for Governor.  

Maybe Pulu will look back at his moment and find it in his heart to fund the state’s prison system back to its rightful place…

Now those were the days…

Speakin’ of Governors, I see that Gary Locke has had his name thrown in as the possible new Pres at the UW. Could work, what a total politician. I remember one Apple Cup trophy presentation, Gary steps up, smiling, addresses the crowd, and awards the trophy to the “University of Washington Cougars.”

At least he likes football…ya’ think?

But my how time do fly. The opener with BYU is nigh, for those of you in Loma Linda that means near. I see that BYU is having a quarterback reunion scheduled for that UW game. BYU plans on bringing back Jimmy McMahon, Steve Young and Ty Detmer. They plan to have them honored at halftime. I hear they may want to borrow Sark for the halftime event just to make it look better. Bondawg says only if the Dawgs are up by 21 at the half…

Well I think that’s just a pregnant idea, I do hope McMahon won’t moon the crowd and keeps the beer in the cooler, speakin’ of moons, and in the true spirit of sportsmanship, I think the UW should participate in this glorious halftime event.

Let’s bring out Warren Moon, Sonny Sixkiller, Chris Chandler, Mark Brunell, Don Henrich, Hugh Millen, Cary Conklin, Brock and Damon Huard, Steve Pelluer, Tom Flick, and of course Billy Joe Hobert. I suppose we could let them borrow Tuiasosopo at the half. Maybe these guys can just smile and wave at those other BYU quarterbacks.  A tug-of-war perhaps?

So we’re just mere months away from witnessing another “Come to Jesus Moment.”

Comin’ Soon!

September fourth when BYU meets these Tough Dawgs,

In the Battle of Jakes, Junior will be schooled…

Jake Heaps and those Cougar faithful won’t be amused…



Editor's note:

Details of Pulu's sentencing, which includes work release, are provided by the following link. (Seattle Times).

Gilmour Dobie (1908 -- 1916, 59-0-3)

After the Cal game in 1916 (Dobie's last game at Washington), this play-by-play account was reported by Conrad Brevick in the Post Intelligencer; he wrote, “Injuries served to mark the intensity of the battle … Murphy for Washington received a severe gash in his head in the first few minutes of play, and much gore escaped. Seagrave lamed his ankle but managed to keep playing, Morrison was twice laid out, but he played out the game. Hainsworth was the only Washington man who had to retire. His wrist was dislocated when he was tackled after he had intercepted a pass. Briggs who relieved him suffered a broken nose and laughed over the break as a doctor jammed him up against a wall in the shower room after the game and pulled the member into place again.”

Quote from Lynn Borland, author of the soon-to-be-published biography, "Gilmour Dobie, Pursuit of Perfection."

Now those were tough guys, Lee.

In transmuting the Dawgs' defensive mettle, Holt and Sark need to find some metallurgists who will pound the middle and hammer the edges.

Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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