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Tweak UW
If itís weak--but not broken--then tweak
By: Malamute, Posted 5 November 2002

Rick Neuheisel says that a tweak here and there, let alone anywhere, will remedy the Huskiesí desultory play this season. In the world of computers, Tweak UI is a power tool utility for enhancing the usersí Windows environment. Likewise, we gladly support any endeavor leading to improved Husky performance, and offer our tool, Tweak UW.

Supported features in Tweak UW.

  • Use the location tool to enhance field position, particularly kickoff coverage (8), punt returns (9), and kickoff returns (6). *

  • Use the error recovery tool to recover from turnover-margin errors (10).

  • Use the runtime support tool to improve rushing offense performance (9).

  • Use the efficiency tool to correct pass defense efficiency (10) errors.

  • Use the measurement tool for opponent-third down conversions (8).

  • Use the firewall feature to wall off secondary intruders who present pass defense problems (9).

  • Use the color palette to embolden red-zone defense (9).

  • Use the parity-error correction tool to turnoff parity in the memory banks at Eugene, Corvallis and Pullman.

  • Use the built-in counter to improve offensive (8) and defensive (9) scoring.

  • Run the virus checker once a day to correct back, disk and shoulder damage. (See the injury report). Quarantine all corrupted elements.

  • Run the dump utility to dump coaches who are performing poorly.

  • To run the backup utility, press the Paus button and then Stanback and wait.

  • To get off the ground, run the sack against (8) utility.

  • To ground, run the sack for (6) utility.

  • For youth and inexperience, run help. **

  • To use the recursive subroutines: See recursive subroutines.


Not supported: Cannot be used by athletic directors from inside the locker room.

**  The help utility was written by the Dawgfather.

License Agreement: Any licensed coach who is willing to tweak can download the program from the following website: out/the/window.com.

* The numbers in parentheses reflect the ranking of the Huskies in the Pac-10 for the week of 4 November 2002.

Recursive subroutines: see recursive subroutines

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