Dawgs' new digs, new offense, and dominating defense overwhelm Broncos

Husky Stadium, Seattle, Washington.

Celebrating their newly renovated stadium, the Montlake Dawgs crushed the Boise State Broncos, 38-6, behind the passing of Keith Price, the running of Bishop Sankey, a hurry-up offense and a paralyzing defense. (Price: photo left).

Price's numbers are back (PE 176.83); Sankey (161 yards) ran true to form; the new offense was scintillating (592 yards, 85 plays); the defense was dominating (346 yards, 6 points) and the renovated stadium ($280 million) by the lake was breath-taking. See Adam Jude's Rave from Fans.

Also, reference Derek Johnson's interview with Don James.

The Dawgs ground out 268 punishing yards rushing, while Price passed for 324 yards and, with his second TD pass, became the school career leader in that category (56 TD passes, eclipsing Cody Pickett's 55).

“It wasn’t fast and chaotic,’’ head coach Steve Sarkisian said afterward. “It was fast, and we executed.”

Think Slo Mo Shun IV winning the Gold Cup in 1950. Only this race, held in 2013 (call it the Montlake Cup) was won by the Sark V (Steve Sarkisian the owner, not Stan Sayres; Keith Price the driver, not Ted Jones; and Union Bay the site, not the Detroit River). Its opposition, the Bronco 2K13, owned by Chris Peterson and skippered by Joe Southwick, went dead in the water.

1950 was the year of the hydroplanes and Stan Sayres, Hugh McElhenny and Don Heinrich and AD Harvey Cassill and the new upper deck. Dubbed "Cassill's Castle" by the media, the embattled AD said that UW would build another one on the north side one day. That happened in 1987. Torn down during the renovation and rebuilt, the new replica of "Cassill's castle" still ramps up the volume for visiting firemen, crowd noise cascading off its metal roof and flooding the field downward, producing a cacophony of noise along with the north side.

The removal of the track and lowering of the field has brought fans closer to the action. The student section and band in the west end zone was particularly noteworthy for its zealotry on Saturday night --  and is right on top of the action. The Dawg Pack, with its waving white towels, will pay dividends in future games.

The passing and rushing numbers speak volumes about the effectiveness of the offensive line, which allowed but one sack. (Skip to the next paragraph if you're not into stats.) For example, say OL efficiency = (pass-efficiency plus yards-per-carry minus number-of-sacks-allowed). Or OL efficiency for UW on the night = (176.83 + 5.0*x - 1*y), where x and y need to be determined. Say, if x and y both equal one, then UW's OL efficiency for the game would be 180.83. BSU's would be 94.5, i.e., (90.65 + 3.8 - 0). It's important to determine the normalizing numbers for x and y since "sacks-allowed" has already been figured into the number for yards per carry; sack yardage is subtracted from the total rushing yards. The sack number probably should be removed from the equation or be divided by some constant which is to be determined. The point of all of this is that the offensive line is the most important positional unit on a team. (**)

The Dawgs' defense kept Bronco's quarterback Joe Southwick -- who posted a miserable passing efficiency rating of 89.42 -- in check most of the night. Coach Chris Peterson suffered the worst defeat of his eight-season career as head coach of Boise State.

Boise State averaged 3.9 yards per play compared to 7.0 for the Dawgs.

Hardly asleep at the switch, freshman kicker Cameron Van Winkle averaged 64.3 yards on seven kickoffs, posting two touchbacks.

Dwayne Washington ran for 52 yards and a TD, averaging 4.0 yards per carry. Sankey touched pay dirt twice.

Jaydon Mickens led all receivers with nine catches for 109 yards, and Kasen Williams (3 for 68) and Joshua Perkins (1 for 18) each caught a TD pass.

The no-huddle offense has a mystic quality to it, considering how plays are signaled in from the sidelines.  Call Sark, its designer,  the Mage of Montlake.


(**) Las Vegas Bowl 2012: UW OL efficiency = (101.61 + 5.4 - 4) = 103.01; BSU's OL efficiency = (158.80 + 3.2 -1) = 161

Joke: Where did Anthony Weiner's girlfriend work?  Answer: At the Weiner-schnitz-el, with the emphasis on "snitch."

Bring on Oregon (aka, Whoregon, the ladies of the Knight).

For the complete stats, reference the following link.

Team 1 2 3 4 Total
BSU 0 3 3 0 6
Washington 7 3 14 14 38

1. Ball Control                                                          BSU                              UW

Time of Poss.

30:51 29:09

3rd-down conversions

8 of 19 11 of 15

4th-down conversions

1 of  2 0 of 1

First downs

23 33

2. Blocking and Tackling

Rushing Offense

171 268

Passing Offense

175 324

Pass Eff Offense

90.65 176.83

Total Offense

346 592


1-7 0-0

3. Mistakes


2-19 8-61


1 1

4. Field Position

Kickoff Returns

5-110-0 2-41-0

Punt Returns

0-0-0 0-0-0

Punting net/punt

39.6 37.5

Kickoff touchbacks

1 2

5. Scoreboard, Baby

Field Goals

2-3 1-1

Redzone Offense

2-3 5-6

Points For

6 38




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