"Ty-ed," Treed, and TV'ed

Stanford, California. On his way to 290 all-purpose yards, Ty Montgomery took the opening kickoff 99 yards to the house and caught a 39-yard pass for a touchdown, propelling the Stanford Tree past Washington 31-28, a last-ditch pass ruled incomplete by replay officials halting the Huskies' last drive.

“It’s unfortunate the game had to come down to a judgment call like that,” coach Steve Sarkisian was quoted as saying. “I wish the game was won on the field and not in the booth upstairs with some guy (who) didn’t get to feel the emotion of the hard-fought football game that that game was. … From my vantage point, it was pretty hard to overturn it. But, again, I didn’t get to sit 50 yards up in a booth and play a video game and make the call.”

In a nutshell, the Dawgs were deluged with self-inflicted penalties, committing 10 for 89 yards. The Huskies netted just 10.4 yards on five kickoffs, failing to post a touchback. The Tree netted 42.3 yards on six kickoffs and booted four touchbacks. The "Cardinal" sacked UW quarterback Keith Price five times for 30 yards, dominated time of possession, and won the offensive-line efficiency battle.

Each time Washington scored, the Cards retaliated with one of their own, playing a cat and mouse game with the Dawgs. UW narrowed the score to 10-7 with 1:03 to go in the first half, but a short, 33-yard kickoff followed by a 7-yard return gave the Tree the ball on their own 39. QB Kevin Hogan hit Montgomery with a 39-yard TD pass and SU took a 17-7 lead with 11 seconds to go in the half.

UW narrowed the score to 17-14 to open the third quarter, but the Tree made it 24-14 on its next possession.

Bishop Sankey made it 24-21 on a 15-yard TD run with 2:26 left in the third quarter.  On the ensuing kickoff that carried to the Stanford 13, Montgomery returned the ball 68 yards to the Washington 19. Tyler Gaffney scored from 11 yards out to give the Cards a 31-21 lead.

Price's one-yard scoring pass to Jaydon Mickens brought the Huskies to within three points, 31-28, near the end of  the game.

UW's defense forced a three-and-out and the offense got the ball back on its own 33 with1:51 left. After driving to the SU 49, Price connected on a 16 yarder to Kevin Smith, a pass ruled complete on the field. The replay officials ruled the pass incomplete, giving the ball and game over to Stanford with 1:16 on the clock.

In my opinion, the replay video didn't provide sufficient evidence for overruling the call on the field, although it can be argued either way.

The UW defense held the tall-tree Cards to 248 yards of total offense and sacked quarterback Kevin Hogan twice. The UW offense accumulated 489 total yards.

UW's Kevin Smith caught 6 passes for 98 yards and a touchdown, leading all receivers in yardage.

Sankey ran for 125 yards and two touchdowns on 27 carries.

The QB efficiency ratings on the game follow:

QB School PA C YDS I TD Eff. Rate
Keith Price UW 48 33 350 1 2 139.58
Kevin Hogan Stanford 20 12 105 1 1 110.6

The Tree dominated the offensive line of scrimmage, 305.6 to 294.58, i.e.,


UW Oline efficiency = 139.58 + 3.5*50 - 20 = 294.58

SU Oline efficiency = 110.6 + 4.4*50 - 25 = 305.6

(*) The normalizing number X=50 was chosen so that 2.0 yards per carry would be equivalent to a PE of 100.

PEO = pass-efficiency offense; YPC = yards per carry; x = normalizing number; OLPY = offensive line penalty yards

Team 1 2 3 4 Total


0 7 14 7 28


7 10 14 0 31


Area of concern



1. Ball Control                                                                                 

Time of Poss.

28:21 31:39

3rd-down conversions

6 of 14 4 of 14

4th-down conversions

1 of 2 0 of 1

First downs

30 14

2. Blocking and Tackling

Rushing Offense

139 179

Passing Offense

350 105

Pass Eff Offense

139.58 110.6

Total Offense

489 284

Sacks By

2-7 5-30

3. Mistakes


10-89 7-53


1 1

4. Field Position

Kickoff Returns

2-36-0 5-211-1

Punt Returns

4-15-0 2-32-0

Punting average per punt

39.4 44.5

Average Yards Per Kickoff

52.6 65.0

Net Yards Per Kickoff

10.4 42.3

Kickoff touchbacks

0 4

5. Scoreboard, Baby

Field Goals

0-0 1-1

Redzone Offense

3-4 3-3

Points For

28 31



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