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Play Husky Trivia
by Malamute, 21 September 2001

Are you up to snuff on Husky trivia? Do you know who ran for the last one-point conversion in the NFL? How about the guy pictured at the left? Do you know his name?

If you get all of these questions correct, you truly are a Husky fanatic. Any thing short of that mark is okay. After all, nobody is perfect. As you scroll down, cover the answers.    

  • Who was the last player in the history of the NFL to run for a one-point conversion?

    Answer: Rick Neuheisel. Playing for the San Diego Chargers in 1987, he ran in a muffed PAT attempt against the Cincinnati Bengals, at Cincinnati.

  • Who scored the first touchdown in Husky History?

    Answer: Fred Atkins, from five yards out, against the Seattle Athletic club in 1892.

  • What was Coach Gil Dobie’s starting salary at Washington? Dobie coached at Washington from 1908-1916.


  • What’s the name of the famous play that Gil Dobie used to beat Oregon in 1911?

    Answer: The Dobie Bunk Play. The center faked a handoff to QB Wee Coyle and kept the ball, while the two guards fell down in front of the center. Coyle took off his leather helmet, tucked it under one arm and bolted around end. After counting to 3, the center turned and handed the ball off to the end, who scampered in the opposite direction from Coyle and scored a touchdown. All eleven Oregon players chased Coyle. No one knew what happened. Washington won the game 29-3. Sometime later, the play was declared illegal.

  • Who quarterbacked Washington to its first ever win in the Rose Bowl?

    Answer: Bob Schorledt, in the 1960 Rose Bowl, Washington winning 44-8 over Wisconsin.

  • What three Husky numbers have been retired?

    Answer: Chuck Carroll (2, 1927, 1928), George Wilson (33, 1923-25), Roland Kirkby (44, 1948-50).

  • Who was Washington’s first head coach?

    Answer: W. B. Goodwin (1892-1893)

  • Which Washington quarterback holds the record for career passing yards?

    Answer: Brock Huard (5,742; 1996-98)

  • Which Washington back holds the record for career rushing yards?

    Answer: Napolean Kaufman (4,041; 1991-94)

  • What is Washington’s longest unbeaten streak?

    Answer: 63 games (1907-1917; 59-0-4), which is an NCAA record.

  • How many times has Washington won the conference championship (PCC, AAWU, Pac-8, Pac-10), including ties?

    Answer: 15 times (1916, 1919, 1925, 1936, 1959, 1960, 1963, 1977, 1980, 1981, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 2000)

  • When were the last two seasons when Washington was unbeaten and untied?

    Answer: 1991 (12-0-0); 1915 (7-0-0)

  • Which receiver holds the Husky record for most yards receiving over his career?

    Answer: Mario Bailey (2093 yards; 1988-91)

  • What punter holds the record for the longest punt in Husky history?

    Answer: Derrick McLaughin (74, Cal); Ryan Fleming (73; BYU 1999) and on Don Feleay (73, Navy 1975)

  • Which Washington tackle played Tarzan in the movies?

    Answer: Herman Brix (tackle, Tacoma, 1925, ’26, ’27), also an Olympic athlete, played Tarzan in a serial during the mid 1930s. He became better known as Bruce Bennett, and was in hundreds of films and TV shows during the 1940s through the 1960s.

  • Who is the Husky pictured above?

    Answer: Tui Alailefaleula (55)

  • How do you pronounce Tui Alailefaleula?

    Answer: Tui Alailefaleula (Tuee A-la-EE-lay-fa-lay-OO-la) (DL, 6-5, 285 FR). There has never been an eight-syllable name in a century of college football.

  • What is the name of Washington’s mascot?

    Answer: Whitepaw’s Arlut Spirit of Goldust (an Alaskan malamute). Prince Redoubt (an Aslaskan malamute) is the Husky mascot for its road games.

  • What nicknames were given to these Husky coaches: Gil Dobie, John Cherberg, Ralph Welch, Jim Owens, Don James, Leonard B. Allison and Jim Lambright?

    Answer: "Gloomy Gil," "Cowboy Johnny," "Pest," "The Big Fella," "The Man in the Tower," "Stub," and "Lambo."

  • Starting with Gil Dobie, name the subsequent coaches at Washington.

    Answer: Gil Dobie (1908-1916); Claude J. Hunt (1917, 1919); Leonard B. "Stub" Allison (1920); Enoch Bagshaw (1921-29); James M. Phelan (1930-41); Ralph "Pest" Welch (1942-47); Howard Odell (1948-52); John Cherberg (1953-55); Darrell Royal (1956); Jim Owens (1957-74); Don James (1975-92); Jim Lambright (1993-98); Rick Neuheisel (1999-present). (Note, that Reggie Root, an assistant at Washington, coached the team in 1948 due to the illness of head coach, Howard Odell).



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