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Last with ball wins; ASU miscue costs them the ball
Richard Linde, 28 October 2001

John Anderson kicked a last second field goal for the "dub"

As Washington attempted a field goal, with 51 seconds remaining on the clock and more than enough time for Jeff Krohn to move his team down field for a winning field goal, ASU jumped off sides, giving the Huskies a first down. The Huskies ran the clock down, and then John Anderson kicked a game winning field goal with just 3 seconds left on the clock.

With 7:13 remaining on the clock and trailing 31-30, Washington drove to the Arizona State 10 yard line thanks to the passing of Cody Pickett and running of Willie Hurst. On a third and one, Hurst attempted to get a first down and was ruled inches short. With 51 seconds remaining, Washington lined up to kick a field goal. ASU jumped offside and what had been a seesaw battle was ended. With a first and goal to go, Washington ran the clock down to 3 seconds, and Anderson kicked the field goal to win the game for Washington, 33-31.


Washington obviously misses TE Jerramy Stevens, who is out with a broken left foot. In its last five games, Washington has completed only four passes to its tight ends, one to Kevin Ware in the Cal game and one each to Joe Collier in the USC and UCLA games. Kevin Ware caught another one in the Arizona game. 

In the third quarter, with Washington leading 23-17, Arizona State blocked a Washington punt and Omare Lowe wisely kicked the ball through the endzone for a safety. On the ensuing punt, the ball went out of bounds and ASU was given a short field to work with from the 50 yard line. Jeff Krohn hit Shaun McDonald with a 33-yard touchdown pass and ASU had the lead, 25-24. This is the third time this year, Washington has had a punt blocked. A blocked punt can turn a game around, and it gave ASU the momentum it was looking for.

Most likely, the Sun Devils would have made a good run at winning the game, had they not jumped offside when the Huskies lined up for a field goal with just 51 seconds remaining in the game. With four seniors on its offensive line, ASU was able to contain Washington's pass rush throughout most of the second half, and Jeff Krohn was on target for most of the half, hitting Shaun McDonald almost at will. McDonald caught nine passes for 194 yards.

For Washington, under Rick Neuheisel's coaching, it was its 13th fourth quarter come from behind victory in 24 wins. During that interim, Washington has won 20 games and lost 1 when it has won time of possession. The Huskies have had 10 fourth quarter come from behind wins in the last two years, five in each year.


First Quarter
7:30 Touchdown Washington (7-0 Washington)
Todd Elstrom 3 yard pass from Cody Pickett (John Anderson Kick)
Drive: 7 plays, 54 yards

Second Quarter
12:09--Touchdown Washington (14-0 Washington)
Reggie Williams 11 yard pass from Cody Pickett (John Anderson Kick)
Drive: 6 plays, 71 yards

11:09 Field Goal Washington (17-0 Washington)
John Anderson 31 yard field goal
Drive: 4 plays, 6 yards

7:37 Touchdown Arizona State (17-7 Washington)
Mike Pinkard 23 yard pass from Jeff Krohn (Mike Barth Kick)
Drive: 10 plays, 87 yards

3:15 Touchdown Washington (24-7 Washington)
Cody Pickett 2 yard run (John Anderson Kick)
Drive: 5 plays, 20 yards

0:07 Field Goal Arizona State 24-10 Washington
Mike Barth 42 yard field goal
Driveo: 8 plays, 54 yards

Third Quarter 
10:21 Touchdown Arizona State (24-17 Washington)
Tom Pace 3 yard run (Mike Barth Kick)
Drive: 10 plays, 80 yards

9:40 Safety Arizona State (24-19 Washington)

8:19 TD Arizona State (25-24 Arizona State)
Shaun McDonald 33 Yard Pass from Jeff Krohn) 
(Two Point Conv. Failed)
Drive: 6 plays, 50 yards

0:00 Touchdown Washington (30-25 Washington)
Willie Hurst 23 yard run (Two point Conv. Failed)
Drive: 6 plays, 74 yards

4th Quarter 
12:59 Touchdown Arizona State (31-30 Arizona State)
Delvon Flowers 1 yard run (Two point conv. failed)
Drive: 5 plays, 80 yards

0:00 Field Goal Washington (33-31 Washington)
John Anderson 30 yard field goal
Drive: 18 plays, 78 yards

Washington  7 17 6 3 33
ASU 0 10 15 6 31


Statistics Washington ASU
First Downs 27 22
Rushing yards 188 121
Passing yards 252 320
Sacked-yards  ? ?
Return yards 0 85
Passes 19-36-1 17-29-1
Punts 4-39.5 4-42
Fumbles lost 1-0 1-1
Penalties-yards 6-46 8-69
Time of Possession 31:27 28:33
Pickett 19-36-1
Krohn 17-29-1           
Individual Statistics:
Washington Attempts Yards TD
Willie Hurst 21 185 1
Alexis 9 19 0
Elstrom 1 -7 0
Pickett 9 -8 1
Flowers 19 64 1
Pace 11 55 1
Krohn 5 3 0
Karney 1 1 0
Williams 1 -2 0
Washington Receptions Yards TD
Arnold 7 94 0
Elstrom 6 52 1
Williams 3 46 1
Reddick 1 32 0
Hurst 1 15 0
Alexis 1 13 0
McDonald 9 194 1
Dennard 3 50 0
Pinkard 1 23 1
O'Neal 4 53 0


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