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It was a Tree-peat of fourth-quarter magic
Richard Linde and Mike Archbold, 4 November 2001

Hurst gives Dawgs a burst, scores 3 touchdowns (Willie Hurst--Courtesy of dawgman.com)

It was more fourth quarter magic for the Dawgs, as they held on to the ball for 10:17 in the quarter. With the score deadlocked at 28-28,  Willie Hurst scored what turned out to be the winning touchdown and the Huskies went on to beat the Tall-Tree Cards, 42-28. 

Mike's report from the stands.

Mike Archbold gives his report on what he saw at the game, and also comments on the Purdue/ Northwestern game, which he attended last week. 

- Climate:  Very pleasant fall afternoon.  Cloudy weather gave way to some sunshine.

- Attendance:  There were only a few endzone seats available and a few people selling outside.

- Nobody seems to sing the Washington fight song.  Every game it is played, and I can't recall anyone ever singing along.

- Call me old fashioned, but I don't think we should boo a team simply for walking out on the field.  The only exception to this would be Oregon.  A number of Husky fans booed Stanford as they jogged out on the field.  C'mon, guys, hold the boos for the cheap shots and late hits.

- Rob Welter and Bill Bissell celebrated the invention of the "wave" with a go-round during the game.  An attempt was made to recreate the "Fumble, Dammit Fumble" chant, but this failed miserably as it was being shouted just as Stanford jogged in a  touchdown.

- Stanford did not bring a band, cheerleaders, or that tree, and their fans were mostly quiet.

- The Stanford player "Tank Williams" has a heck of a football name!

- Everyone was quite worried during the extended timeout following the injury to Simba Hodari.  The stadium was so quiet you could hear some discussions on the field.  The Huskies removed their helmets and gathered as a group out of respect and awaited the outcome.  I saw Hodari with his
hands in a sort of "touchdown" position while he fell backwards, but missed the hit.  Almost before the play was over a Stanford trainer ran out on the field to assist him, evidently immediately noticing a serious injury. (Editor's note: Preliminary reports say that Hodari has a concussion and is able to move his extremities.)

- Basically the Huskies look like a pretty good football team!!  Offense, defense, and special teams are all looking good.  Of particular note was Skurski's kickoffs, which were much better than when he was the #1 kicker during the Lambright years.

- (Scouting Report) Purdue's Montrell Lowe has apparently located his helmet, vigorously blasted off his head much to my delight by Greg Carothers in last year's Rose Bowl.  Last week this reporter visited relatives in West Lafayette which is the home of  Purdue.  My dear cousin, her husband and I went to Purdue's sold-out Northwestern game.  Basically
all the stores close on game day and everybody heads to Ross-Ade Stadium, which is really just an enormous small-college stadium that is slowly crumbling to death, with watch-your-step aisles wide enough for about one person at  a time. Our backless seats were behind the Boilermaker
band and looked straight into the netting behind the goal posts.  Purdue left the nets up for the entire game, evidently fearing a drop-kick at any moment.  This made viewing the game akin to watching football from behind jail bars, without being able to see anything at all beyond about 50 yards.  How they pack 60,000 people into this chaotic crumbling mass of
concrete  I have no idea.   There were endless lines of stationary cars for parking, and entering (everyone was frisked) the stadium was difficult.  We made a mad dash for the exits with a minute left, bringing to mind Major
Reno's observation  -- "those of you who wish to make your escape follow me" -- in Custer's fiasco at Little Big Horn.  At any rate, the Boiler fans were friendly, except for one drunk guy in the men's room.  Evidently Purdue won, or so it said in the papers the next day.   Count our blessings, Dawg fans, with our relatively roomy stadium and general ease of
entry and exit.   Starbucks?  Forget it.  Before the game I enjoyed a lukewarm cup of $1.50 "coffee" that really tasted like water with brown crayons having been dipped in it.

Notes: Although the Huskies held on to the ball for over 10 minutes in the fourth quarter, they lost the time-of-possession battle, 32:03 to 27:57. Most of Neuheisel's coaching victories have come when his team controls the ball. 

Minus TE Jerramy Stevens, who is out with a broken left foot, Washington had completed only four passes to its tight ends in the five games preceding the Stanford game. Against Stanford, Kevin Ware caught two passes and Joe Collier caught one. 

Tall-tree Cards? I have no idea what to call Stanford. Is a Cardinal a bird, a religious figure, or what? Palo Alto, Stanford's home, means "tall tree" in Spanish, and they do have a "Tree" for a mascot. 


1st quarter Team Scoring How it happened
10:07 Field Goal Stanford 3-0 Biselli, 30 yards
5:24 Touchdown Washington 7-3 Walker 3 yard run, Anderson kick
2nd Quarter    
14:31 Touchdown Stanford 10-7 Carter 2 yard run, Biselli kick
10:25 Touchdown Washington 14-10 Pickett 8 yard run, Anderson kick
7:53 Touchdown Washington 21-10 Williams 8 yard pass from Pickett, Anderson kick
5:18 Field Goal Stanford 21-13 Biselli 37 yards
3rd Quarter    
9:44 Touchdown Washington 28-13 Hurst 1 yard run, Anderson kick
9:25 Touchdown Stanford 28-20 Allen 80 yard run, Biselli kick
4th Quarter    
10:01 Touchdown Stanford 28-28 Allen 8 yard run, Johnson reception for two point
3:48 Touchdown Washington 35-28 Hurst 2 yard run, Anderson kick
0:44 Touchdown Washington 42-28 Hurst 15 yard run, Anderson kick


Stanford  3 10 7 8 28
Washington  7 14 7 14 42


Statistics Stanford Dawgs
First Downs 16 19
Rushing yards 180 130
Passing yards 231 291
Sacked-yards  0-0 3-22
Return yards -4 7
Passes 19-34-1 15-28-0
Punts 4-36.5 6-39.0
Fumbles lost 2-0 2-2
Penalties-yards 8-37 6-39
Time of Possession 32:03 27:57
Pickett 15-28-0, 1 touchdown
Lewis 19-34-1, 0 touchdown           
Individual Statistics:
Washington Attempts Yards TD
Willie Hurst 22 108 3
Pickett 10 8 1
Alexis 4 8 0
Walker 4 6 1
Allen 23 138 2
Carter 8 45 1
Lewis 2 8 0
Faust 2 6 0
Powell 1 -1 0
Johnson 1 -16 0
Washington Receptions Yards TD
Arnold 4 84 0
Elstrom 2 39 0
Williams 3 74 1
Reddick 2 35 0
Ware 2 29 0
Alexis 1 26 0
Collier 1 4 0
Johnson 6 80 0
Pierce 4 45 0
Wells 3 37 0
Powell 4 42 0
Carter 2 27 0


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