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Bucolic Beavers turn coyote ugly 
Richard Linde, 11 November 2001

Derek McLaughlin, one of the Huskies' bright spots, averaged 44 yards per punt (Courtesy of dawgman.com)

There was no fourth quarter magic this time. In fact, OSU gave Washington no quarters as its swarming defense and lightning fast offense paralyzed a Husky football team at Reser Stadium, 49-24. The Beavers scored 21 unanswered points in the second quarter. 

Playing against an emotionally fired up Beaver football team, Washington quarterback Cody Pickett threw a 73-yard interception return to Dennis Weathersby in the second quarter that turned a seemingly “close game” around. After Steven Jackson's one-yard run, the Huskies were down by 18 points (28-10). It was a fourteen-point swing. Before the interception, Mitch Meeuwsen made a terrific play on a Pickett pass thrown into the end zone, tipping the ball away from tight end Jerramy Stevens. The Dawgs had worked their way from their own 20 to the Beavers' 14-yard line.

Forced to play catch up against the best pass defense in the Pac-10, the rout was on. The Beavers scored 21 answered points in the second quarter. The Huskies finished with 191 yards passing against a team that allows 190.4 yards per game against the pass.

The answer to all the Dawgs' woes was to have come up with a running attack early in the game. However, the young, inexperienced offensive line was unable to open holes for tailbacks Willie Hurst and Rich Alexis. The Huskies rushed for a paltry 82 yards, which was not enough to have won time of possession and to have kept a revved up Beaver offense off the field.


Was it just my imagination or what? The Beavers seemed lightening fast playing on the Astroturf field, and Washington appeared sluggish at best. It was the first time the Dawgs have played on Astroturf in almost two years.

The loss effectively eliminates Washington from Fiesta Bowl consideration, since Oregon trumps Washington in the event they tie for the Pac-10 championship.

Along with McLaughlin's punting, the return of Jerramy Stevens was another bright spot for the Huskies. My guess is that Stevens will opt for another year with the Dawgs and forgo a shot at the Pros after the season is over. 

At the start of the fourth quarter, with the game gone by the boards, it would have been a good time to have replaced Cody Pickett, who took a couple of shots on his ailing right shoulder early in the game. Pickett didn't have his usual zip on the ball, and it would have been a good opportunity for Taylor Barton to get more reps. Instead, there was five minutes or so to go in the game before the coaches replaced Pickett with Barton.

Penalties against Washington sustained OSU drives early in the game--when it meant so much. If Washington had stopped those drives and had run the ball effectively, it would have been a much different outcome. Instead, Washington tested its passing attack against the best pass defense in the league.

Next week Washington needs to figure out a way to handle WSU cornerback Marcus Trufant. The Junior out of Wilson, Tacoma, is the best at his position in the league. How did he ever get away from the Dawgs?

Best-case scenario for the Huskies (4-way tie):

If OSU beats Oregon and if Washington and Stanford win out, there will be a four-way tie for the conference championship between Oregon, Washington, Stanford and WSU. In that case, Oregon goes to the Fiesta Bowl. Unless its game with Montana State (Div 1AA) is counted as a Div 1A game, WSU is thrown out based on the tie-breaker. That leaves Oregon, Washington, and Stanford. Since Washington and Oregon didn’t play each other, Oregon goes to the Fiesta Bowl because Washington (2000) and Stanford (1999) played in the Rose Bowl more recently than Oregon. If WSU's game is counted as a Div 1A game, the same scenario holds. Oregon goes.

However, if Oregon should play in the Rose Bowl, Washington would go to the Fiesta Bowl, since it beat WSU and Stanford. This is highly unlikely since Oregon will have two losses on its record.


1st quarter Team Scoring How it happened
12:13 Touchdown OSU 7-0 Simonton 2-yard run, Cesca kick
9:10 Field goal Washington 3-7 Anderson 47-yards
6:59 Touchdown  OSU 14-3 Smith 45 yard pass to Simonton, Cesca kick
1:19 Touchdown Washington 10-14 Pickett 7 yard run, Anderson kick
2nd quarter    
13:30 Touchdown OSU 21-10 Simonton 9-yard run, Cesca kick
10:07 Touchdown OSU 28-10 Jackson 1-yard run, Cesca kick
3:50 Touchdown OSU 35-10 Jackson 3-yard run, Cesca kick
3rd quarter    
5:15 Touchdown Washington 17-35 Hurst 3-yard run, Anderson kick
3:10 Touchdown OSU 42-17 Jackson 15 yard run, Cesca kick
4th quarter    
10:47 Touchdown OSU 49-17 Smith 16-yard pass to Kintner, Cesca kick
3:47 Touchdown Washington 24-49 Barton 7-yard pass to Reddick, Anderson kick

Washington  10 0 7 7 24
OSU  14 21 7 7 49


Statistics Dawgs OSU
First Downs 19 27
Rushing yards 82 168
Passing yards 191 326
Sacked-yards  4-28 0-0
Return yards punts, kickoffs 0-0, 5-179 4-2, 2-37
Passes 17-41-1 19-29-0
Punts 7-43.7 3-43.2
Fumbles lost 2-1 4-3
Penalties-yards 12-82 8-65
Time of Possession 23:50 36:10
Pickett 13-32-1 (158 yards)
Barton 4-9-0 (33 yards), 1 touchdown
Smith 19-28-0 (326 yards), 2 touchdowns
Hawkins 0-1-0 (0 yards)          
Individual Statistics:
Washington Attempts Yards TD
Willie Hurst 11 48 1
Pickett 8 2 1
Alexis 9 18 0
Barton 1 20 0
Arnold 1 -6 0
Simonton 28 93 2
Jackson 25 88 3
Trimmer 1 13 0
Smith 2 -5 0
Tobey 1 -21 0
Washington Receptions Yards TD
Arnold 4 40 0
Elstrom 3 37 0
Williams 5 65 0
Reddick 1 7 1
Ware 1 22 0
Hurst 3 20 0
Simonton 2 51 1
Classen 3 80 0
Euhus 5 50 0
Trimmer 2 38 0
Kintner 2 37 1
Newson 2 35 0
Jackson 2 24 0
Walsh 1 11 0


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