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What fools we Huskies be
Commentary on the Husky website flame wars
By: Rich "Malamute" Linde, 9 April 2002

It’s three AM and you upload your article to your web site. You’ve spent most of the night writing the story and need some sleep. When you get up the next morning and read it, you wonder how you could have written such drivel. You rewrite it and post it again, hoping that not too many people have read the first version.

I’m strictly an amateur at this—my banner reading, “I’m proud to be a Husky, and here’s my website to prove it.” My website is my Husky bumper sticker, my tee shirt sporting a Husky logo.

In my advanced years, as incompetent as I may be, I do know a little about what’s involved with publishing a website.

Publishing a website means, among other tasks, that you’re a publisher, writer, editor, web designer, photographer, researcher, fact checker, and journalist, all wrapped as one. It means you have to keep your sanity after weeding out the kludge of HTML that Front Page inserted in your code. It means you have to figure out what you really meant to say—like should it be “its” or “it’s; ” “your” or “you’re;” “effect” or “affect,” or “regardless” or “irregardless?” Sometimes, late at night, it can be a lonely world, with the hum of computer fans, the only sound in the house. At times, you’re blinded by your own stupidity, no matter how many times you read and reread your story. When you post it, it’s programmed in binary for the universe to read.

The last thing a Husky website publisher needs is some sycophant posting a message on his/her board that denigrates another website that shares the common goal of promoting Husky sports. These are flames that work both ways. How the Oregon fans must laugh at us, as we fight among ourselves. What fools we Huskies be.


Let’s all support dawgman.com and realdawg.com. I subscribe to both sites, as well as “Sports Washington.” I'm proud to be a Husky.


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