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A Spartan beginning; a torrid ending
By: Mike Archbold and Rich Linde, Posted September 8, 2002

Down 10-0 at half and booed as they left the field, the Washington Huskies roared back for 34-unanswered points in the second half, while holding the San Jose State Spartans to just 29 total yards in the half. The Huskies won 34-10, amidst a cacophony of  boos, cheers and invectives

Three critical errors—two lost fumbles on certain scoring drives and a roughing the passer penalty—in the first half haunted the Huskies, who were trying to shake off the effects of a bewildering defeat the week before.  In the second half, Washington took advantage of several short-field opportunities to put points on the board and added a record-setting 89-yard TD catch by WR Reggie Williams (above) to ensure victory. 

It could have been worse for the Spartans.  

What appeared to be a touchdown pass from Husky quarterback Cody Pickett to TE Kevin Ware was called back in the second half. The official may have thought Ware didn't have possession of the ball as he crossed the end line; however, the TV replay clearly showed Ware had possession of the ball.

The large crowd booed the official roundly, and the Washington student body added an invective or two to add some interest to a game that had been lackluster in the first half. 

Mike's Report from the stands

Climate: Clouds and cool gave way to a beautiful
September day.

Attendance:  There appeared to be next to no fans
in the San Jose State section, and there were a
lot of empty seats in the horseshoe section in

Summary:  There wasn't a lot of fire in the stands
or on the field in the first half -- except the
fire emanating from San Jose State.  Somebody forgot
to tell the Spartans they were supposed to lose big!

I told my brother not to worry at halftime, that
Coach Rick Neuheisel would get the Dawgs fired up and we'd win "35-10"!  He looked at me suspiciously, but
the Dawgs came out and blew them away in the second


- The tiny San Jose State running back, #8, Lamar Ferguson,
is a real firecracker in the mold of Joe Jarzynka.
Weighing in at about 150 pounds, he made an incredible
first half slashing run.

- Not much can be said about the Dawgs in the first
half, other than they appeared to be suffering a bit of a let down after the Michigan game, and came out pretty flat.  The crowd wasn't into the game in the first half either. 

- When the Dawgs jogged off the field at halftime, a lot of fans booed.

- At halftime the band did a tribute to Bill Bissell, which included the famous strip-tease band act.

- The Dawgs pummeled San Jose State in the second half.  The crowd got into it, the momentum shifted, and it was all over for San Jose pretty fast.

- The crowd booed loudly when images of the Oregon
game featuring a sprinting green-clad runner were shown on the HuskyTron, but cheered when it was announced that Fresno State was in the lead.  Sadly, Fresno State was not able to hold the lead and lost.

- Jim Owens was presented to the audience at the end of the third quarter, and just seconds later Reggie Williams took off on an incredible long pass play which originated literally on the same spot Jim Owens had been occupying.

- Braxton Cleman has been awarded an honorary jersey and endowment dedicated to the memory of Curtis Williams.

Contact:  Mike Archbold

Team 1 2 3 4 Tot
San Jose State 0 10 0 0 10
Washington 0 0 17 17 34

Time Team How Player(s) Score
2nd Qtr        
11:23 SJS TD Ezekiel Staples 1 yard run; Gilliam kick 7-0 SJS
2:00 SJS FG Gilliam 43-yards 10-0 SJS
3rd Qtr        
8:00 UW TD Pickett to Hooks Pass 22 yards; Anderson kick 10-7 SJS
5:00 UW TD Pickett pass to Williams 21 yards; Anderson kick 14-10 UW
2:00 UW FG Anderson 29 yards 17-10 UW
4th Qtr        
14:45  UW TD Pickett pass to Williams 89 yards; Anderson kick 24-10 UW
13:40 UW TD Terry Johnson 0 yard interception return; Anderson kick 31-10 UW
6:00 UW FG Anderson 31 yards 34-10 UW

Statistic SJS UW
Total First Downs 12 26
  Passing 7 15
  Rushing 5 11
  Penalty 0 0
Total Net Yards 288 479
Net Yards Passing 243 342
Completions-attempted 22-38 22-35
Punts Average 5-38.6 3-35.3
Return Yardage 7 0
  Punts Yards 1-7 0-0
  Kickoff Yards 2-37 1-26
  Interceptions Yards 1-0 2-0
Penalties Yards 4-35 6-54
Fumbles Lost 1-1 2-2

Passing cmp att yds tds int
San Jose State          
Rislov 16 24 177 0 0
Arroyo 16 64 66 0 2
Cody Pickett 22 35 342 3 1
Rushing att yds tds    
San Jose State          
Lamar Ferguson 14 43 0    
Marcus Arroyo 3 1 0    
Ezekiel Staples 1 1 1
Amir Rahman 1 1 0
Oscar Rigg 1 0 0
Scott Rislov 10 -1 0
Rich Alexis 25 121 0
Chris Singleton 4 21 0
Taylor Barton 1 2 0
Cody Pickett 4 0 0
Paul Arnold 1 -7 0
Receiving rec yds tds
San Jose State
Charles Pauley 9 129 0
Tuati Wooden 3 49 0
Courtney Anderson 1 35 0
Marcus Helfman 3 15 0
Kendrick Starling 3 15 0
Brandon Miles 1 6 0
Joseph Hayes 1 -3 0
Jamall Broussard 1 -3 0
Reggie Williams 6 158 2
Eddie Jackson 4 43 0
Pat Reddick 3 40 0
Kevin Ware 3 28 0
Rich Alexis 2 27 0
Wilbur Hooks 1 22 1
Charles Frederick 2 14 0
Paul Arnold 1 10 0
Punting punts yds long
San Jose State
Michael Carr 5 193 43
Derek McLaughlin 3 106 38

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