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Gilby rolls 7-Out, but is he out?
Seven Husky turnovers mar Beavers' victory
By Richard Linde, 17 October 2004

On a rainy, socked in day at Husky Stadium, Oregon State University (2-4) beat the Washington Huskies 29-14, benefiting from 7 Husky turnovers and 5 field goals from Alexis Serna. It was the Beavers' first victory in Seattle since 1985, their first in Seattle in 8 tries. 

To heck with them; I'm not happy for them. Previously, the Beavers had lost 25 out of 27 games to the Dawgs.

It was the Huskies' fifth loss of the season, posted against last week's lone victory, the one over San Jose State.

Two lost fumbles inside the five-yard line (four all together), three interceptions, an inexperienced quarterback and a continuing rash of injuries led to the Huskies' loss. The Beavers won the time-of-possession battle, 34:56 to 25:04, a statistic that pretty much tells the story along with the turnovers.

It was all Beavers in the first quarter, albeit they scored just two field goals.

On a time-consuming opening drive (taking 7:11 off the clock), the soporific Beavs worked the ball to the Washington 6-yard line, from where Alexis Serna kicked a 23-yard field goal.

A Husky turnover led to the bucolic Beavers' second field goal in the quarter. After starting quarterback Casey Paus was intercepted, OSU took a 6-0 lead on Serna's 26-yard field goal.

Late in the first quarter, Paus threw another interception as intended receiver Charles Frederick prematurely broke off his route; however, OSU failed to score.

At the end of the first quarter, OSU had accumulated 101 total yards to Washington's 5, with the Huskies failing to post a first down.

However, the UW came to life in the next quarter, all things being relative for the Huskies this season. 

Replacing Paus, QB Isaiah Stanback marched the Dawgs to the Beavers' 23, the drive starting from the U-Dub 38. From there, Stanback connected with WR Quintin Daniels on a TD pass that gave the Huskies a 7-6 lead, culminating a 62 yard, 8-play drive, with 11:02 left in the half.

From there on in the two teams traded turnovers.

After the Huskies halted OSU's next possession, Tim Gallaway blocked a punt, which gave the Dawgs the ball on the Beavers' 19. FB James Sims fumbled the ball away to squelch the red-zone opportunity on the 5-yard line.

The UW got the ball back on a fumble recovery by freshman Eric Lobos, with the ball on the Dawgs' 41. From there the UW took the ball to the Beavers' 30 and missed on a 47-yard field goal attempt -- Michael Braunstein missing his longest try of the season, which was the Huskies' first field goal attempt in two and one half games. 

OSU's Serna hit a 55-yard field goal on the last play of the half to give OSU a 9-7 lead.

To start the second half, Stanback led the Dawgs on an 80-yard, 7-play scoring drive, passing 24 yards to Joe Toledo, who made a circus catch for a touchdown. Earlier on the drive, Stanback connected with Sonny Shackelford on a 52-yard play, which took the ball to the Beavers' 19.

Sixteen seconds later on the clock, OSU regained the lead, 16-14, as Dwight Wright got off a 55-yard touchdown run, this coming after the Huskies had held the Beavers without a single yard rushing in the first half. (Editor: Actually, to no yards rushing to be correct, Mal.) J

After a Dawgs' three and out, OSU scored a touchdown as QB Derek Anderson hit Marcel Love on an 11-yard touchdown pass. This culminated a 72 yard, 10-play drive and gave the Beavers a 23-14 lead with 5:34 left in the third quarter.

On the next possession of the game, after a first-down gift from the Beavs, James Sims fumbled the ball away on the Beavers' 1-yard line. Previously, the Huskies took 3-points off the board as OSU jumped offsides on a Braunstein field goal attempt, which was good from 25-yards out.

At the end of the third quarter, the Beavers held the ball and a 23-14 lead.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Kenny James fumbled a pitch from Stanback, giving the Beavers the ball on the Dawgs' 12-yard line, on the Huskies' fifth turnover of the day. Serna then hit a 31-yard field goal, sealing the deal for the Beavers.

However, the Huskies were not to be outdone with themselves.

On the Huskies' next possession, Stanback was hit on a blitz from the outside, which forced a fumble that Bill Swancutt recovered on the Dawgs' 12. Serna connected on his fifth field goal of the day -- a 27-yarder -- which gave the Beavers an insurmountable 29-14 lead.

Still, the Huskies persevered.

To close out the game, Washington had two red-zone opportunities, one ending as the Dawgs ran out of downs on the Beavs' 8 and the other on a Stanback interception -- the Huskies' seventh turnover on the day.

Stanback closed out the day with a pass efficiency rating of 117.23 on the game, which is not too shabby for a Husky quarterback this season.

Stating the obvious, Beavers coach Mike Riley said, "That quarterback (Stanback) is an athlete." Duh. J

Opinion (Is Gilby on his way out?):

The Huskies (1-5) are not going to a bowl game this season, they will have their first losing season in 27 years, and they most likely will stay with their head coach, Keith Gilbertson, because of uncertainty in the program with respect to three counts: (1) the forthcoming NCAA sanctions, (2) the prescription drug scandal (the dispensing of Ritalin and No Doz), which the NCAA may still consider, and (3)  the Neuheisel lawsuit, which apparently won't be resolved until next year some time.

That's the good news -- at least for Keith Gilbertson (7-11 at the UW), who was upgraded to a head coach just before the start of last season. Even if Gilby loses the rest of his games, he needs to wear his temporary spacesuit because of the black hole sucking at the football program. Why jettison the commander from the space capsule before ground control can be reached to ensure navigational stability? Move on once all the parameters are resolved, but not until then. It's the "baby steps" Leo Marvin told Bob about in the movie "What about Bob?" 

What I am not saying is that Gilbertson inherited a mess (true), that he's a nice guy (which he is), that he's the victim of some untimely injuries (which is true) nor that he deserves two more years to right the ship. A cold-hearted view says that the buck stops with Gilby and that he alone is responsible for this season's outcome as well as last season's (6-6).

What I am saying is that this is just not the right time to be changing coaches, even though keeping Gilby most likely means losing revenues and overcoming Herculean obstacles in recruiting.

Making matters worse, the Huskies must deal with the most hostile press corps in college football, which is all the more reason not to rush out and hire a big-time football coach. Why lure him into the jaws of a local media, some of whom loath big-time college football? (Click on the link). Fair or not, the media mold public opinion and, currently, the public's perception of the Huskies stinks.

Former coach Don James thinks his problems started with the Seattle Times, a paper, in fact, that continually chipped away at Rick Neuheisel's image during his tenure. (Click on our link above).

Not unexpectedly, Gilby has good relations with the local media, more because the sports program is tanking rather than because of his magnetic personality. 

Husky fans must be patient as the UW takes its baby steps. For some of the younger fans, however, this is their first experience riding the downward run of a rollercoaster that will lead to the Dawgs' first losing season in 27 years. From an historical perspective, bad times mixed with good times is the norm for the Husky amusement park; it's just that the good times lasted longer than usual this time around.

Beware. If you jump off the rollercoaster on its downward path, you'll miss the ride to the top again.  

UW Injury Report:

At least 9 front-line players have been injured since fall camp.

Khalif Barnes (four-year starting offensive tackle, senior co-captain) has been lost for the season because of a wrist fracture that needed surgery.

Mike Mapuolesga (defensive end, one-time starter, bad knee) who has missed several games, played in the game.

Charles Frederick (wide receiver, strained hamstring, senior co-captain) played during the game but re-aggravated his hammy.

Derrick Johnson (starting corner, senior co-captain) played in the game.

Zach Tuiasosopo (starting fullback, senior co-captain) is still on crutches.

Corey Williams (starting wide receiver) is still out with a fractured wrist that required surgery.

Donny Mateaki (former starter, defensive tackle) has been lost for the season with a foot injury.

Carl Bonnell (quarterback, started against Stanford and San Jose State) is out with a groin injury.

Ben Bandell (tight end) suffered a career-ending knee injury.

Isaiah Stanback (backup quarterback) who played in the first game of the season against Fresno State but since has been out with a high-ankle sprain replaced Paus in the second quarter.

Dan Milsten (sophomore, defensive tackle) - was injured during the game and taken to the hospital with a dislocated ankle and a fracture of the left fibula, which required surgery.

Quintin Daniels (wide receiver) went out with a leg injury in the third quarter, rode the stationary bicycle for awhile, then nursed his knee with an ice pack.  He most likely will need arthroscopic surgery on his knee.

Team 1 2 3 4 Tot
OSU 6 3 14 6 29
UW 0 7 7 0 14

Time Team How Player(s) Score
1st quarter        
7:49 OSU FG Alexis Serna 23-yard field goal OSU 3-0
4:45 OSU FG Alexis Serna 26-yard field goal OSU 6-0
2nd quarter        
11:02 UW TD Stanback 23-yard pass to Quintin Daniels. Michael Braunstein kick. UW 7-6
0:00 OSU FG Alexis Serna 55-yard field goal. OSU 9-7
3rd quarter        
12:41 UW TD Stanback 24-yard touchdown pass to Joe Toledo. Braunstein kick. UW 14-9
11:58 OSU TD Dwight Wright 55-yard touchdown run. Serna kick OSU 16-14
5:34 OSU TD Derek Anderson 11-yard TD pass to Marcel Love. Serna kick. OSU 23-14
4th quarter        
6:50 OSU FG Serna 31-yard field goal OSU 26-14
4:49 OSU FG Serna 27-yard field goal OSU 29-14

Statistic OSU UW
Total First Downs 21 18
  Rushing 2 7
  Passing 17 8
  Penalty 2 3
Total Net Yards 387 345
Net Yards Passing 286 224
Net Yards Rushing 101 121
Completions-att-int 26-40-0 13-36-3
Punts Average 5-32.4 3-45.7
Times sacked (yards)    
Return Yardage 0 23
  Punts Yards 3-0 3-23
  Kickoff Yards 3-47 3-54
  Interceptions Yards 3-0 0-0
Penalties Yards 8-72 9-65
Fumbles, Lost 2-2 5-4
Time of Possession  34:56 25:04

Passing cmp att yds tds int
Derek Anderson 26 40 286 1 0
Casey Paus 1 5 2 0 2
Isaiah Stanback 11 29 219 2 1
Kenny James 0 1 0 0 0
OSU Att yds tds long  
Dwight Wright 22 99 1 55  
R. Cole 10 10 0 6  
Anderson 4 -8      
Washington Rushing att yds tds long
Shelton Sampson 5 20      
Kenny James 9 34 0 21  
Casey Paus 1 0      
Isaiah Stanback 12 51 0 26  
Chris Singleton          
James Sims 7 13      
Pass Receiving rec yds tds long
M. Hass 8 98 0 17  
Marcel Love 5 86 1 33  
Wheat-Brown 3 34      
Wright 3 22      
Cole 3 18      
Haines 3 14      
Loney 1 4 0 4  
Washington Pass Rec. rec yds tds long
Quintin Daniels 1 23 1 23  
Joe Toledo 1 24 1 24  
Sonny Shackelford 2 88 0 52  
Charles Frederick 2 7 0 5  
Bobby Withorne 2 40 0 21  
Anthony Russo 1 27 0 27  
Isaiah Stanback 1 3 0 3  
James Sims 1 0 0 0  
Kenny James 1 -4 0 -4  
Shelton Sampson 1 16 0 16  
Punting punts yds long Avg
Sam Paulescue 4 162 43 40.5  
Sean Douglas 3 137 49 45.7  
Attendance: 65,351          

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