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Spring scrimmage play-by-play, 24 April 2005
Offense plays like 1-10, Defense like 10-1

The two teams, Purple versus Gold, were evenly chosen from a squad of 70 scholarship players, who will play for the University of Washington Huskies in the Fall of 2005. Due to injury, sixteen front-line players failed to participate in the game and, as a result, a number of walk-ons saw action. The Purple squad won the game, 3-0, in a defensive battle. The quarterbacks wore yellow, meaning they could not be tackled to the ground.

The two squads combined for a total offense of just 259 yards. The Purple squad managed to move the ball to the Gold 16, which was the deepest penetration of any team in the game. In the second quarter, the Gold squad took the ball to the Purple 39, in its longest drive of the game, the drive starting from the Gold 27. The scrimmage consisted of 76 plays and took 90 minutes in real time. Although the UW rushed for 42 yards on 34 carries overall, the running backs posted 82 yards on 21 carries. The quarterbacks combined for a pass-efficiency rating of 91.82 (that is, 18 out of 34, 205 yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 picks). 

First Quarter:

Gold: Douglas kicks off to Purple
Anthony Russo runs kickoff to 19.

First and 10, 19: Kenny James runs 3 yards to 22.
Second and 7 on 22: Isaiah Stanback, on a flea flicker, pass incomplete
Third and 7 on 22: Stanback pass incomplete.
Fourth and 7 on 22, Evan Knudson punt to Gold 46


First and 10 on Gold 46: Louis Rankin run, loss of 4
Second and 6 on 42: Casey Pausí pass knocked down by Wilson Afoa
Third and 6 on 42: Paus out of the shotgun, complete to Smith, 19 yards to Purple 39.
First and 10 on 39: Procedure, 5-yard penalty.
First and 15 on 44: Rankin sweep for 2 yards.
Second and 13 on 42: Pausís screen pass to Rankin is incomplete
Third and 13 on 42: Paus pass incomplete.
Fourth and 13 on 42: Sean Douglas line-drive punt into endzone.


First down on 20: Ball moves to 22, most likely a running play.
Second and 8 on 22: James runs 12 yards to Purple 34
First down on 34: Stanback runs to the outside and completes pass to Chambers on Gold 48, 18 yards.
First down on Gold 48: Toss sweep to James for a gain of 2.
Second and 8 on 46: James runs to 44, gain of 2.

End of First Quarter:
Purple Ball:

Third and 6 on 44: Carl Bonnell sacked (touched) by Ceasor Rayford for a loss of 8.
Fourth and 14 on Purple 48: Knudson punts to Cody Ellis on Gold 10; run back of 2 yards.


First and 10 on 12: Johnny DuRoucher long throw to Charles Smith, incomplete
Second and 10 on 12: Draw to Rankin, gain of 7, ball to 19.
Third and 3 on 19: Duroucher pass complete to Ellis on 27. Gain of 8.
First and 10 on 27: DuRoucher bobbles snap, runs, loss of 1.
Second and 11 on 26: DuRoucher blitzed, sacked (touched) by Brian Tawney.
Third and 16 on 21: DuRoucher wobbly pass complete to Smith, gain of 13.
Fourth and 3 on 34: Douglas punts to Russo, who is tackled by Ty Eriks on Purple 25.


First and 10 on 25: Carl Bonnell pitches to Russo, who runs to 34. Nice block by Bonnell.
Second and 1 on 34: Bonnell play action pass to Russo, sliding catch on Gold 48.
First and 10 on 48: Sampson runs to 44, 4-yard gain.
Second and 6 on 44: Bonnell pass to Luke Kravitz, 4 yards.
Third and 2 on 40: Shelton Sampson runs 14 yards to Gold 26.
First and 10 on 26: Sampson run, taken down by Winter, loss of 1.
Second and 11 on 27: Bonnell pass deflected incomplete by Howell.
Third and 11 on 27: Bonnell hitch route pass, deflected and nearly intercepted.
Fourth and 11 on 27: Knudson 44 field goal attempt misses right, long enough.


First and 10 on Gold 27: Rankin runs 8 yards to 35.
Second and 2 on 35: Shotgun, DuRoucher pass intended for Ellis, almost intercepted by Wallace.
Third and 2 on 35: DuRoucher pass to TE Lewis, gain of 8. Good rhythm on toss.
First and 10 on 43: DuRoucher sacked (touched) by Russell.
Second and 15 on 38: Out of the shotgun, DuRoucher 7-yard pass to Rankin.
Third and 8 on 45: DuRoucher pass complete to Smith on crossing route, Purple 46.
First and 10 on Purple 46: DuRoucher pass complete to Rankin on 39.
Second and 3 on 39: DuRoucherís Hail Mary intercepted by Mesphin Forrester in endzone.

End of First Half: Purple 0, Gold 0

Third Quarter:

Purple Kicks off: Knudson hammers ball into endzone, touchback.


First and 10 on 20: Ball moves to 32. (Paus 1-4, 19 yards in first half)
Second and 9 on 32: Rankin run, no gain
Third and 9 on 32: Paus pass complete to Sonny Shackleford on Gold 43.
First and 10 on 43: Rankin runs to Purple 29. Penalty takes ball back to Gold 33.
First and 20 on 33: Paus passes 5 yards to Shackleford.
Second and 15 on 33: Paus passes to Rob Lewis, knocked down by Jordan White-Frisbee.
Third and 15 on 38: Paus throws behind Shackleford, incomplete.
Fourth and 15 on 38: Douglas punts to Russo on Purple 20, runs ball to 31.

Purple: (Stanback 1-3, 18 yards first half)

First and 10 on 31: Stanback sacked (touched) on a flea flicker by Kyle Trew
Second and 20 on 21: Stanback quick slant to Russo, gain 14
Third and 6 on 35: Stanback pass complete to Sims, gain of 8.
First and 10 on 43: James bulls for 4 to 47.
Second and 6 on 47: Stanback (touched) sacked by Manase Hopoi.
Third and 13 on 40: Stanback pass to Russo, complete on Gold 46.
First and 10 on Gold 46: James runs for 4 yards.

End of Third Quarter: Purple 0, Gold 0.


Second and 6 on Gold 42: Sampson runs to 37, gain of 5.
Third and 1 on 37: Bonnell hands off to Sampson, loss of 2 (tackle Howell).
Fourth and 3 on 39: Bonnell pass complete to Rohrbach on 22 (tackle Davis).
First and 10 on 22: Inside handoff to Sampson, runs to 16 (tackle Winter).
Second and 4 on 16: James dropped on 24, intending to pass to Chris Rohrbach (tackle Darin Harris).
Third and 12 on 24: Bonnell incomplete to Rohrbach who slips; good coverage by Lewis.
Fourth and 12 on 24: Knudson 41 yard-field goal; Low drive thru uprights.

Purple 3, Gold 0:

Purple: Knudson kicks off to Lewis on goal line, runs to 20.

Gold: (DuRoucher first half: 6-9, 52 yards, 1 pick on Hail Mary).

First and 10 on 20: DuRoucher pass deflected at line of scrimmage.
Second and 10 on 20: DuRoucher (touched) sacked by Greyson Gunheim, loss of 5.
Third and 15 on 15: Chris Singleton runs to 22, gain of 7.
Fourth and 8 on 22: Douglas punts to Purple 41, ball doesnít turn over, good bounce.


First and 10 on 41: Throwing on run, Bonnell completes pass to Sims who runs to Gold 47. (Ben Warren tackle).
First and 10 on Gold 47: Sims one-yard carry to 46.
Second and 9 on 46: Bonnell (touched) sacked by Daniel Howell for loss of 7.
Third and 16 on Purple 47: Rayford sacks (touches) Bonnell on Purple 42.
Fourth and 21 on 42: Knudson punts to Gold 22, run back to 26.


First and 10 on Gold 26: DuRoucher (touched) sacked by White-Frisbee on 20, loss of 6.
Second and 16 on 20: DuRoucher throws incomplete, out of bounds.
Third and 16 on 20: DuRoucher pass to Johnie Kirton on 34.
Fourth and 2 on 34: Out of the shotgun, DuRoucher completes a short over the middle pass to Rankin for a first down.
First and 10 on the Gold ?: DuRoucher intercepted by C. J. Wallace, who runs ball to Gold 15.


First and 10 on Gold 15: Downs ball to end game.

End of game: Purple 3, Gold 0

Attribution and caveat:

The play-by-play was transcribed as Bob Rondeau and Chuck Nelson called the game on KJR radio, Seattle. Any errors in this annotation are those of this website and should not be attributed to KJR or to either Bob Rondeau or Chuck Nelson.

Richard Linde (a.k.a., Malamute) can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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