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Mostly Unbearably Unbearable
Huskies' stock goes Bearish after 56-17 loss
By Malamute, September 11, 2005

Pardon the bad puns in our headline and subhead; yet, as truth will have it, yesterday's 56-17 pummeling portends a bleak future for the program, at least in the short term. That shellacking could rob the UW coffers in the long run, dampen fan enthusiasm for future games -- particularly the Notre Dame game -- and negatively affect this next recruiting class.

If Gilby weren't loyal to the cause, he'd be saying, "I told you so; it's hopeless at this time," and then sing, 'Don't blame me.' Husky coaches and fans, prepare for a week of recrimination and finger pointing as Internet message boards flame up.  

Any remaining hope for having a successful season is now illusory at best.

Of course, bringing in an outstanding recruiting class, one in the top ten, could quickly turn the program around. More games like this one will make that a daunting task.

Who killed Washington? Hey, you three detectives -- Monk, Inspector Clueseau and Columbo -- who done it?

Are the culprits among the following: the hacks at the Los Angeles Times, former coach Rick Neuheisel, former athletic director Barbara Hedges, the local media, former UW quarterback Billy Joe Hoebert, Rick's snitch, all of the above or etc.?

I think the etc. guy did it, but he won't stand up and take the blame.

Really, though, poor recruiting comes to the fore, and that happened because of the bad public relations campaign run by former UW coaches and administrators over the last 13 years, starting with the Fruit Basket scandal of 1992. Okay, scholarship reductions came along, too, which allowed the cow colleges and Oregon to join the party. Maybe, UW should offer a P.E. major, so the football team can attract more J.C. transfers?

After the spring game, which ended in a 3-3 tie, the coaches told us the team lacked speed and nastiness. You know, they were right. I remember Coach Tyrone Willingham clearing his throat three times, "ahem, Ahem, AHEM!!" when asked about the overall speed of the team. Then he answered, "We need more speed in certain areas of the team."

Geez, a whole lot more speed, you 'Paint-dry Ty.' Duh.

Some thoughts:

-- I feel sorry for Isaiah Stanback, who is a most capable college quarterback. I don't think he has NFL potential behind center; instead, another position might offer more promise. For example, he might get more money going into the NFL if he were playing wide receiver and posting some numbers to verify his credentials. Yet, the Dawgs sorely need him at the helm -- for one reason, because of an anemic running game that hinders play-action passing, which means that the success of the offense partly depends on Stanback's ability to escape a severe pass rush and make something out of nothing.

-- I feel sorry for offensive coordinator Tim Lappano who wanted to install a 2-back-power-running game at the UW. The Huskies are averaging 98.5 yards rushing per game in their "Spread-Coast offense."

-- I feel sorry for Coach Willingham, who won't deserve the lambasting from fans that will most likely happen as the losses begin to mount this season.

-- I feel sorry for former Coach Keith Gilbertson, who took some unfair criticism last season.

-- I admire those team members who are making a solid effort.

-- I admire those loyal fans -- for the schadenfreude they knowingly endure, at the office, at road games, in columns written by snickering snots and among friends -- who will continue to support the program by attending games and making donations to the athletics programs. They are needed now more than ever.

The good:

-- Stanback's pass-efficiency rating on the game was 133, which is based on completing 22 out of 39 passes for 301 yards, 2 touchdowns and a pick. His PE is 136.73 for the season.

-- If the game's final score had been based on just the first and third quarters alone, it would have ended in 14-14 tie.

-- Punter Sean Douglas averaged 46.1 yards per punt.

WR Sonny Shackelford caught 6 passes for 126 yards and scored on a 56-yard pass play from Stanback.

-- The UW committed only 1 turnover; however, that turnover, an interception, was run back for a touchdown. The punt attempt that went flooey was like a turnover, however.

-- The Huskies won time of possession, although Cal scored on 5 big plays that shortened its TOP.

-- Considering the burly defensive players he was running into, RB Louis Rankin's lucky star that protected him from injury.

-- WR Craig Chambers is inching his way out of the Dawg house.

-- Coach Willingham is running a clean program and producing fine young men, who study hard, work energetically, dress appropriately for the occasion and, altogether, speak well for my alma mater.

-- The Dawgs might beat Idaho next Saturday.

The bad:

-- The Dawgs (0-2, 0-1) might lose to Idaho next Saturday; if so, it would be their ninth loss in a row.

-- Notre Dame fans who will say that 'we told you so.' Add some Dawg fans to the the list of growing Einsteins. Really, so easy to say, both before and after the season began.  (See, "Huskies' sled is totaled," which put the coaches' dilemma in perspective back in July.)

-- Backbiting and recrimination.

-- Some of the Dawgs are overweight. Were the meals served at the Conibear Shellhouse this summer too fattening?

-- Most of the statistics below.

Team 1 2 3 4 Tot
Cal 7 21 7 21 56
Washington 7 3 7 0 17

Time Team How Player(s) Score
1st Qtr        
14:40 UW TD Sonny Shackelford 56-yard pass from Isaiah Stanback. Evan Knudson kick. UW 7-0.
2:16 Cal TD Robert Jordan 9 yard pass from Joe Ayoob. Tom Schneider kick. ) Tie, 7-7
2nd qtr        
11:43 Cal TD Jordan 24-yard pass from Ayoob. Schneider kick. Cal, 14-7
8:25 UW FG Knudson 46-yard boot. Cal, 14-10
2:50 Cal TD Jordan 58-yard pass from Ayoob. Schneider kick. Cal, 21-10
1:57 Cal TD David Gray 14-yard pass from Ayoob. Schneider kick. Cal, 28-10
3rd Qtr        
11:07 UW TD Craig Chambers 39-yard pass from Stanback. Knudson kick. Cal, 28-17
1:43 Cal TD Marcus O'Keith 5 yard run. Schneider kick. Cal, 35-17
4th Qtr        
7:20 Cal TD O'Keith 71-yard run. Schneider kick. Cal, 42-17
6:25 Cal TD Daymeion Hughes 41-yard interception return. Schneider kick. Cal, 49-17
0:00 Cal TD Justin Forsett 35-yard run. Schneider kick. Cal, 56-17

Statistic Cal UW
Total First Downs 26 18
  Rushing 13 5
  Passing 12 11
  Penalty 1 2
Total Net Yards 557 369
Net Yards Passing 271 301
Net Yards Rushing 286 68
Completions-att-int 17-27-1 22-39-1
Punts, yards, average 4-172, 43 7-323, 46.1
Times sacked (number, yards) 3-11 4-18
Return Yardage 102 130
  Punts Yards 2-18 3-6
  Kickoff Yards 2-43 6-124
  Interceptions returns Yards 1-41 1-0
Penalties Yards 6-65 8-74
Fumble: number, lost 2-0 2-0
Time of Possession  29:43 30:17

Passing cmp att yds tds int
Joseph Aoob 17 27 271 4 1
Isaiah Stanback 22 39 301 2 1
Rushing att yds tds long  
Marcus O'Keith 6 103 2 71  
Justin Forsett 11 77 1 35  
Marshawn Lynch 5 46 0 25  
Joseph Ayoob 8 27 0 26  
Terrell Williams 4 23 0 11  
Byron Storer 1 3 0 3  
Chris Manderino 3 10 0 7  
Washington Rushing att yds tds long
Isaiah Stanback 9 23 0 15  
Kenny James 2 6 0 4  
Louis Rankin 13 38 0 8  
Shelton Sampson 2 7 0 4  
Sean Douglas 1 -6 0 -6  
Pass Receiving rec yds tds long
Robert Jordan 11 192 3 58  
Chris Manderino 3 37 0 14  
Marshawn Lynch 1 25 0 25  
David Gray 1 14 1 14  
Craig Stevens 1 3 0 3  
Washington Pass Rec. rec yds tds long
Johnie Kirton 3 38 0 20  
Louis Rankin 2 2 0 3  
Anthony Russo 2 31 0 18  
Kenny James 2 7 0 9  
Sonny Shackelford 6 124 1 56  
Cody Ellis 1 11 0 11  
Robert Lewis 3 23 0 18  
Craig Chambers 3 65 1 39  
Punting punts yds long Avg
David Lonie 4 172 50 43.0  
Sean Douglas 7 323 54 46.1  
Attendance: 57,775          

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