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For the love of Dan
Malamute, 30 December 2005

Hey, Mr. Raley, just read your article, “’Cowboy Johnny' and the outlaws of Montlake." Darned catchy title and I mean, catchy, if you catch my drift. Ha. Speaking of catching, that well-timed piece should help Coach Ty land one-half of a pocket buster, two little Kahuna’s and three skinny beat writers this recruiting season.

After the accolades from Pullman go on the wane, you might write some other historical pieces, this time focusing on an expanded audience that will bring you even more love. Here are some suggestions:

1. Do an historical piece on a probationary period at USC involving its football team and submit it for publication to the Los Angeles Times. UCLA fans will love you.

2. Write an article that focuses on Sam Gilbert’s alleged financial contributions made to UCLA basketball players during the John Wooden era. Jazz it up vis-à-vis your article on Roscoe “Torchy” Torrance and submit it for publication to the Los Angeles Times. USC fans will love you.

3.On your way to becoming the next Grantland Rice, interview some disgruntled players that have been booted off the WSU football team, at one period of time or another, and ask them about booster violations among the Coug fraternity. Call your article, “Washington State: a Program that Couged it.” Washington fans will love you.

4. Repeat 3 above for as many present-day untouchables that come to mind – e.g., Nebraska, Notre Dame, Texas, Oregon, etc. –- and submit you article for publication to the relevant, local print media. Their traditional foes will love you. 

5. Write an article on why there are no double standards in journalism, especially at objective newspapers such as the Seattle P-I. Every editor in the country will love you.

Once other reporters become privy to my suggestions, they'll run with these stories faster than a Prius in an HOV lane. So, put the peddle to the metal.

Your Pal,


Richard Linde (a.k.a., Malamute) can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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