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Groinman's grumblings
27 July 2010

This is Officer Lee Groinman, Washington’s most ‘fun in the sun, bubbly cop…’

This Summer time fun stuff is startin’ to be a just bit over rated, over blown anyway. The perceived fruitful month of June melted like wet fireworks, premature wet fireworks. About the only thing that could save this long drawn out summer, just might be another bike ride over those seductive mountain highways, now there’s an idea, any takers?

But wait, maybe that ‘fruitful’ month of June is just takin’ its own sweet time, like fine wine it can’t be rushed. I see signs of that already, why it’s still July and Josh Shirley just fell into our roster. Some things just ain’t meant to be. It appears that Josh really didn’t do his homework on UCLA and Coach Neuheisel. This is a new era for Neu, after all Neuheisel means ‘new house’ in German, well it seems ol’ Neu is more concerned with savin’ his own bacon this year, and to hell with anybody steppin’ out of line, even just a tad. Are the good times rock-n-roll era over in the house of Neu? Tell that to Hundley, the fair-haired boy coach is having his seat warmed up.

Not to worry about Hundley, didn’t you hear about Sark’s ‘WOOF’ on Twitter? That means a commit is imminent in the next two weeks, if under a full moon and Sark ain’t on his boat, or in New York City.
Ah that twitter, gonna have to get me one of them twitters…
Quarterbacks? Groinman here believes that the UW will be set for QB’s in the very near future. Think Jeff Lindquist, the Mercer Island Norwegian. The boy eats Lutefisk like candy…

So speakin’ of Shirley. Surely I never thought anybody by the name of Shirley would ever play for the Washington Huskies! But that’s precisely what you often get for doin’ your own thinkin’. And don’t start callin’ me Surely. But what an addition! Welcome Josh Shirley! The fickle finger of fate has fared well for all. Just not for the fair-haired wonder coach of Westwood…

Gotta love it, anybody lookin’ forward to the Dawg house show on ESPN, November 18th?

Just might start a new/Neu? Tradition around these parts. “November Nights, Under the Lights!”

We could save it up for the LA Schools, yeah throw that other kid in the mix, what’s his name Lame Smitten, Livid Kitten? Whatever, smuck…That oughta make those LA schools wish for a North/ South division, but ain’t gonna happen boys, you’re still gonna have to come up here and play some real football…

Speakin’ of SC, Damn I never got to write anything about those basturds. I remember tellin’ some SC fans after our stellar 16-13 win, well I more like TOLD these SC fans comin’ down the exit ramps that the next thing coming up for SC was PROBATION! They looked at me as if I’d grown a horn out of my head and was speaking in tongues.

Totally clueless. Didn’t even know what I was talkin’ about…
Their web site, their fans, even Pete Carroll seemed clueless, not to mention Garrett. Too bad they finally fired him, he was great for USC, er us…Now they’ve hired Pat Haden? Sounds like they went for a choir boy to run the asylum…

Yup, they all sensed that being ‘clueless’ was an adequate defense, seems they never thought of ‘Institutional Lack of Control’.

How’s that book comin’ along Pete? Talk about timing, clueless…
Now of course, SC is appealing the NCAA sanctions. Speakin’ of NCAA sanctions, I gotta give it up to them boys, why they came down on SC even harder than I predicted, and I’m a Law and Order dude! I always said they’d lose 5 scholies a year over three years, a one year Bowl Ban, and loss of TV revenue. Not that SC would face a TV ban, just not be able to keep the money like they did to the UW, as I recall the UW had to forfeit about 900 thousand bucks. Granted, it was back in the early 90’s, but that was still a lot of Dawg Dollars, even back then.

Yup, appeal this SC, but hey, that’s what appeals are for. Maybe the appeals board will throw in a TV revenue ban, ya’ know, just for good measure, hell, I’d give ‘em another year probation just for that damn band of theirs, are you kiddin’ me? Learn a new song for once.

And what about that Horse? Surely he’s on ‘roids. Maybe we’ll just call him Surely, or maybe just Shirley…Holy Crapes….

Now, where were we?

Oh yeah, speakin’ of BYU…

May as well just blow off the rest of this summer and just head on down to Provo. Now there’s the ticket! A Bike ride to Provo, the trip to Hell and back. Any takers?

I hear the good folk of BYU just love out of state bikers coming thru, especially the ones like me, the ones with horns on their noggins…
Ah yes, BYU can’t come soon enough, the “Battle of the Washington Jakes”. The one who stayed, and the prodigal son. Senior versus Junior. A made for TV movie, but it’s much more than that, it’s FOOTBALL! It’s Washington’s OPENER damnit!

But it’s so much more than that, it’s the good Jake’s Heisman audition, but wait, there’s more.

Ya’ know, I just gotta tell ya’ this. Ya’ see, for the first time in at least this century, Groinman here is STOKED for the UW defensive LINE! I’m seeing a breakout year for Ta’amu, teams won’t be able to double team him any longer. We got Semisi Tokolahi saddlin’ up next to him he can move at 340 pounds! We got Lawrence Lagafuaina on the other side at a svelte 310 pounds; he moves like a pit bull, Folks, ya’ gotta trust me on this one, that Larry fella is the real deal. The beauty of all this, is now we’re able to put Cameron Elisara out on the outside at 275 pounds! We got another absolute stud coming in at DT in Sione Potoae, a cut 285. Our interior Defensive line could average 325 pounds! And with guys that can move! Plus we’ve got guys like Everett Thompson at end weighing in at 262 pounds, then you’ve got the veterans like De’Shon Mattews a ‘smaller’ but tested guy, the small guy at 261 pounds.

I know there are a couple of injury issues, but the rehabs look good, and good Lordy do I know that some of these kids are young. Naturally I’ve heard about playing young guys on the line, probably hundreds of times, and it is still good to redshirt if you can, or have to, but these guys?


I defer to Ivan Lewis, Strength Coach. He told me this at the Yakima Coaches Tour back in May.

“Lee, you gotta believe me, these young kids are absolute FREAKS! And now I get to BUST THEIR ASSES!! FREAKS I tell you! Oh yeah, they’ll be ready, they’ll be real ready…”I tend to believe Ivan Lewis…and I like how he talks…


Ya’ know in the Bible, in the book of Ecclesiastes it speaks of how there is a time for everything. A time to dance, a time to mourn, yeah, you know, The Byrds made a hit song out of it back in the sixties, called Turn! Turn! Turn! Well we’ve had our time for losing, our time for mediocrity. Locker postponed millions for this year, he did not come back for a chance to win six, or maybe even seven games, he came back to take them all. The Coaches know this, the players know this. The young guys coming in know this. If you’re a young guy and you have a chance to help this team win, you’re gonna play, you can redshirt later if you have to, there may be a time for that. The Pac 10 is wide open this year. Bowl games, Championships are there for the taking. Jake is not El Paso dreamin’. Locker laid it all out on the line for this very year. It’s now time for everybody else to step it up. To Everything There is a Season…
A Time for Fun. A Time for Wins. A Time for Championships…
Prediction time: Jake Senior takes Jake Junior to school, the Husky Defensive line dominates, and the young Jake Heaps gets introduced to the young Josh Shirley…

And Surely I’m not Joshing…

Dawgs win in a very satisfying game, a road game no less. Surprised? Who do you think I am, Dick Baird?


Just one more thought, at least Chuck Nelson won’t have to study up on some of these young fella’s names, but didn’t Chuck get a raw deal. Come on Riley, why can’t we put three guys in the booth? That oughta’ ‘freshen’ it up a bit, ya’ think?


Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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