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Another Apple Cup for the Ages!

This is Officer Lee Groinman, That’s Right, Washington’s Most Relieved Cop

I’m not talking Rolaids, Alka Seltzer, or the Pepto Dismal either, I’m talking about those pesky Warshington State cougs. Oh them cougs played well enough, they probably put up their best effort in years, as they should have, the little smucks had about a month to get ready. But the truth is, we took it easy on them this year, after all it was just after the Thanksgiving Holiday, and us Huskies have been thankful for Paul Wullf, coug coach for two years now, and counting!

This moral coug victory just saved Wullf’s carcass, and in the true Holiday Spirit of this Joyous Bowl Season, that just works fine for me…and I’ll be receiving no Christmas card from Aunt Bertha the coug this year, yup, works just fine for me…

Holy Crapes, what’d we do? Leave about 30 points on the field? Nearly as many as we scored anyway, heck that openin’ drive itself went for nearly 200 yards, must be some kind of record somewhere, somebody must know, some smart feller.

We did suffer some casualties, dang, hated to see Cody Bruns and Semisi Tokolahi both go down, how painful. At least Bruns was able to walk off the field, I’m betting most of the coug faithful didn’t even know he was hurt, as I recall not one ice ball was thrown his way. Bruns would be an easy target as it’d be hard to throw anything back with a broken collar bone, those cougs missed a golden opportunity. Not so Mr. Tokolahi, with his mangled lower leg and sittin’ like a duck in that cart, why he was just too good a target for those cougs to pass up. Fowl season was off this year in the Palouse, or so I’ve been told…

So Godspeed to Bruns and Tokolahi, good luck guys, and I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy the Holiday Bowl, if only from the sidelines, so sorry. But heal up quick! YOU HEAR ME!

You know, I gotta tell ya’ this. I was at the ’02 Apple Cup in Pullman, and oh sure, after our victory, yours truly was down on the frozen field of Martin Stadium, yukkin’ it up and having a good time. But hey, the way Groinman here has got it figured, as long as you’re not doing any damage like tearin’ down goal posts or munchin’ on field turf, hey, there’s no harm. As long as you’re not giving ‘one finger congrats’ to those left in their seats, all is good.

And yes the thrown objects came down onto the field in ’02 as well. Not as much as we saw this last go ‘round, but hey, back in ’02 it was still a fairly new ‘coug’ tradition. I didn’t see as many ‘yellow’ bombs this past year, maybe some smart feller oughta look into that.

The next day I read in one of the Eastern Washington rags about the event; Said something about snow balls being thrown and how it ‘nearly got out of control’. Just nearly…

It’s just the different semantics between Eastern Warshington and Western Washington. That’s all, nuthin’ to get excited about…

Heck, I nearly lost control at my house, had a casualty and a thrown object too. Seems my remote control lost control and slammed into the wall just a second after that second TD was called back. The wall is still undefeated at my house It’s a log…

You know I wrote in my last story about how I felt the UW might benefit from some 'home cookin' from the officials in the Apple Cup. My thought was that the Pac needed UW to win to get the bowl payout. Besides they say that the ‘bad’ calls even out, well it was time for the Apple Cup, and more than about time that the calls evened out. But no, hell no, the calls may have gotten worse. This kinda stuff is really getting out of hand. If that Ladies Tennis guy, that Larry Snott fella, if he wants to 'fix' the Pac conference, he oughta start with cleaning house with the entire officiating crew. I don't know if they are all bad, or only the ones that call Husky games. These guys gotta go.

Some years ago I worked with a bunch of guys as an official, officiating football games at the junior and senior high level. Okay, they mostly had me in the Pop Warner division, but hey, I went to all the meetings...But I'll tell ya' this. There was more integrity and honesty in that group of men than in any other group I have EVER been involved with. Well that one Saturday morning Church Breakfast Club had some good guys too, and one was an official...

This one official, a younger guy, but he'd been officiating for some years, he'd get up and give his speech before every new season, a speech he made for everybody, the newbies as well as the seasoned vets. In his speech he tells the story of how he blew a touchdown call that cost a high school team a win and a trip to the State Championship in the Tacoma Dome. He blew the call, was flat out wrong, and he knew it. His voice gets shaky every year when he relives his mistake in front of his group of peers. He annually tortures himself. He believes this may save someone else from making such a mistake, a mistake which could cost a team the game of a lifetime. The memories for a lifetime…

These Clowns, these smucks we have callin' games in the Pac conference couldn't give a rats knuckles about any such thing as the above mentioned integrity and honesty. Give me those guys I worked with any day, junior high or not...

If that was 'holding' on Jake Locker's 80 yard touchdown run on that openin' drive, well if that was holdin' we may as well stop playing football. Ridiculous, his hands were in front of his body and Jake was already gone, trust me I've watched it five times. I know you can virtually call holding on nearly any down, as the cougs held all night worse than that and were never called. That Collier touchdown called back, the 'illegal formation'? You tell me what was illegal about that? Far as I could tell there were 7 men on the line of scrimmage but I haven't watched that one five times. A call like that, the ref should 'splain the call, they may not be capable, Lord knows they got alot of 'splainin' to do...

Bitchin' at the officials has long been a time honored part of the game, but these pranksters parading around the Pac Ten have taken it to an entire new level, it's more than time an upgrade was made.

And now the leaque is expandin' to 12 teams, that means the Pac Ten talent pool of officials is gonna get stretched a bit thinner, give me a call Larry, I know a few good men...

You hear me Larry!

You know they always say that the bad calls will balance themselves out in the end. Well I'm still waitin'. I'd just as soon we got the right call more often than not. Just something to think about, uh Larry...

Speaking of Jake Locker. The end of an era is at hand. The first quarterback I’d ever seen live was Sonny Sixkiller, there’s been a lot of them. But none like Jake, no Sir. That much is for certain. I hope Jake goes out in a blaze of glory, 3 TD passes, 150 yards rushing, another rushing TD, you got it. That bein’ said, I’m a bit relieved to see the end now. I’m looking forward to the Keith Price, or the Nick Montana show. These quarterbacks may not have the pizzazz that a Jake has, but I believe they won’t have the other side to it either. Jake is kinda like a high maintenance woman or performance car, it’s either 180 mph or you’re in the tank, or in the ditch, in the case of the woman, you’re in the outhouse.

Maybe I’m getting to old for all the drama, looking forward to the accurate short pass, the timely little run for first down. Just move the chains kid, keep movin’ the chains…

So now we’re packing for San Diego and the Holiday Bowl. Looks like a pricey little trip this time around. As my luck would have it I plugged in my computer the other day and sparks flew out her butt, the end of an era indeed. New laptops not cheap, especially the ones the wife Gloria likes. Women, all high maintenance if ya asks me…Well San Diego or bust, looks like Rocky’s burgers and Wahoo’s fish tacos! Could be Lutefisk tacos this Holiday time of year. Ya’ sure ya’ betcha’!

Ya’ know on a side note, I saw this fella on the message boards the other day, sayin’ how he was gonna root for the ducks in the Championship game against Auburn. Another feller felt obliged to post that he thought that Sark could be a candidate for the Florida job. Ya’ know, don’t ya’ think that if you had thoughts like these, wouldn’t you just want to keep them thoughts to yourselfs? Like these guys who post their ‘bad feelings about this one’. Thanks for sharing!

Hmmm, Lutefisk tacos…


GRUMBLINGS: The eight year Bowl drought is over! After the false start we had at BYU, and the three week pummeling streak, a Bowl game in San Diego is story book stuff. And guess who gets to write the last chapter? And these guys deserve it! This won’t be the same Washington team that Nebraska saw in September. I’d even lay money on it if Tokolahi was around, might anyway. Hey, didn’t I tell ya’ the Dawgs would cover in the Apple Cup? I know, I said double digits, but who’s counting? We left points on the field, and points in the refs pocket, Trust me…

But now it’s time for our featured Dawg of the week; how ‘bout this guy, and what a better name for the Holiday Bowl! Ace!

Ace had a bit of bad luck here recently as his former home was burned. His family went with other family members, and Ace went to the kennel. Ace is a handsome fella, good with other animals, was protective of his sister.


245KB. Click to Enlarge.              http://www.wamal.com/images/ace91/ace91-1.jpg

Ace misses his sister, a German Sheppard who went with the Sheppard rescue. Ace and his pals can be seen at www.wamal.com Ready for adoption now! And so is Nila, she’s still waiting!


Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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