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Holiday Bowl: Take The Points and Run;

This is Officer Lee Groinman, that’s right, Washington’s Most Perplexed Cop...

Ya’ know what makes me sad?

Some kind of doofus Tight End who quits the team while his team mates are packin’ for the HOLIDAY BOWL!

Why you’d have to be some kinda jackwagon to pull off a stunt like that!

Kids these days…

I wonder if Sark gave him a box of tissues when he quit.


I minored in counseling, don’t ya’ know…

What goes thru the mind, I hope Chris Izbicki is not in trouble, but what will trouble him more will come years from now. When he realizes it’s too late, and he can’t get a Holiday Bowl ring come hell or high water. Unless he finds one on Ebay…

Well there has been a hell of a lot of high water down in SoCal lately…

Here’s to ya’ kid, take care.

Why Lord have Mercy, makes no sense at all. Now I know Izibicki was not gonna be a factor in the Holiday Bowl, he’s never been much of a factor at all, and I would rather have big Dan ‘The Kan’ Kanczugowski in there anyway. Gotta love that name... Not that we ever think of a Tight End all that much.

But Holy Crapes’ Izbicki! Suck it up for another week and get the dang ring! It’s like dropping out of school the week before graduation. A bud of mine did that back in high school, another brilliant move.

Wait till you’re 45 Izbicki, then 55, you’ll see…

Well it was good message board material anyway. I liked what dclark had to say:

 “On a livechat with Condotta last year during the Oregon/Boise State game I brought up that it is upsetting that Boise has 3 or 4 big athletic TE's and we have man boobs Kavario and chicken legged Izbicki.  yea yea yeah....shame me for "bashing" the "kids."  Anyhow, Bob said something about me being proven wrong by Kavario and Izbicki...God, I would love to have been wrong. 

That same night after Lagarette punched that guy I stated the FALL of Oregon football had begun.  Why couldn't I have been wrong about our TE's and been right about that?  Shoot me now”.

Well Clark, that’s what’s known around here as “doin’ your own thinkin’.”

Oh, and Merry Christmas everybody...

Seems everybody had a comment on this Izbicki deal on those message boards. I remember SLBOB’s opinion on Izbicki and how he and Fetters went at it. Then the Classic SLBOB vs. DAVIDDAWG  debates. Mercy, how Bob and DAVID could get it going, the later at night, the better. Then you’d see them sittin’ together and throwin’ a few back at the recruiting banquet. Just like the English and the German soldiers during WW1 on Christmas Eve at muddy Flanders field. The Christmas Eve Truce as they called it.

Charles Schultz did a similar cartoon about this scenario. The one with Snoopy and the Red Baron…There was also a song from the Sixties, by The Royal Guardsmen. Was it “Snoopy’s Christmas”?

I dare you to click on this bad boy…


“Merry Christmas, my Friends!”

Gotcha’. Couldn’t pass up the dare could ya’?  You probably thought it was some Stevie Ray, or Eric Clapton, yeah you hear that song once and it’s enough for a couple years or more…

Mercy that was bad, I’m nearly sorry there folks. Maybe dclark and me should just be both shot now. I prefer to be shot on Fridays anyway…hey nothing like a bit of bubblegum music to ruin your Christmas dinner…

Well here’s to SLBOB and DAVIDDAWG! May they both rest in peace.  A Christmas Toast to those two, whatever they were drinkin’. I can still remember DAVIDDAWG’S Husky jacket, coolest damn thing, never knew where he got it either, one thing for sure. I’d be buried in it too…

Yup, kinda’ miss those guys…

Yeah, this is the season. I’m yust about going nuts waiting for this Holiday Bowl. Seems like about ten years since my last Bowl Game, that ’02 Rose Bowl. Dang, I was still a young man back then. It’s a wonderment what the Ty years have done…

I can tell that other guys, ya know guys like us are going nuts too. It’s clear as day on the message boards, why that sylvrDAWG feller, he got so bad he even posted that he was gonna up and root for the ducks in their championship game against Auburn! I wonder what Auburn ever did to sylvrDAWG? The guy just must have gone over the edge, he’s past the point of no return. The Holiday Bowl can’t get here soon enough for poor sylvrDAWG….

That sylvrDAWG post has been up for nearly a year now, I wonder if it’ll still be up when spring ball rolls around. I’d just as soon shoot the damn thing…

Speakin ’of nearly a year. It’s been nearly a year now since our friend Lady Nila the Malamute came into the rescue kennel in Kent, the Holiday Kennels. It gives me great pleasure to announce that the pretty girl finally made it to her new home, just in time for Christmas! I had gone to check on her status at www.wamal.com and she wasn’t in her normal ‘second from the top’ position. I got a pit in my stomach fearing that she maybe down the list with the dreaded letters written in black bold. R.I.P. But no! Seems Lady Nila had a bit of the Snoopy luck with her! There she was in red letters’ ‘Adoption Pending’! It was the best gift I could ask for, it made my Christmas Holiday, it really did, now it’s those Nebraska Corn Huskers…I’m going for TWO!

You go, Girl! Click to Enlarge or see my Photo Album. It was getting close there fellers, she nearly got the needle. Bah Humbug indeed…Just would make no sense at all to die just before Christmas. The Brits and Germans knew that, way back at Flanders field.

So hardly a day goes by now that I don’t have to answer my emails via that dad-burned contact Groinman tab. Seems everybody wants to get my take on the Holiday Bowl. Now I’m sure it’s all just for in-home entertainment, but still I wouldn’t be too surprised to see some of these fellas using my information for illegal betting activities, considerin’ my pin-point accuracy on predictions and what not…

You just can’t be too careful these days, there’s characters everywhere. Luckily, most still live in Eugene.

Be that as it is, cause it is what it is, I’m taking the Dawgs and the what, FOURTEEN POINTS?

Ya’ sure ya’ betcha’. This game has got the ‘W’ written all over it for the Dawgs. Jake’s last game, everybody’s last game with Jake. The Huskies are like the ugly girl at the prom, minus the long gown and flowers, just so damn happy to be there, while Nebraska is pouting…


Need a tissue?

Can’t you just smell it? Can’t you just taste it?

I can FEEL IT!

Tell ya’ what, it feels like the Reverend LeRoy Groinman is about to give a sermon! The smell of Victory in the air! The smell of sweat and footballs, dirty socks and jocks. The smell of justification my friends…

They got beat by 35 points at home, what the hell…

Ya’ know, I gotta tell ya this, when you kick back and think about it, this has been one helluva year around these parts. I made it to every home game, the Huskies finished their three game march to a Bowl game, all those last minute wins, and my truck didn’t break down once. Not once! Bring on the HOLIDAY BOWL!


The Dawgs will be loose and motivated, Corn Huskers not so much. Jake and Co. will be hot, Polk will get his numbers. Kearse will want his share of the action. The Husky defense, embarrassed by Nebraska back in September will seek redemption, revenge, the dish best eaten cold. The Lord says that revenge is his. I’m thinkin’ the Lord just may make an exception here this time around. Yup, I’m feeling that this Nebraska squad may just feel like George F. Custer at Wounded Knee…

I just might have doubled my bet if Semisi Tokolahi hadn’t wounded his ankle…Godspeed Semisi!

Dawgs keep Nebraska’s quarterback Taylor Martinez under control and win in the last minute. Surprised? A Jake-led drive for the ages. Maybe a fourth down conversion or two, he writes his final chapter, and he did it his way. Would we have it any other way?

On the team flight home, they just mightl be singin’ some Frank Sinatra…

That’s Right…

Now be it so. GO DAWGS!

GRUMBLINGS: Best of Luck to Chris Izbicki, whatever his plans may be. I just hope Sark didn’t give him one of YaleDawgs ‘life-wedgies’. It’s also been a good year now since I had me one of them life-wedgies, no need to start now…

Now hold on just a minute! We got the Featured Dawg of the Week!

You know we’ve got three of these awesome Dawgs homes, Denali, Indy, and now Nila. What do you say we go for four? Why look at this guy. Meet Finn!

314KB. Click to Enlarge.  270KB. Click to Enlarge.  http://www.wamal.com/images/fin64/fin64-6.jpg Why if I had this guy, I’d take him down to Portland’s Multnomah Park and run him against those under grown Greyhounds. Finn would run their doors off, if’n they had doors, well he’d blow their tails off then do a standup comedy routine after the competition. Finn reminds me of my Dawg Eli. I’d like to see those two in a run off. Finn is the classic Malamute comic, he’ll keep you laughing. See Finn and his pals at www.wamal.com Ready for adoption now.

Finn is spelled with one ‘n’, but I like him better with two…


GO DAWGS!  Take the points and run…


Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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