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Now Let Me Ask Ya’ This: Can The Future Be Any Brighter?

This is Officer Lee Groinman, That’s Right, Washington’s Most Satisfied Cop…

Well hell yeah! Can’t remember a week like the one we had down in SoCal to finish off 2010!

I figured the Basketball team would blow at least one of their games against the LA schools; you know, go 14 for 42 from the foul line and lose at the buzzer by a running 38 footer…but NO! The boys in purple have got it going!

The Holiday Bowl just shows to go ya’ that there is a football God and he knows Jake Locker. That’s right. Don’t know who coined the phrase ‘poetic justice’ but that’s what happened.

Jake coming back for that senior year of his pleased the football God, and the Husky team and guys, well guys like us got rewarded.

Ya’ see I’m a big believer in that there poetic justice. That’s why I laid down the big bucks with my bookie in Reno, Mr. Timmy, made up for that debacle in Provo, good Dawg almighty, what was the deal in the land of BYU? Bad water? Swamp gas?

Many folks feared that the BYU game would come back and cost us a Bowl game, come back and clamp down on our arse-side, and it nearly did. But the Dawgs got on that late season March, like General Sherman and rode into the Bowl Season, and into Husky history.

Yup, history. Truth be known that BYU game did cost us. We’d be ranked in the top 25 if not for that wonderment of a performance in Provo. That’s about the only way I can describe the BYU game, a freakin’ wonderment. Holy crapes…Yeah I had that BYU game down in the win column a year in advance, I thought fer sure a near automatic win. Wonderment of wonderments, wonder if there’s a Mormon football God? That’s what I get for doin’ my own thinkin’.

Speakin’ of the Holiday Bowl and doin’ my own thinkin’. Yeah baby. I did think it would be a shoot out and did not disagree with Coach Baird that it well could come down to a Erik Folk field goal for the win. And I did figure Jermaine Kearse would get a score but, my buddy D’Andre Goodwin did come thru with some plays. Then I did figure Locker would pull some hare-brained stunt, but no, he managed one helluva game…

But one thing I did not see comin’ was the arse-stompin’ the defense served up and presented to those Nebraska Corn Huskers. No Sir. I figured it was gonna be a yardage grab fest, an offensive show, considerin’ the loss of Semisi Tokolahi on the defensive line.

But once again, this is where doin’ our own figurin’ gets in the way of the grand scheme of things, gets in the way of that Football God, or Gods. I’m figurin’ there just may be two of those fellers now, what with the BYU wonderment and all…

Nope, that Husky defense just stood back and belch-slapped the boys from Lincoln. The ‘slam sack’. Yes Sir. I think most football ‘experts’ did not see that performance comin’. That’s why those fellers in the broadcast booth started talkin’ about how Nebraska may have not been, well let’s just use the term ‘motivated’ for this game.


Oh sure. What Nebraska really wanted was to lose another game, why this game was nuthin’, didn’t mean a thing. After all it was only the Holiday Bowl on national TV. Why Nebraska didn’t want to take home that stupid Holiday Bowl trophy, what an insult! The Holiday Bowl Trophy (Kim Grinolds/Dawgman.com)  Why Nebraska would rather have stayed home and been pool side in Lincoln. I’m sure they would just as soon have been winterizin’ a John Deere combine. Holiday Bowl.  Who needs it Good grief…

Yup, that’s why those fellers in the broadcast booths get paid the big bucks, it’s for their insight.

Problem is, their ‘insight’ then leaks into those message boards…

Speakin’ of message boards. I saw where my buddy Rocky posted that; “Everybody who predicted a Holiday Bowl win, go ahead and take the day off.”

So I did…

Called my Sarge right away, gonna use that personal holiday that we get, one day a year.

“Uh, Lee, you do realize that this is your regular day off? We just may need a urine sample from you first thing in the AM.”

Yup, just don’t get better than this folks…

My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…

Well speakin’ of the future, a couple of days after that Holiday Bowl win, Auburn’s Danny Shelton commits to our Dawgs. Thus completing the trifecta. Some say the third piece to the recruiting trifecta was that QB from Arizona, Hundley, who committed to the carpet bagger Niehiesal. But no, to me the trifecta was always Kasen Willams, Seferian- Jenkins, and Danny Shelton.

The future’s so bright…

It certainly is Stanley…

Next year marks the last season in Husky Stadium as we know it. The last game played in Husky Stadium will be against the Orygun Ducks. Ducks will be plucked in Husky Stadium to mark that last game, put a stamp on it if you will. Are you kiddin’ me? The Ducks will be road kill in Husky Stadium.

My sources tell me that Semisi Tokolahi’s surgery went very well. They expect him to be working out hard by June. We got Alameda Ta’amu who is gonna rip apart the Pac uh, 12 next year, consensus first teamer, All-American. Sione Potoae, Larry ‘The Lawnmower’ Lagafuaina. I liked what Chris Robinson did as a red shirt frosh, Hauoli Jamora at end. Folks, take a look at the best defensive line in the west, maybe more. We can red shirt Shelton…

The Dawgs will not lose to Orygun in the ‘last’ game in old Husky Stadium. Who do you think they are, Cal?

Duck soup in Husky Stadium. You heard it here first…

Some say that Keith Price’s arm strength ain’t up to snuff, bah, the ball ain’t that heavy. Nick Montana may be the real deal, makes no mistakes and moves the chains, yes Sir…

Coach Sark said it over a year ago, yup, they’re ridin’ a wave of momentum, the mojo has returned.

The future’s so bright…

I’m thinkin’ of takin’ a trip, already thinkin’ of the Spring Game. You gotta see this! Check out my new ride to Husky Stadium. I’m stylin’ now! They’ll probably have me parkin’ in ORdawg’s old RV spot...Road trip! She could benefit from some bigger saddle bags…

Happy trails are here again! Better be getting’ me a move on…

Here it is fellas, my Husky Football Game Day Solution! I better email Scott ‘Woody’ Woodward! It’s all right here folks …complete with all the tail gaitin’ obscenities! With big screen TV! DANG! She’s wearin’ my shades! The girl, that is, the girl!

GO DAWGS!                                                                                                                            


GRUMBLINGS: No grumbling after a week like that, and what a year. The days of mid-season blow outs are over. Too bad about Abdul Graddy’s knee, but some things happen for a reason, this smells kinda like that.  But hey, we do still have some great Malamute dawgs for adoption at www.wamal.com . All great dawgs. Yup, this year, Malamutes, who knows, maybe next year we’ll give jackasses a shot… www.jackass.com who knew?


Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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