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The Crop is in; Time for Spring Ball?

This is Officer Lee Groinman, That’s right, Washington’s Most Bemused Cop.

Seems no matter what happens, bemusement is just right around the corner, a well-traveled corner.

Ya’ know I work weekends and working weekends does have its advantages. You get that mid-week weekend. This year I was able to taken in Woody’s ‘Thursday Night by the Lake’ against Ucla, and now this past Wednesday I was able to take in all the recruiting news I could handle right at home in my Lazy Boy recliner! Without taking the day off!

And hey, the Holiday Bowl was on a Thursday night too! I’m livin’ right, and livin’ the dream fellas…

Just don’t get any better than that folks, plus I was well stocked on supplies - everything you could think of for all your Letter of Intent needs, no need to run to town, none of that stuff.

So this ‘ Letter of Intent’ day is always the first Wednesday in February, just like that deal Thursday has with November for Thanksgiving, only it’s more like Christmas, just in February…

And Tuesday is my Friday, so Letter of Intent day falls on my Saturday even if it is in February and not in December.

Some folks are calling for an ‘early signing day’, maybe before the season even started. They’d probably have it on a Monday just to screw things up…Well if Larry Scott had anything to do with it, they’d probably have it on Easter Sunday, unless the Ground Hog saw his shadow…

So I roll into home on Tuesday night from work at around midnight on Letter of Intent Eve. Now before I could even set down it’s past midnight and Letter of Intent Eve is over. It’s now Wednesday and Letter of Intent Eve is shot. But hey, sometimes stuff happens, you’ve just got to roll with it and move on…

Yup, for some guys, guys like us, ‘Letter of Intent’ day is better than Christmas; you don’t even have to wear your Sunday pants. No need for pants at all. That’s what I’m talking about, it’s pretty big dang deal.

Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I feel no need for sleep. So I just set back in the Lazy Boy recliner, or ‘Death’ chair as I call it. A few minutes later my cell phone alarm clock goes off, it’s 6:30 am, no wonder my feet are cold, fire went out, dang it’s 20 degrees outside, nippy.

Bella, my 90 pound female Malamute is not happy with my lack of progress on this ‘Letter of Intent’ mornin’. She has every intent to go outside and take care of bidness, some early morning relief…

“Patience is a virtue Bella Boo”. She’s not buyin’ it.

So from a sittin’ position she bounds up from the floor and lands all 90 pounds of herself on my crotch…

And I was thinkin’ of a little relief myself…

But hey, it’s probably all good, they say that when you get over 40 you should have your prostrate flattened periodically…

Well I stagger downstairs with Bella to let her out into the O.K. Malamute Corral.  Eli, my male Mal gets wind of this and comes charging down the stairs and takes out my left knee. They say knee replacements are wonderments these days…

Now I want no further distractions this day so I figure I better take out the garbage now, just as soon as I find the ice bag for my knee…

So here’s my two garbage cans in the driveway upside down, complete with the mess, but hey, it’s not even sun up yet, no worries. Yeah, critters come thru here from time to time, coyotes etc. This looked like the work of a cougar, or a pack of wild duck…

I get this mess cleaned up with the help of a flat shovel. The lid to garbage can had rolled over to the left rear tire of my Chevy Highway Cruiser. Left rear tire flat.

“Who Let The Air Out?”

Isn’t that a song?

I’m thinkin’ that maybe ‘Letter of Intent Day’ must be next week.

I don’t believe in coincidences, but omens give me gas…

But hey! No worries, I always carry a can of “Fix-a-Flat” in the trunk and I’ve got an air compressor right there in the garage. Nuthin’ can screw up this ‘Letter of Intent’ day. Not gonna get me down. I’m livin’ the dream…

But look at this. I’m back in my Lazy-Boy recliner at 6:59 am! One minute before the official start of ‘Letter of Intent’ day, right when the faxes can come rolling in!

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about folks, timing and preparation…

I do a split screen deal with my laptop computer from the good ol’ Lazy-Boy. I got Dawgman’s chat room on the left side of the computer and a video cam of Sark’s fax machine, er Faxcam on the right.  I liked the model of the Alaskan Airlines Boeing 737 sitting on top of that Faxcam, made me want to go grab it and run around the room with it, making those jet engine noises with my mouth. ‘Cept of course for my aching knee…

Ah yes, ‘Letter of Intent’ day. Christmas for adult kids…

The chat room is always an interestin’ place, even on a normal day. On ‘Letter of Intent’ day the chat room becomes a completely different animal.

One feller asks “What are we doing here at 7 am”?

Another one answers; “Just grown men wondering about teen-age boys.”

Now if that don’t put a different spin on it. Holy Crapes…

As I said, the chat room becomes a different animal, it kinda takes on a life of its own. Spooky, grown men getting reduced down to their primal nature…

Well it didn’t take long for the rumors to get confirmed, it appeared the reports of some last minute defections were bein’ given credence.

Three teen-age boys would not be sending in their Letters of Intent.

The sky had fallen, all hope gone, a disaster of Biblical Proportions.

I always like to capitalize the B when talkin’ about Biblical Proportions…

Too bad, but to heck with them. Ya’ know, that Jackson kid, the CB, from Oakland. I had a feelin’ about him from the git-go. Just didn’t seem to fit the Washington player, whatever that maybe, plus he kept flippin’. The loss of Nembot may hurt, but he may never grasp the speed of the American college game, he’s been a man playin’ against boys, or he could become a manster, we’ll see. Asiata? Early playing time in Colorado versus bench time at Washington? Could be, or not. Only time will tell.

But the sky did not fall. In fact I was stoked to see Antavius Sims come in late. I like “Antivirus” Sims better. A bigger corner than Jackson, who will also be used at QB at times in the “Wild-Dawg” formation. Gotta love it, you think that Jackson could pull that off?

I never have lost any sleep over Brissett, the QB out of Florida, if he comes, fine, if not, one more schollie for next year. Never lost any sleep because of Derrick Brown the QB from California. A Jake clone? Maybe not as fast but could be a tougher runner, a better passer? We’ll see…

And what can you say about Bishop Sankey? A kid who has gone down into recruiting folklore long before setting foot on campus. Some say Sankey reminds them of a certain back from the UW who transferred to Central Washington. I think not.

Yup, I hated to loss the ones we had stolen, but I like the ones we stole.

A great class. Who do you like? A great class on the heels of last year’s great class.

I like what Sark said about his new crop. “We got kids who are long rangy kids who can run. If we took a smaller kid, he has speed to burn. We got kids who can beat the tough teams like Stanford, we got kids who can beat the gimmick teams like Oregon.”

Okay. He said ‘speed’ when referrin’ to orygun…

Kudos to Danny Shelton, the DT from Auburn who turned down the duck. Shelton said that he “didn’t go for their fluff.”

Sounds like my kind of guy…Again, who do you like? Who do you see as the surprise recruit, the ‘sleeper’ as they call them.  Sark listed Peters as one of his.

No fellas, the sky did not fall. This team has turned the corner and is ready to rock n roll, ready to take names…

Colorado is one of them…



Hey we got a new crop in down at the kennel too.

My featured rescued Malamute of the Week: Quigley.


65KB. Click to Enlarge.   Howdy, Bud!   69KB. Click to Enlarge.

“Quigley’s the name, fun is my game.”

Quigley can be seen at www.wamal.com . Quigley is a spittin’ image of my Bella, about the same size, he may be slightly bigger, he has that male look to him, great personality and a well behaved dawg. Quigley lives in Spokane but could be transported over to the Seattle area. Maybe I could meet you at the pass! Snoqualmie pass that is!


Lee Grinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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