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This is Officer Lee Groinman. That’s Right, Washington’s Most Anxious Cop…

Hey, I kinda like that handle, anxious, gives sort of a sense of anticipation to the whole deal.

Anxious as in can’t wait, looking forward to, not as in scared like the men’s Basketball team on the road. Romar’s ‘Road Warriors” as it were, as it could be. More on those fellars later on. After I find my ‘cool jacket’.

Hey, wouldn’t ‘Cool Coats’ sound better?

Yup, here we are in the last week of February, Ground Hog’s Day has come and gone, VD-Day, over, President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, all over. Tom’s Tool Sale, done…Letter of Intent Day seems like a distant memory. Now what will guys like us do?

Do we still do that “Mid-night Matness” thing? Don’t think that deal survived the cut, too bad, nothing like blowing chips after mid-night on a Tuesday…

Oh yeah, it’s still basketball season. Holy Crapes…

Ya know I got home from the ‘House of Pain’ last Sunday just in time to catch most of that Arizona second half on the TV. The Dawgs were making a little run as I pulled in the driveway. I run into the house and flip on the old Panosonic 27 incher, ya’ know the one that won’t die, just like the old Magnavox down in the bunker. That bunker Magnavox has got to be nearin’ my age by now, but I just can’t kill the dang thing. I want to get me one of those fancy assed flat screen sons of beaches that you fellers all have, but somethin’ around here has got to die first…

I tell ya, that ol’ Bunker Magnavox, think I’ve had it 15 years, and it was old then. The dang thing has lived thru earthquakes, lightning strikes, blizzards, sub-zero weather and a flood.

A nasty flood that nearly killed my Alligator flooring…

It’s one of those old ‘console’ type TV’s, like a piece of furniture, only bigger…

Can’t kill it. I once shot the dern thing, but the bullet passed right thru it and lodged in the cement wall. Think it was during an orygun game…

Ya’ know that thing just might be worth somethin’ someday….

So I grabs me a tall blonde Miller from the fridge, Union made, more on that later…

The modern upstairs Panosonic TV has already got the game on, it must have seen me comin’, these modern marvels these days…

I plops down into my Lazy-Boy ‘Death Chair’ recliner just in time to see the dawgs give up three or four turnovers for about a 12 point turn around. I decides I can’t jinx the fellas anymore so I turn the damn TV off.

But wait! The Dawgs grab a turnover themselves, drive the basket! Stupid pass! Arizona runs the court, “ slams it down! Plus one”! Screams Rondeau…

You know what makes me sad?

They do! These baskeyball playin’ ‘Road Warriors’.

Them baskeyball players! They play some good D, get a turnover, run the court, throw it away, and the other team scores! And usually a “plus one”!


Cool jackets my arse….

Then I couldn’t stand myself any longer. I thought I better turn the TV back on. So I did, just in time to catch the last 3:44 or so.

Holy Crapes.

This is what a guy gets for doin’ his own thinkin’…

Much has been said about the officiating of that Arizona game. Rondeau probably tabbed it best when he said; “A game that pushed the refs to their limit, probably beyond”.

Challenged my limits too, but both TVs survived yet again…

Yup, I hate to blame the officials on that one lost game, but hey, they suck.

But you just aren’t going to get that goaltending call on the road, well if the tables were turned and Arizona was playing in Hec Ed, you’d probably get that call, but not in too many other areas where basketball is played. They will call a travel though…

The game wasn’t lost on that one goaltending call. There were in fact a multitude of bad calls to blame it on, it was the flavor of the entire game that ground my beans…

How many fouls did Williams have? Less than one, as in zero. He probably had 3 block calls go his way…

This Basketball is a tough game to call. It got too hard for the pros. The ones that prance around in the NBA? I quit watchin’ the pro game years ago when one NBA coach, ‘Shorty’ got to complainin’ about the lack of ‘star calls’ his team received. “Star Calls” my sweet Petunia. I think ‘Shorty’ called the officials a bunch of jackwagons! Seems the jackwagons have bred and moved on down to the Pac 10. But hey, at least these Pac 10 officials are consistent.

Take the ‘charging/blocking’ call. Why, when the UW has the ball it is a charge, when the UW is on D it is a block. Consistency is all we ask…

These are some of the basic rules of Pac 10 officiating, wonder how the Pac 12 will look.

Shiver me shingles and Holy Crapes…

Those basketball players, boy can they be hard to watch, make your eyes bleed. Still if they can find some smarts, take better care of the ball, make an extra free throw or two, they win the game. Maybe a few others. I’ll take a pass on the ‘cool jackets’…

Just one more thing, they’ve got to drop this coming out slow act, in my humble opinion.

Maybe they just need a few more tattoos?

The last week of February, next week be March.

Beware the Ides of March

That’s when Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times to his death, by Brutus and his band of Senators. Gotta like a guy named Brutus.

Hey, come to think of it, it could always get worse…

But wait! Thirty-three days till Spring Ball!


GRUMBLINGS: Yeah it seems like only last week when we were playing Arizona on that drop-dead gorgeous Sunday afternoon, had the windows rolled down on the cruiser, now it looks like I’m living on the frozen tundra of the North Slope. Like my Uncle Lee used to say. ”Colder than a brass toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg.”

Speakin’ of the North Slope, our FEATURED DAWG OF THE WEEK…

Here he is, Tarzan. This fella is all boy, young, energetic, great looking and in his prime. They say Tarzan’s an accomplished Ladies man. Kinda reminds me of me, or maybe Rich Linde. Enjoys his food too, no cats. A true Husky. Even though he’s a Malamute…

You can see TARZAN and his pals at www.wamal.com Ready for adoption now. just need a good fence for this fella…

Tarzan is being taken care of at the Holiday Kennels in Kent Washington, just off the banks of the Green River. Nice place for all your Kennel needs, but he’d rather be somewhere else…


284KB. Click to Enlarge.214KB. Click to Enlarge.263KB. Click to Enlarge.

Some good news. Mr. Quigley has been adopted. He got his release papers last week. Lasted longer than I thought. Doin’ that thinkin’ thing again…


Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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