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TIME; it’s About TIME!

This is Officer Lee Groinman. That’s Right Washington’s Most Tired Cop

Yeah, watching Washington Basketball can just drain the starch out of your beans, takes the crust right off your toast. It’s a real puzzlement, these players, a real wonderment. You’d figure they’d come out like a bull on hot sauce with still a shot at the Pac 10 title, still a shot at a good NCAA tourney bid, your cross-state rival on your home court. Sunday night TV. Packed House…

But no, that’s what you’d get for doin’ your own thinkin’.

What you get is a team that comes out like they are playin’ a double header, like in baseball. Oh sure I now they’re a little lighter on the bench these days with the injuries to Gaddy and Suggs, but still, come on fellas, it’s only 40 minutes, forty minutes with a HALF TIME! Time outs! FOUL SHOTS!

Another thing, in the Pac 10 you get those official time outs when the officials have to huddle up to figure out what the rules are…

Why there’s more standin’ around and doin’ nuthin than at a road construction convention…


RUN Theses boys ROMAR! A half-court offense you ain’t…

Why when I was that age I’d run non-stop for over 40 minutes before breakfast. Uphill. Okay my first class was not until 9:00, but you get my drift…

In high School, I’d run 5 miles before a basketball game just for the warm-up.

Okay, it was county league, but you get my drift…

Then the 5 miles home, uphill. Then do some weights.

I used the basketball game as a line drill, or sprints, you never got tired in basketball…

Some games I even scored! Mostly I was used to run the pants off the opposition, draw fouls, then be kicked out…


It was a game. Try wrestling…

Yeah, a real wonderment.

Ya’ know. I had me a real bad feelin’ about that Warshington State game from the time I got out of bed the day before. The alarm goes off at 0h damn 3:30 in the morning. I roll over to shut the thing off and my calf cramps up, tough to beat a leg cramp at 3:30 in the morning. Lord have Mercy, it was one of them 911 cramps, but hey, you gotta suck it up. I limp out to the hallway and Eli, my male malamute had got hisself sick on the carpet, three times…but hey, in the near dark I had only stepped in two of them…

Now Bella, my female Malamute is very jealous and competitive with Eli, so I turn on the stair light, and there you have it folks, competitive pooping. Looks like a draw…

After the cleanup I hit the shower, dress, and I gotta fly now, can’t be late to the ‘House of Pain’. Pain can’t wait.

I grab the coffee pot and the dang thing is EMPTY! In all this excitement I had turned it on but hadn’t pre-loaded it from the night before!

Gotta have coffee at 4 in the morning, I’ll just push it up a notch on the freeway, say like 75 or 80 mph?


But how I do digress…

That Warshington State game, a good thing I was on my last legs by the time tip-off came around. I had pulled a double shift and had been up for nearly 24 hours straight. Being up that long has a drugging effect on your mind and body. Kinda’ like watching Husky basketball.

Normally I stand for the entire contest when watching a game, that way it’s easier to throw stuff and stomp, and you don’t have to get up to go to the fridge. Unless it’s basketball. Then the Lazy-Boy ‘Death Chair’ recliner is a valid option…

They just might be playing a double-header…

In Sunday’s game against the Warshington State cougar, the couch was the only option, flat on my back with my Washington blanky, just tryin’ to keep my eyes awake.

The game went down easier that way, in that semi-zoned state I was in. I was in synch with the Washington team as Warshington State zoned them to sleep.

That zone defense is another puzzlement for these boys to figure, it beats them every time. The dye is set on how to defend Washington.

But hey, you gotta give the Warshington State men some credit for that win. At one point they made, what was it? Twenty-four free throws in a row? They went 32-for 36 in the game, they out-scored the Washington boys by 17 from the stripe…

And we lose by…

These Huskies can’t even fathom or dream of making 24 of anything in a row, well maybe turnovers, but hey we can’t go there, that’s another category…

Yeah, 24 in a row. That’s the difference between Washington and Warshington State. 24 shows some concentration. Maybe it’s because there’s nothing else to do in Pullman…

Still, for probably the worst game ever played by any Washington team on the entire campus of the University of Washington, seven-teen points at half-time? Us County leaguers would laugh at that, but we made our free throws…but the boys still had one last gasp in them.

Late in the second half, about five minutes remaining a rally got the crowd good and into it. The boys weren’t really gonna lay an egg the entire game were they? Surely they’d suck it up and gut out an ugly win over the coug?

The lead is cut to six, the Huskies have the ball, playing some full-court pressure, finally knockin’ down some three’s, another three pointer and it’s a one possession game!

But nah, another stupid turnover and the air is sucked right out of the ‘cool jackets’…

Gil Dobie had left the building…

Game over.

Yeah I read somewhere that the one point loss to Arizona on the road was gonna be a ‘blessing in disguise’. I read again just the other day that this loss to the coug was gonna be a ‘blessing in disguise’. I just hope the LA schools don’t come up here and ‘bless’ us too…

Yup, that zone defense, a real buggerment for these boys. This basketball team seems to be where the football team was against Stanford. Good Dawg Almighty, that Stanford game. I once prided myself on never leaving a game before the clock died; that Stanford game had me out of there in the third quarter. Fans questioned Sark, fans questioned the assistants like Holt. Deja-vue. Fans now wonder if Romar has lost the team, fans wonder about assistant coaches like Chillious, Fortier and Shaw. I wonder if these guys even like each other…a real wonderment…Got room for Coach Groinman here? I work cheap…


But the football team got its stuff together after the ‘Blessing in Disguise’ loss to Stanford, respectable with a backup QB at Oregon, then the March to and thru the Bowl season, ending with the whupping of Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl. The footballers figured it out just in the nick of time

RUN these boys ROMAR! A half-court offense you ain’t. Play some D like your name was Nick Holt!

 Is there time for Romar and crew to figure it out? How long has it been already? How much time?

Time, unlike the song sung by Mick Jaggar of the Rolling Stones is not on their side. It’s more like “Time” sung by the Chambers Brothers…



Time to ‘Git-R-Done’. http://ts1.explicit.bing.net/images/thumbnail.aspx?q=407525854248&id=6615a213698895a9b8f5fe377756fde7&url=http%3a%2f%2fphotos.upi.com%2fslideshow%2flbox%2f689c32ba5812606160f1da00c27c1e46%2fLarry-the-Cable-Guy-performs.jpg

They’ll be fine…


GRUMBLINGS: Yeah, the way this season is going we just may find ourselves playing the coug again in the Pac 10 tourney.

I’ll tell ya’ this; I’d kinda like that….

But I gotta tell ya this. Don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s been a real mess up in Alaska. Some worthless piece of scum bag has been caught with a bunker load of Alaskan malamute dawgs. He is now being housed courtesy of the State. I’ll let you guess the rest. The Malamute dawgs have been rescued. Eight have been sent to the Alaskan Prison system to be socialized, the rest are scheduled to be spread out over three states down here in the lower 48. WAMAL will get their share and the kennel is full of Malamutes now due to many different issues. Most just bad luck, but some due to human neglect. It’s kinda trying right now. But believe me, this is better than what happened up in British Columbia last month, the murder of 100 Alaskan Malamutes. Sickening. Someone needs to be dealt with. If the firing squad was legal, I’d be the first one to volunteer. Just sick.


Here’s a mother and daughter duo. Sadie and Shelby; Whoa Nellie! These are some big girls! 122 and 139 pounds, real Amazon beauties!



Sadie is the mom here on the left, Shelby, the daughter is the red-head on the right. Red heads are considered more valuable as they’re rare, but these two have been spayed so their puppy-makin’ days are done. It’s rare when two females can be together, but seems these two have been together for some time now. Well, as long as were talking about girls here, how about Bonnie! Bonnie is a young pup

 only about 70 pounds, but she’s not all growed up yet…


445KB. Click to Enlarge. Bonnie,  550KB. Click to Enlarge.   Bonnie is gonna be quite the babe, a real looker. I’ve got me an Aunt named Bonnie, named after Bonnie as in “Bonnie and Clyde”. Well then, we’d better show Clyde….



Click to Enlarge or see my Photo Album.Clyde        397KB. Click to Enlarge. Clyde is a real poser, a handsome devil and he knows it. Both these dawgs have awesome coats and markings.

  Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde are both young pups about 70 pounds, like brother and sister. Still growing. You can see Sadie, Shelby, plus Bonnie and Clyde and the rest of the crew at www.wamal.com The Holiday Kennel in Kent Washington. WAMAL, for all your Malamute needs. Some older Malamutes too if you prefer a more laid back pace…

BTW folks, I just made up that ‘competitive pooping’ thing on the stairs, Bella was nearly innocent…



Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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