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Oh, To Be Young Again -- NOT!!

This is Officer Lee Groinman, That’s Right, Washington’s Nearly Most Satisfied Cop.

Or maybe half-way satisfied cop, half-arsed satisfied cop? You see when the job is only half done, its half way, or half-arsed. Take for example Coach Romar and his decision to suspend one of his players for the Pac Ten Tournament.

I don’t want to use any names so let’s just call him VO.

Works for me…

VO is being suspended for the Pac Ten Tournament, be it one and done or not, but would then be allowed to play in any post season tournament, not a given by any stretch of the wildest imagination. I fear the NIT may come calling, the ‘Kiss your sister Tournament”, but the Pac Ten Title and an automatic bid to the NCAA tourney would not surprise me either with this pyscho bunch.

It’s been brought up ad nauseum about how it takes two to Tango; the Geico auto insurance ad proves it. But hey, there were two girls as far as I know so there you have it. A 22 year old man does not belong with 16 year old girls. Oh some would say, “VO did not know they were 16, what’s he supposed to do, ask for ID”?

The hell, he knew exactly what was going on, the Face Book account, the pre-party conversations, the ride in the car, the trip to the liquor store. He may not have known they were 16, but he knew damn well he was toolin’ with high school girls, teen-age girls…

If he was that unaware, he’s dumber than he looks and deserves a complete dismissal from the team.

Here I go assumin’ stuff again. I’m assumin’ most readers know that the ‘statutory rape’ charges were dropped against VO. This was all consensual stuff, don’t you know…

Maybe VO should have just given them some pot. Some would say that would make it all better…

In my last article, er column, er story, whatever you call what I write I mentioned that I wondered if this team even liked each other. Just might be on to something there. I’ve sensed for a while now that something was rotten in Denmark. Seemed to be a cancer on this team. No chemistry, stupid passes, hot-dog fast breaks resultin’ in a turn-over and points goin’ the other way.

Enough to drive ya’ nuts, as ol’ Bon Scott of AC/DC would sing…

So has Romar suspended the ‘cancer’?

I’ve seen some say that this is an ‘alleged’ crime, you know, you are innocent until proven guilty, all that nonsense. ‘Alleged’, my aching Petunia. No one has ever denied the drinking aspect of this. Funny how now that the rape charges have been dropped many now think this is just a boys will be boys situation. After all, most of us drank in college when we were underage, or partied with 18 year olds when we were 21, so what’s the big deal?

And besides, the drinking age in Idaho used to be 19, how many of you used to go to Idaho and buy Coors then drink with your 18 year old girl in hot-pants?

Some of you guys are nuthin’ more than a bunch of dried up hypocritical Puritans…

“What’s the big deal”?

Well the big deal was dropped, the smokin’ gun remained. Stuff happened, stuff was dropped. It takes two to Tango. The smokin’ gun remained…

So now the ‘smokin’ gun’ sits on the bench for the opening game against the Warshington State cougar. Something I called for in my last story or whatever. I was hoping for a rematch with the crimson fellas.

Some smart old feller once told me to “Be careful what you wish for, ya’ just might get it.”

Well now, we got it. The ‘cancer’ or the ‘smokin’ gun’, sittin’ on the bench, and what’s the point of that? VO is not gonna play, why make the trip? Save a buck in this day and age. What’s the point? Is Romar putting VO on public display?

I could live with that I suppose, but I think that VO’s presence will be an unneeded distraction. This team has got that pesky short attention span already…

I suppose that brings me to my point. I’d be done with VO for good, but that’s my opinion. The team could be better off without him, or not, who could tell with this bunch?

It’s Husky Basketball, like Tom Hanks said in his movie, Forrest Gump; “Life is like a box of chocolates, ya’ never know what you’re gonna get.”

Ain’t that the truth, I suppose that’s why they play the game, one of the more obvious clichés if ya’ ask me…

Holy crapes, I once knew this old inmate in prison, he’d be doing his rounds as a janitor, mop-bucket in tow. I’d ask him

“Where ya’ headed Jackson!”

“To Hell if I don’t change my ways.” “Sir.”

Take note kids…

Yup, this game ought to do wonders for the ratings! Maybe Larry Scott could interview both Klay and VO at half-time?

Maybe Larry could sign a new TV deal and fire a few more Pac 10 basketball officials before the second half!

Works for me!


GRUMBLINGS: And this time I do mean grumblings. No way anybody can predict the outcome of this game. The cougs are just as mental as the Huskies. Ought to be good for TV ratings, but enough to drive the odds-makers nuts. Bon Scott would agree, if he weren’t already dead. Any relation to Larry? Yeah, well anybody would be nuts to bet on basketball.

Here’s a bit of good news! My pal Kona has been fostered in North Bend. He is still available for adoption but is living in a foster home. Tarzan has been adopted! Not bad! There’s always room for more.

So here’s our newbie! Our FEATURED DAWG OF THE WEEK!

MEET BUCKY! LUCKY BUCKY! And who couldn’t use some luck this week!

 62KB. Click to Enlarge.   290KB. Click to Enlarge.294KB. Click to Enlarge. 

Bucky is a young male, still growing at 70 pounds, he is not masked at all as you can see.

One of the last honest malamutes?  Bucky is at the Holiday Kennel in Kent Washington. Bucky and his pals can be seen at www.wamal.com  Ready for adoption now!


Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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