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Enjoy The Ride DAWG Fans!

This is Officer Lee Groinman. That’s Right, Washington’s Most Forgiven Cop

Yeah, I had to ask me for a heapin’ amount of forgiveness as I had given some heat to the basketball guys during part of this past season, Isaiah Thomas included, oh sure, he wasn’t the only one, but at least I left Romar alone…All is forgiven?

I had most of the first half of the UW/ Arizona game on the radio, I was commuting home from the ‘House of Pain’. I nearly didn’t escape double duty, dang how we hate that word ‘escape’ in prisons, but as luck would have it another officer felt obliged to call in sick 30 minutes before my shift change. I was next on the list for being ‘mandoed’. Mandatory overtime, as in you ain’t leaving Bud…

I had to come up with the best excuse I could think of, off the top of my head!

“Dang fellas! This is the Pac 10 Championship game! My Dawgs are playin’ Arizona for the title!” Honesty? Who’d a thunk it?

A Duck fan named Ball, Bob Ball, singular, or ‘Single Ball Duck’, or ‘BB’ as we call him says “I’ll take your double shift Lee”.

A Duck fan named BB, volunteered for my duty? The first miracle of the day…

“Besides, I need the money…” Says Single Ball Duck…

Reality sets in…

“And Lee? GO DAWGS, Beat them Arizona’s”!

From a duck? The second miracle?

Speakin’ of miracles, anybody notice how the officiating has improved since the football officials got canned? Funny how that works… 

I was on an adrenaline rush during much of the day. Daylight savings time had kicked in at 2 am, about the time I got up for the daily grind, plus that Great Earthquake in Japan had caused the Earth to shift on its axis, so I was already a bit off-kilter…kinda’ in a generalized state of discomboobulation.

Here’s to all the folks in Japan, what can ya’ say but our hopes and prayers are with those in dire straits, hang on fellas! Red Cross is accepting cash. www.redcross.org  Even the inmates were stunned, well some of the higher brained ones…

What a calamity…Yup, some folks got to talkin’ about the end of days. A feller on the radio says that May 21st will be the end of time. I always thought that the day the Huskies played Eastern Washington in football would signal the end. The Good Book says that no man knows the exact date. So I suppose you can cross off May 21st and September 3rd...

But there I go, digressin’ again…

My Dawgs, those Alaskan Malamutes, Eli and Bella are always grateful when basketball season is over. Ya’ see one of the things that just grates my cheese is missed free-throws, I mean many missed free-throws, you just get flusterated then the volume around my house gets a bit high, and things may fly then the dawgs run for cover. Bella comes out eventually to nuzzle my paw, as if that would improve these Dawgs’ free-throw shootin’ percentages…

I’m down to thinkin’ that there’s only about two things left that may help the boys from the line.  Acupuncture, that, and maybe some hypnosis. How about an ‘out-of-body’ experience?

Divine Intervention?

So there we are, throwin’ up brick after brick from the line, missing like 4 one and ones, plus countless others, then Wilcox hits that NBA 3 pointer from the corner for overtime, and Thomas hits that running side-step, step-back 18 footer for the win.

Maybe these guys should just start doing trick shots from the free-throw line, couldn’t hurt.

So now, all is forgiven because of a couple of timely, but unlikely shots. Drama Queens, this bunch. Make the free-throws, you just might live longer…

Missing these free-throws will come up and bite them in the butt. Well, of course, it already has. Cost them the regular season title already. But bad free-throw shooting teams have never made it to the final four.

The good thing about free-throw shooting is that it is not rocket surgery, and it doesn’t take a Masters degree to master the ‘fine art’.

And you just might get some ‘Divine Intervention’.

Speakin’ of ‘Divine Intervention’. You see where Lache Seastrunk, the Oregon footballer from Texas is sayin’ that “God told him to go to Oregon.” Yeah, and maybe that Will Lyles is a ‘Man of God’…

Yeah and maybe Chuck, my hardware man down at “C&H” hardware is a prophet. Now there just maybe somethin’ to that, Chuck a prophet?

Now I know a thing or two about God. You see my pappy is a Preacher Man. That makes me a S.O.P. Son of Preacher, and I’ve been called worse. Yeah, Pops Groinman has been a Jail-house Preacher for years now, and he can marry and bury ya’. Works cheap too, sometimes he won’t even take the tip, but how he does like the potato salad…but how I do digress.

Well I’m not sure why God would tell any young fella that he should go to Oregon. That one is a pure wonderment to me. I wonder if LaMichael James, that Oregon tailback from Texas had that very same conversation with God?

I know one thing for sure, God does love the State of Texas. He even put that Will Lyles guy, the fella who just wants to ‘help’ these boys in that very same state. No such thing as coincidences folks, everything happens for a reason. Why God put Lyles in the great state of Texas just so he could be sure that he would see that Seastrunk would be “taken care of”.

Why Will Lyles cared so much for Seastrunk that he actually came in and moved in with his momma, this just after she was released from jail, you see Lyles has a heart of gold, a real caring guy, maybe a true man of God…

When Seastrunk’s high school coach, Bryce Monsen, got to wonderin’ about Lyles, he asked Lyles what he was doing with Seastrunk and his momma? Lyles answered that he was just trying to get Seastrunk a college scholarship and again to see that he was “taken care of.”

Well Monsen told Lyles that Seastrunk had enough college offers already, and why wouldn’t he help with the younger and the more needy younger players?

Well, it seems that ol’ Lyles wasn’t all that much interested in those younger boys, the ones without the college scholarship offers, probably just because their mommas hadn’t just got released from jail and all, yeah, that’s it…

You see folks, the Lord does work in mysterious ways…

All others pay cash, or at least they should have. Twenty-five thousand dollar checks can raise a few questions…and the NCAA investigators…

When asked for comments, nobody around the football program in Eugene was available for any comments. All cell phones went unanswered. Go figure…

Seems that God doesn’t want the good folk of Eugene to have cell phones…Would God send a kid into the depths of Eugene? Wouldn’t that be akin to sending a bunny into a snake pit?

Well the Lord did send a boy named David to go fight against a giant named Goliath, with five stones and a sling- shot…mysterious…

Nothing more mysterious than the goings on in Eugene Oregon…

So now it’s on to the NCAA tourneyment. All bets are off fellas, maybe they’ll hit the free-throws, maybe they won’t. It’s all a mystery to me…

But we take Georgia, no points given, no points taken…

Yup, what a game, that Arizona title game. As Isaiah Thomas hit the game winner, I thought to myself, dang, I should have recorded it, yup, doin’ my own thinkin’ again. Record a basketball game and watch it again later?  Who would have thunk it…just edit out the missed free-throws. Hey! There ya’ go!

Yup, the 2011 Washington Huskies, Pac 10 Tournament Champs!

As Charlie Sheen would say; WINNING!

GRUMBLINGS: I gotta tell ya’ this, did my heart good to see the kids take care of the Warshington State coug in another tight game and then go out and just toy with the ducks in that Pac 10 tournament. I couldn’t even comprehend losing a three-peat to the coug. Yeah, it kinda’ gave ya’ a sense that all was right with the world, then that dang Japan quake. It’s always something…

The Georgia ‘BullDogs’ huh? Or should they change the name to the Georgia ‘BullDawgs’? They did that?

The “W” thang. I see it already, a UW fan already started the complainin’, the ‘W’ in dawg…Just remember Daytrpr, there is no “W” in Georgia…

And not all Husky fans were born in Seattle…


Now for the fun stuff, can’t be so danged serious minded all the time…


Here’s Kimmie Kai!

Another girl dawg, a young one. I kinda’ like the ladies, she’s a purty one folks!

322KB. Click to Enlarge. Kimmie Kai. 143KB. Click to Enlarge. Nap time…

86KB. Click to Enlarge. Snow time. 265KB. Click to Enlarge. A Shy girl?

Yeah, Kimmie Kai is a shy one and a submissive girl, she wants no trouble at all. She was found as a stray, walkin’ the streets, but not a street walker…  She is on the small side at around 60 pounds but will gain some more weight. She loves other animals and has a quiet but great personality. Sound like your last blind date?

Kimmie Kai and friends can be seen at www.wamal.com She is being cared for at the Holiday Kennels in Kent Washington. Ready for adoption NOW!


Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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