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A Weekend For The Ages;

This is Officer Lee Groinman, That’s Right, Washington’s Most Pleased Cop…

The perfect end to the perfect weekend…

Jeff Lindquist, the gun-slinger quarterback from Mercer Island commits to the Dawgs on Friday, Usama Bin Laden dead on Sunday, with a Spring Game thrown in there in the middle, just for good measure.

Gotta tell ya’ folks, it just don’t get much better than that…

Yup, May First, 2011 gonna be one of those days that’s lives in infamy, you’re gonna remember what you were doin’, where you where, what you had for lunch. It’ll be like November 22 1963, May 30th 1975, May 18th 1980. Days like that.

I’m thinkin’ May First, or May Day as it’s sometimes called should now become a National Holiday, we could use another National Holiday, don’t ya’ think?

Would have loved to have seen the look on Bin Laden’s face when he saw that his ’70 Virgins’ actually had long scaly tails with white-hot pitchforks. Probably butt-ugly too…

Hey Bin, how’s that 70 virgin deal workin’ out for ya’, huh Bub?

Yup, a free Spring Game, seven dollar parkin’, and a dead Bin Laden. Priceless…

Yeah, Bin Laden, I gotta figure he’s number two behind Adolph Hitler. Number two is a good number for Bin Laden, it sorta fits. Actually he’d be number three if you throw in Satan himself. Does Satan even count?

The head of the snake now severed, but the snake pit has been stirred. Need to stay on our toes, but hey, here’s to those Navy Seals. I like the fact that it was a bullet shot to the head and not some laser guided bomb from 30 thousand feet. A bullet from close range has a much more personal touch to it. He knew it was comin’…

But enough of the politicking, everyone involved gets credit. The hunt for Bin Laden did not start last year, or even on 9-11-01, but it did end on 5-1-11, it is what it is…did I just say that?

Yeah the celebratin’ crowds in New York and Washington DC did my heart good. Now I hear talk about the proper burial for the scum bag. I once worked for a county jail that had a large grinder in the basement that chewed up the sewage before it went into the actual sewer line itself, kinda’ like a huge garbage disposal. It was three feet across with a hatch. Bin Laden would fit…

Well, it seems Bin Laden was buried at sea. The C.I.A. rarely takes my advice anymore…

Good job everybody! Celebrate this moment, WE deserve it.

So I take out a loan and fill up my tank on the Jeep, I used my personal holiday to get Saturday off to take in the Spring Game. It just dawned on me, all this happened while I was on vacation, well except for Sunday, these minor details…

I know it cuts against the grain for many a folk in the Seattle area, but I’m seeing a purty darn good football team there at the UW. The Tight End position, one that didn’t even exist last season is now a position of strength. Jake Locker could have really benefited from these guys, why he may have even been drafted at number seven…

These tight ends, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, the ‘I was in high school last month’ 6’6” phenom is perched above a pack of book ends, multiple shelves if you will. Evan Hudson and Michael Hartvigson both go 6’6”. Marek Domanski is 6’5”. These guys are all in the 250 pound range. The shorty of the group is Marlion Barnett, a stumpy guy at 6’2”. A transfer this year is Cameron Salley who transferred in from UPS via Central Kitsap high school, Cameron is a legit 6’4” and 235 pounds. Jake would have been thrilled to have known Cameron last year…but no.

Locker, was he the only Husky Quarterback to finish his senior year without a Tight End?

And he still came back for his senior year. Still a wonderment, but not a surprise, he was Jake…

The Tight Ends, much like my Bella is a ‘chick-magnet’, these guys are ball-magnets. They are catchin’ the damn ball. Keith Price and Nick Montana are truly blessed.

Yup, these Tight Ends, what a luxury for our new quarterbacks, that and the stable of running backs the UW has, led by Chris Polk with a sturdy Collier at his heels. Now here comes Mr. Deontae Cooper, Bishop Sankey, taking it all in from behind, but itching for a chance.

Speakin’ of a chance, Mr. Willis Wilson got his recently, a 5-10 185-pounder from Lakes high school has shown some shake and bake. Ya’ gotta like a guy named Willis Wilson. Maybe we should just call him ‘Dub Dub’…

The receivers are deep and proven, gotta keep them all happy. The fullbacks are now an option, I’m liking Zack Fogerson and Jonathon Amosa, both can catch and run, and throw a block.

Much to the dismay of some on the message boards, the offensive line will be an improved unit this comin’ year, and not just by a small margin. Book it…

This offense just may be fun to watch. Ya’ think? The quarterback is surrounded by weapons, Jake was born a year too early, his momma would agree, but all are happy now.

See how that worked out?

Now for the bad news, it’s May. Four months to fall practice, five months until our opener with the National Champs, Eastern Washington. Good Dawg I love writin’ that! National Champ EWU!

Yup, I’ll be wearin’ a red and purple hybrid shirt, I’ll be lookin’ stupid and feelin’ good!

The Football Gods are smilin’ on the UW. Even the weather cooperated for the Spring Game. I was in a good mood, what with the day off and all. I brought my favorite girl to the game too! My Alaskan Malamute Bella, she was worried about getting’ adopted again, but no she came home with me, she was just an advertisement and a member of the WAMAL Alumni Association. Yeah, my buddy Brian from WAMAL brought his malamute girl, Rosemary too, yeah, kinda’ like a double date I suppose… Harry ‘The Husky’ stopped by and said hello, dang dude, you got blue eyes. Malamutes have BROWN EYES!!


Yup, we just may have got some dawgs adopted there on Saturday, thanks to all who stopped by and said hello. Good luck with your decisions.

Brian and Rosemary, with a young Husky fan. “Rosemary is fluffy, my dog is yellow”.

Speakin’ of four legged dawgs, check out this guy!


52KB. Click to Enlarge. 48KB. Click to Enlarge.608KB. Click to Enlarge.

Loki is named for the ‘Norske God of Mischief’. Gotta love it. Loki is not a pure bred malamute, got a little Husky in him, but what the hell. He looks like he was designed by a committee, but hey, it works for him, chick-magnet. He’s named right too, he’s a complete comic, surprisingly, as Loki was one of 150 dawgs found on four foot chains, nearly starving to death in Alaska. It’s a wonderment what some humans can do, disgusting, but look at Bin Laden, pure evil, that’s what it is.

Loki and his pals can be seen at www.wamal.com . Available for ADOPTION NOW!

GRUMBLINGS:  Five months to wait for Eastern, dang. Tackle Erik Kohler and walk-on LB Alec Kimble left the game late with MCL sprains, the message boards panic in true Seattle form. They’ll be fine. DT Semisi Tokolahi is ahead of schedule in his rehab and lookin’ good!

Tokolahi is now a favorite of mine.

We’ll be fine…

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Danny Shelton. Hang in there buddy…


Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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