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Running with the Pac
Rich Linde, 23 August 2012

Apparently the Pac-12 network carriage agreement with satellite provider DirecTV is getting closer to fruition. See Jon Wilner's column.

I've subscribed to DirecTV since its inception (1994), and send them an e-mail once a day urging them to carry the Pac-12 network. I do get a discounted subscription rate because of my longevity as a customer, but that's it. (That's me pictured in the cowboy hat that I wore at the urging of my then future son-in-law who is from Ridgecrest).

Here's a  link to Bob Condotta's unofficial depth chart. Bottom Line: The Huskies need to run the ball and stop the run. Where have you heard that before  -- same old hat, as in the photo above? Their new kicker and punter (Travis Coons and Corey Durkee, respectively) should  be fun to watch, along with freshman phenomenon Shaq Thompson, who Condotta has penciled in as a nickelback. 

What's wrong with the Los Angeles Angels?

The  problem with the Angels involves  a tough schedule, a beat up pitching staff, the assimilation of new players and the constant negativity from LA Times' columnist T. J. Simers, which is demoralizing to the players and insulting to Angels' owner Arte Moreno, who has provided us fans with an exciting team.  Playing in the same division as omnipotent Texas is a tough hurdle to overcome. Dealing with a needling columnist heightens the problem.

Simers' criticism  of Moreno and the Angels written under the guise of humor is becoming as threadbare as the seat of Simers' tattered britches. To settle their rift, Simers needs to apologize to Mr. Moreno for his part in their dustup that spawned the alliteration "Angry Arte," a cheap shot that has become vacuous over time. Then maybe he can get some quotes from Moreno to buttress his stuff and be more credible.  See "Our goals can still be achieved."

Here's a link to Simmer's latest column on the Angels, and his use of that worn-out pejorative.

Richard Linde can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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