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Punked in Autzen. Ready for Clink...

This is Office Lee Groinman, That's right Washington's Most Exasperated Cop...

Years ago as a young feller in college, I used to watch 'Saturday Night Live' with all the folks from around the area. We had a place which was kinda' like an open house. We had what you might call an 'open door' policy that was in effect 24/7. Things would quiet down alright, but Saturday Night Live with Dan Akroyd and John Belushi was always the highlight of the week. You could pretty much expect a full house on those nights...

Well Saturday Night Live had what they called the "Not Quite Ready For Prime Time Players". Goofball skits and the like. Kinda' like our Husky Football team, not quite ready for prime time...

Oh, they can be competitive  alright, can actually look pretty dang good at times, and yes, win some ball games...

At home...

The UW travelling road show tells a different tale. Last year's Alamo Bowl, this year's losses at LSU and Oregon, top teams no doubt, especially LSU, but Oregon was beatable, they were beatable last year too, in the grand finale of Husky Stadium as we knew it. In both of those losses this Husky team just dropped their pants. Oh sure, they were competitive, but they dropped the ball, literally...Time after time.

The UW is a very gracious team on the road, you can count on timely turnovers. This team is as allergic to momentum as I am to wasp venom, well that's a bit of a stretch, but you get my drift...

The Husky defense has been stout. In Autzen they force a turnover, then a three and out.

Then of course Marvin Hall's whiffed punt reception. Where's the fair catch? No fair catch, just a quick strike for a TD by the ducks. I'm not sure if all the Husky defenders were even aware of the muffed punt until that quick TD, took about 12 total seconds, less time than it takes to take the air out of a balloon...

And there you have it..

Take away all the gifted big plays by our 'Not Quite Ready for Prime Time' team and suddenly you've got yourselfs a ballgame...

Now I hate to lose, but it's just not losing, it's the way you lose. I can take a loss, let's just don't go out and gift wrap it, okay fellas? Give yourselfs a shot, not a shot in the foot...

So now we've got SC at home, our home away from home, our rented digs at the Clink...Not a bad alternative, easy access, in and out, unlike the Montlake Madness, but we can stress over that later...

I hope we can run the ball on SC, James Atoe will have his break out game, but is it enough? We will have to continue to throw, need to keep 'em honest and not let SC stack the box. Yes, Keith Price will have to throw the ball, the offensive line will have to improve their pass protection, and the receivers will have to hang on to that dang ball. Yikes. As Bear Bryant of Alabama once quipped;

"The forward pass; there's only three things that can happen, and two of 'em are bad..."

SC comin' to town. What's not to hate? That damn band, the damned horse, and that damn song the band plays all night long. It's like they only know one tune and only the first stanza of that one tune to boot. What else? The cheerleaders ain't bad, too bad I'm older than their dads...well there's that..

Oh, and that Banner kid from Lakes. Says he wants to be a legend and kick our mascot Dubs. I'd be careful about that one there Banner. That Dubs just might chew you a new seat in the  pants...You ever see what that boy can do to a rawhide bone??


Dubs; 'Say wha'?'

 Yup, SC, what's not to hate? And we've got this game at home in the Clink, where all things are possible, where the Husky football team has been known to put on their 'big-boy' pants and knock off a Stanford.

We can stay in the Pac-12 race with another big WIN! Did I mention that Lane Kiffin is coaching these SC clowns? Didn't think so. Ya'll like that Lane now don't ya'?

Oh sure, it'll take our 'A' game, from both players and fans alike.

But I'm ready, now how about you? I've already got my lungs lubed up and ready for some big-time damage. They'll regroup! They've already haired up and healed over more than once. Won't be the last time...

Now let's go and find those BIG BOY PANTS!!



GRUMBLING'S; So there's been some talk about a new arena for Seattle for Hockey and another NBA team. I never got into hockey all that much, outside of the 1980 Olympic team, and the NBA lost me years ago with their 'star' calls and what not...Now we hear that Oregon's spread-offense is spreadin' its tentacles into the NFL. Maybe they'll take the Chipster with them. The NFL, what can we ruin next? HOLY CRAPES!!...We'll, we've always got Mariner's Baseball...

But wait...Time for some FEATURED DAWGS OF THE WEEK!! This one is for the ladies...

Meet ISIS! Isis was rescued from a puppy mill and is now adjusting well from a miserable beginning in life. Great personality. Isis's former owner is now awaiting sentencing. We just may cross paths...


MALINA, Malina was rescued as a street walker, she is less than a year old so he was saved just in time from a life of crime! She was forced to fend for herself so she has a strong prey drive, no cats for Malina, is said to have dined on duck...perfect. Great young gal...

Isis, Malina and their pals can be seen at www.wamal.com/ The Holiday Kennel in Kent is housing many of the rescued 'puppy mill' dogs. There are many to choose from and they are adjusting well, not so for their former 'owner'...

Ready for adoption NOW!



Lee Groinman can be reached at malamute@4malamute.com

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