Chow Down to Washington, 25

A potential-student-athlete's tour of the Washington campus should first visit Gilmour Dobie, his likeness, and his meaning to the glory of Washington.

The 25th Annual event, Chow Down to Washington, was held on 19 March 2014 at the Jim Houston Estate in Palm Springs, California. Over 300 alums attended the event, which is part of Dawg Days in the Desert.

 Houston was a first-team academic All-American end who played for the Huskies from 1953-55. Hes since been a major contributor to UW athletics, and has led drives to fund university housing.

During his presentation, UW president Michael Young described the famous 80-yard pass play involving Houston, a pass from Steve Roake to our host for the evening, who threw a lateral to Corky Lewis. Lewis took it to the house, giving Washington a 7-0 victory over USC in 1955.

In his article (see "During Husky Scandal Of 1955, One Genuine Hero Stood Out"), sportswriter Emmett Watson writes "Jim was different. He was highly intelligent, and he spoke thoughtfully and carefully. He was no Goody Two Shoes, but Jim was one of a handful of Husky players who took not a dishonest nickel when the ample 'slush fund' money was being divvied up. So in that sense, Houston became my all-time football hero."

The Gilmour Dobie recognition ceremony was held in the Jim Houston Board  Room, which is located at Husky Stadium.

Young's presentation was followed by coach Chris Peterson's talk to the alumni.

Grammy Award winner Jack Jones and his combo provided the entertainment for the evening.

During  the cocktail hour, I chatted with Marti Young, the lovely wife of the UW president (see photo of them below) and told her I needed a photo of Coach Peterson for my web site, that the only photo I had was purchased from The Idaho Statesman -- the photo having a Boise State background, no less. Graciously, Marti left the table and corralled coach Pete, bringing him back for the photo shoot shown below, which she brought to life with my IPhone 4s.

Later, when chatting with Dr. Young, I told him I felt coach Peterson had handled the Cyler-Miles/Damore'ae-Stringfellow situation quite well. In addition to their suspension, he told me about the hoops they need to jump through as part of the conditions needed to rejoin the team; another condition, of course, depends on the Seattle prosecutor's review of the alleged assault. Based on what Young told me, Coach Pete is a most capable disciplinarian and is a good fit for the program, as are his assistant coaches, I would say.

Coach Pete introduced me to offensive line coach Chris Strausser, and I told him about my formula for computing offensive line efficiency. I'll e-mail him the link to the aforementioned reference and see what he says.


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