Hornets "sting" up the joint in 49-0 loss to Dawgs

The following grades the Huskies' positional effort for the game against Sacramento State.

Click on this link for the statistics: Stats Sac State Game

Quarterback; Grade A -- Once again Coach Chris Peterson gave true freshman Jake Browning the keys to his brand new 2015 Dawgmobile, and, this week as opposed to last week, he drove it with precision, accuracy and poise, finishing the game with nary a dent in the coach's new wheels.

Browning completed 17 of 24 passes for 326 yards, two touchdowns and no picks, his efficiency rating being an outstanding 212.43. His PE on the season stands at a credible 140.66.

Since he's a true freshman I'm not going to nit pick his performance, as if I were even qualified to do so.

Offensive Line
; Grade B: The Huskies Offensive Line Efficiency rating was 343.92 compared to the Hornets' 70.03. Whoever wins this stat usually wins the game. The OL is the most important positional unit on the team, which is why this stat tracks with wins and losses.

However, there weren't many effective up-the-gut plays, like in the days of Gil Dobie (1908-1916; 59-0-3) or in the early years of Jim Owens when he ran Charlie Mitchell off tackle repeatedly.

Pass Receivers: Grade A: 326 yards passing,19.32 yards per completion, and 2 passing touchdowns are impressive. Browning spread the wealth around, finding 8 different receivers.

Ball Carriers; Grade B: Showing supersonic speed, true freshman Myles Gaskin netted 146 yards rushing, scoring 3 touchdowns and averaging 10.4 yards per carry. Dwayne Washington ran for 2 touchdowns, averaging just 3.3 yards per carry. I'm still waiting for Washington to bust one up the middle, mirroring the promise he showed in last season's Apple Cup.

Special Teams: Grade A - minus: UW had 4 touchbacks out of 8 kickoffs, averaging 64.5 yards per kickoff, while netting 39.9 yards. The Dawgs averaged 39.9 yards per punt and downed 2 inside the 20. The Huskies averaged 7.7 yards per punt return. Taniela Tupou blocked a 48-yard field goal attempt.

Defense; Grade A minus: The defense yielded just 201 total yards and held the Hornets to 11 yards rushing. Besides pitching a shutout, the defense limited starting QB Daniel Kniffin to a less-than satisfactory PE of 89.15. Registering one sack bothers me a bit.

Coaching; Grade A minus: The coaches leveled the playing field in the 4th quarter, sitting on a 49-point lead while showing a quality of mercy.


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